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ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler Solution



Coffee Machine Descaler Solution – Deep Cleans Espresso & Coffee Makers

  • Works with all types of espresso and coffee machines including single-serve and multi-cup
  • Powerful descaling formula removes residue from minerals, limescale and oils
  • Maintains coffee machine performance and can help increase longevity
  • A clean coffee machine produces fresher and cleaner tasting coffee

Size: 32 fl oz

Usage Amount: 8 uses (4oz per cleaning)

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Coffee Machine Descaler to Clean and Remove Residue For Better Coffee Taste

Why ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler?


Supports Coffee Machine Performance

Maintaining cleanliness inside of your espresso or coffee machine is crucial for consistent performance. Descaling helps prevent clogs and other issues.


Safe & Effective Descaling Power

Formulated and tested in the USA, our coffee maker cleaning formula contains safe ingredients that provide a powerful descaling and cleaning.


Cleaner Coffee Taste

Removing residue from minerals, oils and other contaminants inside the machine helps preserve the true taste of your coffee or espresso. 


Protect Your Investment

Grime buildup puts more stress on moving parts and pumps inside your coffee machine. Lack of cleaning can lead to expensive repairs or premature replacement.


Great Value With 8x Cleanings

Each bottle of ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler is 32oz and contains enough concentrated cleaner for up to 8 cleaning sessions.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common inquiries we receive about ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler. If you don’t find an answer below, please reach out to our customer service team at any time.

Even if your coffee doesn’t taste particularly bad, you may be surprised at the difference in taste after you’ve cleaned your machine! Over time, minerals and other internal residue can gradually contaminate the taste of your brews.

Additionally, this buildup can create clogs and premature wear on the pumps and other parts of the machine. So keeping your machine clean can help extend its lifespan and save you money over time!

Yes! ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler works with all types of espresso and coffee machines from single-serve to multi-cup makers.

It’s compatible with all major brands of machines including Keurig, Nespresso, Mr. Coffee, Tassimo, Breville, and more.

For the average coffee drinker, we recommend descaling the machine twice per month. Commercial brewers or other heavily-used machines may require more frequent cleanings.

The instructions slightly vary between single-serve and multi-cup machines.

For single-serve machines (like a Keurig):

  1. Add 4oz of descaler liquid to the water reservoir, then fill to the max line with water. Run two brewing cycles on the large cup size and dispose of the dirty water.
  2. Dispose any remaining liquid from the water reservoir and refill it with clean water. Run two more brew cycles on the large cup and dispose of the dirty water.
  3. Refill the water reservoir again. Your machine is now clean and ready to brew coffee.

For multi-cup machines (traditional coffee makers with a pot):

  1. Add 4oz of ACTIVE descaler in the water reservoir and fill with water to reach the maximum fill line. Run one large brew cycle into the pot and dispose of the dirty water.
  2. Refill the water reservoir to the max fill line and run one more large brewing cycle into the pot. Dispose of the dirty water from the pot.
  3. Fill the water reservoir with more clean water. Your machine is clean and ready to brew fresh-tasting coffee.

Each 32oz bottle of our coffee machine descaler contains enough concentrated liquid for 8 cleaning sessions.

We recommend descaling your coffee machine twice per month so a single bottle will last you up to 4 months of cleanings.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler Usage Guide

Cleaning Your Espresso or Coffee Machine With ACTIVE

If you’ve ever used your coffee maker expecting to savor that first sip of morning bliss, only to be met with a terrible bitter taste – your coffee machine may be overdue for a descaling.

active coffee machine descaler cleaner easyEven the trustiest coffee machines can let us down when we least expect it. And it’s usually the result of neglecting one vital task: cleaning regularly with a high quality coffee machine descaler.

We’ll explain in more detail why regular cleaning and descaling is crucial for every coffee connoisseur and how ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler is a simple and effective solution to keep those bitter surprises at bay.

The Necessity of Regular Cleaning for Coffee and Espresso Machines

Cleaning your coffee maker isn’t just about aesthetics – it directly impacts the taste, safety, and longevity of your appliance.

Coffee makers can be a breeding ground for germs if neglected. According to an NSF study on household germs, coffee machines rank as the fifth germiest place in homes. Furthermore, half of tested reservoirs contained yeast and mold which can lead to allergic reactions or infections.

Impact of Regular Descaling on Coffee Taste

Besides health concerns, regular descaling of your espresso or coffee maker also helps prevent bitter-tasting coffee. Over time, mineral build up from hard water residue along with oily sludge left by coffee beans accumulate inside our machines affecting brew cycle efficiency.

This unwanted grime is notorious for causing changes in flavor too—turning what should have been a heavenly cup into something less appealing.

Maintaining Coffee Maker Performance & Improving Longevity

active coffee machine descaler cleaner keurig k cupIn addition to the affects on taste, internal residue buildup can alter the flow rate during the brewing process, reducing performance and yielding inconsistent results. These hard water mineral deposits can lead to full blockages and clogs if regular descaling is neglected.

While some of these issues can be tolerated as mere annoyances, a dirty coffee maker can become a much more costly problem if left unchecked. The grime buildup puts excess strain on the internal moving parts like the pump. Over time this can cause premature wear and damage that requires repair or worse – replace of the entire espresso or coffee maker.

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial when you want that perfect pour every single morning from your favorite single cup or drip machine.

How to Clean and Descale a Coffee Machine with ACTIVE

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler Solution is an easy to use and highly effective cleaner to descale your coffee maker. The instructions can vary depending on the type and style of coffee or espresso maker but generally follow a similar process. Here’s how to use it!

