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Washing Guide For Eddie Bauer Sportswear

May 24, 2022

Eddie Bauer is a company that’s mainly known for their clothing and sportswear. However, they also sell outdoor gear such as backpacks, blankets, lanterns, coolers, flashlights, and more. They even have a home collection, which includes things like pillows, towels, comforters, and mattress pads.

More About Eddie Bauer

The company was established in 1920. Founded by Eddie Bauer, the store was first known as “Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop” in downtown Seattle. It wasn’t until years later that he expanded his line to include other sports gear such as golf clubs.

eddie bauer store

As one thing led to another, the brand began to sell outdoor gear and then clothing. Fast forward to 2020 and the company’s products are available in multiple countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Japan.

What Kind of Sportswear Do They Sell?

Eddie Bauer’s catalog includes sportswear for men, women, and kids. More specifically, they sell jackets, snow pants, tanks, dresses, and more. They also have specific lines for different activities such as hiking, fishing, traveling, and mountain sports. It’s worth mentioning also that they offer their clothes in three different cuts—”tall”, “petite”, and “plus”.

While their sportswear isn’t cheap per se, they do come down in price often. In fact, they regularly have a clearance section, from which you can snag their clothes for cheap.

Taking Care of Eddie Bauer Sportswear

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to wash their clothes after each wear (except things like jackets and vests). You don’t want to leave them sweaty lying around the house as that’ll only turn it into a hotbed for odors. Not to mention that the sweat and body oils on the fabric can cause the item to wear down prematurely—so if you want your garments to last, make sure to be diligent about washing.

Of course, the way you wash everything matters as well. If anything, it’s the thing that will determine how long your clothes will last. Believe me, it’s super easy to ruin a jacket or shirt by laundering it the wrong way. The good news is that it’s easy to avoid the mistakes—you just need to know what you’re doing. And that’s what we’ll be helping you out with in this post!

Fabrics Used By Eddie Bauer

What determines how you should wash an item? The fabric that it’s made of—and that’s precisely why we have this section here. Keep reading to learn more!

eddie bauer label


Polyester is a manmade fabric that’s essentially made of plastic. Silkier than cotton, it’s durable, lightweight, and strong. Compared to other textiles, it’s also wrinkle-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Fast-drying, it’s a good option for various types of sportswear.

Eddie Bauer uses polyester for their tights, tops, jackets, vests, wind shells, etc.


Spandex aka elastane is unique in that it can be extended over 500% without breaking. Because of this, it’s often used in activewear to provide stretch. Not only is it soft and comfortable, but it also contours to the body. Plus, it’s able to wick away moisture from the skin.

Eddie Bauer uses spandex for their tights, jackets, shirts, etc.


Nylon is a thermoplastic material that’s often used for clothing. Similar to polyester, it is also made-made. Strong yet lightweight, it has great elasticity and strength. On top of that, it’s water resistant. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why it’s often used for sportswear.

Eddie Bauer uses nylon for their shorts, tops, jackets, etc.


Modal is a semi-synthetic textile that’s derived from beech-tree pulp. A type of rayon, it’s often used for clothing and household items. Softer and stronger than regular clothing, it boasts a superior silky feel that makes it ideal for athletic wear.

Eddie Bauer uses modal for their dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more.

How to Wash Eddie Bauer Tights the Correct Way

how to wash eddie bauer tights

Throwing Your Eddie Bauer Tights in the Washing Machine 

Their tights are completely machine washable. Before you put them in, however, make sure that the pockets are empty. The last thing that you want is to accidentally wash a piece of ID! Once you’ve doubled check that there’s nothing inside, flip the tights inside out. That way, the outer fabric will be protected during the wash cycle.

Pro-tip: Add a cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle if your tights are excessively dirty or smelly. It’ll get rid of any odors and soften the fabric as an extra bonus.

Next, place the tights in a mesh lingerie bag. The mesh material will allow water and detergent to go through while protecting your garments from friction. Make sure that the bag is closed properly and put it inside the washing machine. Once everything is inside, add a scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder—that’s all you need. Do not combine it with fabric conditioner or bleach.

