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ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment Pods



Septic Tank Treatment Pods – Maintains Proper Septic System Balance

  • Compatible with all septic systems and RV black tanks
  • Supplements bacteria colonies with over 1 billion units of natural bacteria
  • Breaks down waste from protein, paper, grease & oils
  • Non-corrosive formula won’t damage pipes

Size: 12 pods

Usage Amount: 1 year supply

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Septic Tank Treatment Pods to Maintain Bacteria Balance

Why ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment?


Works With All Septic Systems

Compatible with all types of septic systems including conventional, chamber, drip distribution, aerobic, anaerobic, mound, recirculating sand filter, evapotranspiration, constructed wetland, cluster and RV black tanks.


All Natural Bacteria Blend

ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment pods contain a blend of dormant non-pathogenic bacteria that comes back to life when exposed to moisture.


Maintains Proper Septic Tank Function

These treatment pods help supplement the existing bacteria in septic tanks improving the digestion of proteins, paper, grease, and oils.


Helps Prevent Backups

By supporting the digestive functions in the septic system, this treatment can help prevent backups by liquifying solid waste.


1 Year Supply Value Pack

Each pack of ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment contains 12 pods for a full 1 year supply.

ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Your septic system is a critical component of your home, so you probably have some questions about what you’re putting inside it.

Yes, our treatment pods are 100% safe. They’re filled with dormant non-pathogenic bacteria cultivated right here in the United States.

For storage purposes and safety the bacteria is in a dormant state. Once exposed to moist conditions, the bacteria “wakes up” and begins to digest the waste in your septic system.

These pods are not plastic. They are covered with a water soluble wrapper that dissolves quickly when exposed to moisture allowing the bacteria to start working.

Simply flush one pod down the toilet once per month – that’s it! Just remember to stay on schedule and let ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment do the rest.

Yeast is just a fungus and does not break down the proteins, grease, and paper found in septic systems the same way as our blend of bacteria.

ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment Usage Guide

Maintaining Your Septic System With ACTIVE

A well-maintained septic tank ensures efficient waste management and prevents costly repairs in the future.

We’re here to share some practical tips on maintaining a septic tank effectively. By understanding these steps, you can keep your system functioning optimally while avoiding common pitfalls.

The Importance of Septic System Maintenance

active septic tank treatment pods replace systemUnderstanding the significance of septic system maintenance is crucial, particularly when you consider that over 20 percent of U.S households rely on these systems as an alternative to a municipal wastewater system. Despite this reliance, many homeowners remain unaware or indifferent about potential issues resulting from neglecting their septic tanks.

Problems such as clogs and leaks can occur if your septic tank isn’t maintained properly. These complications not only lead to costly repairs but could also result in complete replacement – a very expensive process.

Potential Consequences: From Leaks To Strong Sewage Smells

A poorly-maintained septic system doesn’t just cause functional problems; it can have environmental implications too. Untreated sewage leaking into the environment poses health risks for both humans and animals alike because it’s filled with harmful pathogens.

Besides causing structural damage and posing health hazards, neglected maintenance tasks often result in strong sewage smells emanating from your property. This unpleasant odor usually serves as a warning sign indicating underlying issues with your home’s wastewater drainage line or the overall functioning of the leach field dispersal system.

Maintenance As A Preventive Measure For Your Septic System

To ensure that your residential septic system functions efficiently over time without major hiccups, preventive care should be prioritized alongside regular inspections for leaks or clogs.

By doing so, you are safeguarding your home against possible damages while also helping maintain environmental quality – treating wastewater before its release back into nature via leach fields.

How Do Septic Systems Function?

active septic tank treatment inside tankManaging your home’s wastewater is the critical role that a septic system plays. A solid understanding of how it functions can help you maintain it effectively and avoid costly repairs.

A septic system primarily consists of two integral parts: the septic tank and leach field. The journey begins with wastewater flowing from your household drainage line into the septic tank, which acts as a holding area for waste material, allowing solids to settle at the bottom while lighter substances float on top.

In between these layers lies mostly water along with dissolved particles that neither sink nor float. This liquid waste eventually gets released into your leach field dispersal system.

Bacteria in Septic Systems: An Essential Role

The effective functioning of a septic system relies heavily on certain types of bacteria present within the tank itself. These microscopic organisms play a crucial role in breaking down solid wastes, thus reducing sludge accumulation over time.

Potent cleaning solutions like bleach or harsh drain cleaners pose a threat to these beneficial bacteria by killing them off when they enter through drains or toilets, leading to less efficient breakdowns and potential blockages inside pipes.

Therefore, using ‘septic-safe’ labeled cleaning products is very important as they are specifically formulated not to harm bacterial populations, ensuring their continued effectiveness in managing household wastes.

Regular Septic Tank Maintenance Procedures

A septic system functioning properly is essential to the health of your home’s wastewater drainage line. Regular maintenance is key to achieving this.