Add Cleaning Solution to the Water Reservoir

To start, measure 4oz of ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler and add it to the water reservoir. Then fill the reservoir with clean water to reach the maximum fill line.

Run a Brewing Cycle

active coffee machine descaler multi cup dripNext, you need to run a brewing cycle without any coffee in the maker. The descaling solution and hot water flows through your machine, helping to dissolve mineral buildup and residues from coffee oils that can ruin your morning brew’s taste.

For single cup machines (like a Keurig or Nespresso), run two brewing cycles using the largest cup size setting. Dispose of the dirty water after each cycle. For standard drip coffee makers, run one brewing cycle on the largest setting, then dispose of the dirty water from the coffee pot.

Refill & Run Another Brew Cycle

The next step to descale your coffee maker is to flush it with clean water. The hot water helps to fully rinse out any of the remaining descaling solution and other mineral deposits still lingering inside.

If you’re using a single-serve maker, empty any remaining liquid from the water reservoir, then refill it with clean water. Run two more brew cycles on the large cup size setting, disposing the dirty water after each cycle. Your coffee maker is now ready to use.

For traditional multi-cup coffee makers, refill the water reservoir with clean water and run one more brew on the largest size setting. Dispose of the dirty water from the coffee pot and rise it out before reusing it. You’re all set to start your next brew of coffee.

For additional tips on maintaining different types of coffee and espresso machines and drip coffee makers at home, feel free to check out our blog for more helpful guides.

Why is ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler the Best Solution?

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler liquid is a powerful and effective cleaning and descaling solution for espresso and coffee machines. When it comes to cleaning, it’s more than just a shiny appearance on the outside; it’s about ensuring that what goes on inside is clean too.

Compatibility with All Coffee Machines

active coffee machine descaler for keurigFrom espresso machines to drip coffee makers, ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler delivers excellent results across all different types of machines.

Whether you’re using a single-serve k cup maker like a Keurig or Nespresso, or a high-end espresso maker, our descaling solution can handle the job.

Specifically Formulated for Coffee & Espresso Makers

You might be wondering why you need a specific product like this when there are DIY methods using baking soda or vinegar solution. While these home remedies can provide some level of cleanliness, they often leave behind residues or unpleasant tastes.

A key advantage of ACTIVE descaler is its ability to remove stubborn mineral buildup without leaving any traces behind. This translates into better-tasting coffee since nothing interferes with those rich flavors we all love so much.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler liquid offers a simple yet highly effective solution for maintaining your beloved coffee maker’s performance and longevity.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler Compared to Other Brands

When it comes to coffee maker cleaners, there are varying levels of quality. Let’s see why ACTIVE is a cut above some other popular descaling solutions.

Performance and Ease-of-use

Our descaler effortlessly removes stubborn residue from mineral buildup and coffee oils that can affect your morning brew’s taste. The result? A clean coffee maker for an excellent cup of joe every time.

active coffee machine descaler espresso cleanerBesides its effectiveness on various types of machines from drip coffee makers to espresso machines, what sets ACTIVE apart is its ease-of-use. Just add 4 fl oz of descaling solution to the water reservoir and fill to the maximum line with water. Follow the instructions to determine how many brew cycles to run and then finish with a flush of clean water. Then your machine is descaled and ready to use.

There are other competitors that offer descaling and cleaning solutions to remove mineral buildup like hard water deposits or limescale in your coffee maker carafe or filter basket over time. However, their process often involves more steps than using ACTIVE, which could be inconvenient for some users.

Coffee & Espresso Machine Maintenance Tips

Here are some practical tips that will make sure your morning cup is as fresh and delicious as possible.

Proper Care for Removable Parts

The first step in maintaining a clean coffee maker is giving proper attention to removable parts like the filter basket and water reservoir. These areas can harbor mineral buildup, so it’s important to remove them and give them a thorough cleaning with warm water, dish soap, or even baking soda regularly.

You can also mix a 1-2oz of ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler in a bowl with warm water and use that to clean these parts.

Our descaler is also great for stubborn coffee stains or residue inside the coffee pot. So for a clean carafe, ACTIVE has you covered.

To keep flavors pure and avoid bitter-tasting brews caused by stale oils trapped within coffee pots and filters over time, make sure to replace your coffee maker’s filter according to manufacturer instructions.

External Cleaning of Your Coffee Maker

Maintaining the external parts of your coffee maker is just as critical to its longevity as it is to the aesthetics. Luckily it’s easy to preserve this fresh-out-of-the-box shine using simple things like microfiber cloths.

active coffee machine descaler cleaner better tasting coffeeCoffee stains can be stubborn, especially when they’ve had time to dry up and settle into small crevices around buttons or dials. But don’t worry, a little bit of dish soap mixed with warm water can do wonders here. Gently scrub away any sticky residues or smudges until everything sparkles again.

To help prevent these stains from setting in, wipe down external surfaces right away after each use. This way those spots won’t have time to turn into tough stains.

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining both inside & outside of your coffee maker. By regularly adhering to these measures, you can keep your coffee machine in good condition and running efficiently for a long time.

Common Descaler Questions

What is the best thing to clean a coffee maker with?

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler is the best all-around solution for descaling and cleaning any type of coffee makers.

Can I use this as an espresso machine descaler?

Yes! In addition to coffee makers, ACTIVE descaler is highly effective for espresso machine descaling.

Is ACTIVE descaler better than vinegar?

Absolutely. ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler is more effective than vinegar at removing mineral deposits and won’t leave behind any funky taste.

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