Settings-wise, you want to run a gentle cycle with cold water. A regular cycle won’t do as it’ll be too rough for the tights. Similarly, you want to avoid hot water as it can damage the fabric. Wait for the washing to finish before taking out the lingerie bag. Remove your tights and place them flat on a clean surface to air dry. A clothesline or drying rack can also be used; avoid dryers.

Hand Washing Your Eddie Bauer Tights

If you can, try to mix it up so that you’re not always using the washer. After all, hand washing is much gentler in comparison. The first step is to find a container or sink to use. Fill it up with water (cold only) and add in half scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder. Don’t use too much or else you’ll have trouble rinsing it out later.

Swirl the water with your hand to help the detergent dissolve. Once it’s sudsy, place your tights in so that they’re under the water. You may have to press down on them if they float up. From there, just let them sit for around 15 or 20 minutes. After all, it takes time for the detergent to penetrate into the fabric.

Afterward, rinse out the soap. Take your tights out of the sink and put them under running water—or if you want, you can do it in the sink, just refill it with clean water. Continue until the tights are suds-free.

Lay a clean towel on a flat surface and put your tights on it. Proceed to roll everything up—the towel will absorb the water that comes out of the item. Finally, give it time to air dry. No tumble drying.

Washing Eddie Bauer Rain Jackets

cleaning eddie bauer rain jacket

Are Eddie Bauer Rain Jackets Machine Washable? 

Not all of their rain jackets are the same so make sure to check the inner tag before washing. From there, you want to prep the machine. More specifically, you want to rinse out the detergent dispenser; you don’t want there to be any residue.

Once you’ve done that, you can prep the jacket. Start by closing all hook-and-loop closures; the same thing goes for zippers. Make sure that you’ve emptied out the pockets and place the item in the washing machine. Try to arrange it so that it’s laid out evenly and not balled up. It’s best not to wash your rain jacket with other garments, especially delicates.

Add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Avoid fabric softeners or bleach as they can permanently damage the waterproof finishing. Press the start button and run a cycle with cold water; the delicate setting is highly recommended.

Remove your rain jacket from the washing machine after the cycle and transfer it to the dryer. This is important as you will need heat to deactivate the DWR treatment on the outer layer. You don’t have to leave it in for too long, about 15-20 minutes will do on a low setting. If you don’t have a dryer, you can make do by ironing it on a low setting with a towel on top.

Pro-tip: You can test your jacket’s water repellency by spraying a bit of water on it. As long as it beads up, you’re good. If it doesn’t, you might have to reapply a waterproof finish.

Hand Washing Your Eddie Bauer Rain Jacket 

Check the pockets and remove all items. Zip up the zippers and fasten all straps; you don’t want them to snag in the washing machine. Fill a tub or large sink with cool water and add in a small amount of ACTIVE detergent powder.

Submerge the rain jacket so that it’s under water. Using your hands, work in the suds by pushing the item up and down. Let it soak for a while, approximately 20 minutes. Once the time is up, drain the dirty water out. You’ll have to use your hands to press out some of the excess water and soap from the jacket.

Refill the tub or sink with water and work it into the jacket. Continue to rinse until the water is free of soap. Depending on the item, it might take a few goes. When you’re done, drain as much water as possible out of the fabric. However, you don’t want to wring or twist out your jacket as that can cause tears.

Carry the rain jacket over to the dryer and pop it in. Use the lowest heat setting; it’ll be enough to reactive the waterproof finishing.

Best Laundry Detergent For Eddie Bauer Sportswear

Eddie Bauer sportswear, as we mentioned earlier, is mostly made of synthetic fabrics. Given that, it only makes sense to use a laundry detergent that’s made for synthetic fabrics—something like ACTIVE detergent. A concentrated blend, it contains more than one type of enzyme, which allows it to dissolve gunk such as sweat, dirt, and body oils. In other words, your clothes will be that much cleaner. Avoid traditional detergents as they’re not made for these types of fibers.

active give

Did we also mention that ACTIVE detergent is hypoallergenic? Because it is. For one thing, it does not contain any SLS or phosphates. On top of all that, it doesn’t have any fragrances, which is a common culprit for skin irritation. Considering all that, why wouldn’t you want to give this detergent a try? Remember, you can use it for other athletic wear as well—not just for Eddie Bauer clothes!

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