Pumping Your Septic Tank: An Essential Task

The cornerstone of maintaining a well-functioning septic tank lies in regular pumping. Solid waste accumulation, if left unchecked, can cause clogs or even damage to your septic system over time.

Tt’s recommended that homeowners have their tanks pumped every three to five years depending on usage and size, with costs ranging from $200 to $600 – an investment worth making considering potential repair costs due to neglect.

Maintaining Detailed Records: The Key To Tracking System Health

Beyond physical upkeep, keeping comprehensive maintenance records plays a pivotal role in managing the longevity of your septic system, especially when dealing with unknown septic system history. These detailed records help identify recurring issues early and schedule necessary services promptly, thereby ensuring smooth operation of the outgoing wastewater inside pipes over time.

These documents should ideally include dates for inspections, pump-outs, as well as repairs done, along with any noticeable changes post-service visits, thus serving as valuable tools not just for homeowners but also professionals alike.

Caring For Your Leach Field: A Crucial Part Of The Equation

active septic tank treatment leach fieldYour leach field forms an integral part of the overall setup by gradually releasing liquid waste into the surrounding soil, where further natural filtration occurs before reaching groundwater sources below.

This area needs careful attention too since driving or parking vehicles over it could potentially lead to serious harm, including compacted soil conditions impeding normal operations, leading eventually towards failure altogether.

Preserving Your Septic System with Safe Cleaning Products

Maintaining the balance of your septic system is a crucial task for homeowners. It’s not just about regular inspections and pumping, but also about what goes into it on a daily basis. Certain cleaning products can have an adverse effect on this delicate ecosystem.

In other words, using these types of harsh chemicals may lead to damage or even failure of your septic system over time.

The key lies in choosing household cleaning products that are safe for both humans and the environment – including our septic systems. These include those labeled as ‘septic-safe’ or ‘biodegradable’. Such items don’t contain harmful ingredients that could disrupt bacterial balance within tanks.

Avoid Overloading The System With Detergents And Soaps

Besides selecting suitable substances, moderating their usage plays another significant role in preserving overall functionality within home-based sewage treatment setups. Even if they’re marked as being ‘safe’, excess amounts might still trigger issues due to their concentration levels affecting bacterial equilibrium negatively.

This becomes especially relevant when dealing with laundry detergents where large volumes get discharged after each wash cycle, causing potential harm through chemical buildup inside tanks.

Moreover, excessive water use from appliances like washing machines or reverse osmosis systems can overload the leach field dispersal system treating liquid waste before returning back into nature. Therefore, managing detergent use wisely along with mindful water consumption habits ensures long-term healthiness regarding residentially installed septic facilities.

The Role of Septic Tank Treatments

Septic tank treatments are essential for maintaining the health and efficiency of your septic system. These treatments replenish the levels of beneficial bacteria that break down solid waste in your septic tank.

Certain cleaning habits or products can unintentionally kill these essential microorganisms, causing an imbalance that disrupts normal functioning. This is where high-quality septic tank treatments come into play – they restore this balance and ensure optimal performance of your system.

ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment

If you’re looking for a reliable solution to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your septic system, consider ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment. This product is formulated with natural dormant bacteria which supplements bacterial populations within your tank.

active septic tank treatment before afterRegular use of this treatment not only aids in the efficient breakdown of solid waste but also helps mitigate odors often associated with poorly maintained systems. It’s easy to use too – simply flush one pod down the toilet once every month. This helps maintain a well-functioning septic setup that effectively manages both liquid and solid waste from household activities.

Consistent treatments ensure that there is always enough good bacteria present in sufficient numbers inside the tank at all times, allowing them to do their job properly without being overwhelmed by incoming materials.

Aside from ensuring the continuous availability of helpful organisms, ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment makes it simple to maintain a set schedule for treatments – there’s a calendar you can mark right on the back of the package. Plus, keeping track of the remaining supply helps avoid unexpected last-minute trips to the store.

Septic Tank Maintenance FAQs

How do I keep my septic system healthy?

Maintain your septic system by conducting regular inspections, scheduling pump-outs every 3-5 years, using septic-safe cleaning products, and using ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment once every month.

What is the proper maintenance of septic tanks?

The proper maintenance includes regularly checking for leaks or clogs, scheduling pump-outs based on usage and size, and carefully managing leach fields to prevent damage.

What are the signs that your septic tank is full?

If you notice slow drains, sewage odors around your property, or lush green grass over the drain field area, these could indicate a full tank.

How many loads of laundry a day are safe to do with a septic tank?

active septic tank treatment pods 2To avoid overloading your leach field dispersal system, it is recommended to limit yourself to one load of laundry per day if possible. For larger amounts, it is best to spread them out throughout the week.

ACTIVE Septic-Safe Cleaning Solutions

If you’re ready to take action on maintaining your septic tank, consider using ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment pods. You can easily maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in your septic system with just one flush of a pod per month.

We also offer a range of quality cleaning products and treatments designed specifically for your appliances and more – most of which are safe to use in homes with septic systems. Let us help take the hassle and guesswork out of your whole cleaning routine!

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