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ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer



Garbage Disposal Cleaning Tablets – Cleans and Deodorizes Your Disposal

NEW Formulation with More Foam

  • Compatible with all garbage disposals
  • Scrubbing foam removes food residue and grime
  • Gets rid of odors and leaves fresh citrus scent
  • Cleans internal parts to ensure proper function

Size: 24 tablets

Usage Amount: 1 year supply

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Remove Odors From Garbage Disposals

Refresh Your Kitchen Waste Disposal

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner creates a powerful foam that thoroughly scrubs the inside of your kitchen waste disposal.

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Penetrates Food Residue and Sludge

Foaming tablets works to scrub and remove grime and other residue.


Eliminates Odors

Cleans internal areas where odor-causing residue collects. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.


Cleans Entire Disposal

ACTIVE cleaning foam expands to reach all areas inside of the waste disposal.


Maintains Disposal Performance

Helps keep moving parts clean and moving freely to ensure proper function.

Clean Disposal Grime & Get Rid Of Smells

Kitchen Sink Not Smelling So Fresh? When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Disposal?

Your garbage disposal is constantly processing food and other kitchen waste. Over time this causes unpleasant odors inside the disposal.

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner creates a concentrated scrubbing foam that targets grease and other residue.

  • Cleans internal moving parts to maintain operating performance.
  • Removes odors and leaves disposal with a pleasant citrus scent.
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ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner is safe to use in any brand of kitchen waste disposal. Use twice monthly to help maintain performance and remove odors.

It’s also safe to use in homes with septic systems.

Compatible with:

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ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner Instructions

How to Clean Your Disposal With ACTIVE


Ensure Disposal is empty

Run a full power stream of hot water for 1 minute.

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Reduce water to a slow trickle (less than the width of a pencil)

Turn the faucet away from the drain.

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With the water running, place 1 tablet fully inside the disposal

Remove the tablet from the wrapper before using. For the first cleaning or heavy residue, use 2 tablets.

Run the disposal for about a minute.

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If foam produced from tablet comes into sink, continue running disposal and water until foam drains

Rinse remaining foam from sink and turn off disposal.

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Why is ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner Better?

ACTIVE Compared to Other Disposal Cleaners

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ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner

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Other Disposal Cleaners

active disposal cleaner

Why ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner?

Foaming Garbage Disposal Cleaner Tablets To Remove Odors


Compatible With Any Disposal

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner works with any kind of kitchen sink waste disposal. Great for home or commercial usage.


Powerful Scrubbing Foam

Our disposal tablets produce a powerful scrubbing foam that spreads throughout the disposal. This foam works to scrub and loosen grime and food residue.


Eliminates Odors & Freshens

Over time, your disposal can begin to smell bad from the waste put inside it. ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner removes the odor-causing gunk and leaves a fresh citrus scent.


Simplifies Disposal Maintenance

It’s easy to keep your disposal smelling fresh by using these cleaning tablets. Just use them twice a month or whenever odors are present!


1 Year Value Pack

Each pack contains 24 disposal tablets which should last for a whole year. Our concentrated formulas only contain ingredients that work, which allows us to fit more tablets in a small package.

ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner Directions

Instructions For ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner

ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

You might have some questions about our disposal cleaner. Here are some that we receive often.

Yes, the ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner tablets have a fresh citrus scent.

That’s ok! It’s totally normal if the foam doesn’t come up all the way into the sink. Rest assured, the cleaning foam is doing its job inside of the disposal.

If you want to see more foam, try decreasing the stream of water from the faucet. Or use 2 cleaning tablets.

Yes, ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner tablets are compatible with any sink waste disposal.

Use twice a month on a normal schedule or whenever odors are present.

Our disposal cleaning tablets are not designed to clean drains, only the waste disposal.

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner Usage Guide

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal With ACTIVE

Maintaining the garbage disposal is important when it comes to maintaining a clean kitchen. For one thing, it can easily become a trap for grime and unpleasant odors if not cleaned regularly.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

active garbage disposal cleaner tabletsCleaning the garbage disposal will not only reduce odors but it’ll also ensure that it works properly.

For example, leftover food, especially within the rubber splash guard or grinding chamber, can decay over time and cause clogs.

Not only that but certain things such as grease and stringy vegetables can also leave behind a slimy residue that won’t be broken down properly.

Unpleasant Odors from Grease Buildup

Cooling fats and oils will also solidify into greasy substances, which will cling onto the surfaces inside your garbage disposal system, creating the perfect conditions for foul odors.

These microorganisms will feed on the decaying food scraps and contribute towards foul smells while also posing potential health risks.

Problems Caused By Dirty Garbage Disposals

A clean garbage disposal is about more than just having a clean kitchen. It’s an essential aspect of home maintenance that, if neglected, can lead to significant issues.

As mentioned earlier, the food waste lingering inside can lead to grime accumulation, which will not only produce unpleasant odors but can also pose potential health risks.

Not only that but oils can also accumulate inside and that can lead to clogs, which can significantly affect the unit performance.

More specifically, the buildup can restrict water flow through the pipes, causing slower drainage times along with an increased risk of backups that can damage other plumbing fixtures around your house.

How Do the Disposer Cleaning Tablets By ACTIVE Work?

active garbage disposal cleaner tablets instructionsUnlike DIY methods (e.g. baking soda, ice cubes, citrus peels, dish soap) ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner Tablets are specifically formulated with garbage disposals in mind.

They’re designed to disintegrate food particles and oils that have built up over time inside the garbage disposal.

They work by producing a foaming solution that fills the disposal’s grinding chamber. This ensures every nook and cranny, where debris may accumulate, is thoroughly cleaned.

They’re easy to use too as all you need to do is drop one tablet into the drain with the water running. Before you know it, it will start to scrub away the stubborn fat deposits hidden inside the appliance.

Not only that but the tablet will also neutralize any foul smells at their source – rather than just masking them like some competing products do.

The best part? The tablets are safe for all types of plumbing and septic systems.

Troubleshooting Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposals, while handy, can sometimes throw a wrench in your kitchen routine with unexpected issues.

Here’s how to handle a few of the most typical problems.

Lingering Odors Inside The Disposal

If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your sink drain opening, chances are, it’s due to food residue stuck in hard-to-reach places (e.g. underneath the blades).

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix – just use the cleaning tablets by ACTIVE and it will scrub away all the stubborn grime.

Visible Food Debris After Cleaning

active garbage disposal cleaner tablets calendarIn some cases, food debris can remain even after using disposal cleaners. To fix that, run cold water and turn on the unit for approximately 30 seconds – that will help flush out any lingering scraps.

Make sure not to use hot water as that may melt the oils and fats, which will end up re-solidifying further down the pipes, causing clogs within the drainage system. The same goes for warm water.

If food residue is still present after these steps, try another round of ACTIVE cleaning tablets.

The Best Garbage Disposal Cleaning Products

Caring for your kitchen waste disposal means choosing the right products for the job.

Some options, such as drain cleaners, can cause harm over time due to their corrosive nature or inability to provide a deep clean.

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner, on the other hand, will effectively scrub away the oils that are trapped underneath without damaging any components in the process. It even comes with a pleasant citrus scent.

Common Questions About Disposal Maintenance

The garbage disposal is often seen as an abyss below your kitchen sink, so it’s no wonder many disposal owners have questions about it.

Here are some of the most common questions and their answers.

How Often Should You Clean Your Garbage Disposal?

Ideally, you want to clean your disposal at least twice a month using ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner tablets.

active garbage disposal cleaner kitchen waste disposerSimply toss one in with a slow stream of water running, then turn on the disposal.

For most users, cleaning the unit twice a month with ACTIVE Cleaning tablets will suffice. However, if you notice foul odors or poor performance, additional cleaning cycles may be needed.

How Do You Clean A Garbage Disposal Without Removing It?

You can effectively clean your waste disposer by using an ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner tablet. Just place one inside the disposal and let the scrubbing foam do the rest of the work!

How Do I Keep My Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly?

Avoid feeding the unit hard objects or fibrous foods (e.g. corn husks) that could cause jams or damage the blades.

It’s also a good idea to run cold water after each use to flush down any oils. Using an effective cleaning product like ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner will also help keep it squeaky clean.

ACTIVE Products For Your Other Home Appliances

We’re here to make house cleaning easier for you. Not only do we offer cleaning tablets for your disposal unit, but we have a range of other household cleaning products as well.

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    Been using Active tabs for my washing machine, but just stumbled upon these for the disposal, and they’re a winner. Way better than others. Had to use 2 tabs to tackle the mess from the last tenant, but it did the trick. Definitely recommend. Price is worth it. Oh, and if you grab these, grab the Active tabs for the washing machine too.

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