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ACTIVE Wear Laundry Detergent



Activewear Laundry Detergent Formulated for Sweat and Workout Clothes – Natural Performance Enzyme Laundry Detergent

Specifically Designed for Activewear:

  • Organic, plant-based enzyme formula
  • Eliminates bacteria and odors
  • Hypoallergenic with no artificial fragrances
  • Safe for all technical fibers

Size: 48oz bag

Laundry Amount: 90 loads

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Enzyme Laundry Detergent For Activewear Clothing

Why Activewear Laundry Detergent?


Specialized Formula

ACTIVE powdered laundry detergent is formulated with all natural plant-based enzymes that target and eliminate odors caused by sweat and oils.


Safe For All Technical Fabrics

Compatible with any synthetic fibers found in all popular men’s and women’s activewear clothing brands.


Works on All Clothing and Gear

Activewear Detergent is great for leggings, sports bras, shorts, workout shirts, compression gear, yoga pants, jerseys, uniforms, jock straps, underwear, and more.


Safe for Sensitive Skin

ACTIVE Detergent is SLS free, phosphate free, gluten-free, and safe for septic systems. Plant-based enzymes are tough on sweat but gentle on skin.


No Fillers

Our concentrated formula contains no filler ingredients so a small amount goes a long way. A single bag of ACTIVE can do up to 90 loads of laundry.

Activewear Detergent FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Laundry detergent is one of the most important factors in caring for your clothing, so we understand that you’ll have some questions before purchasing.

Much of today’s clothing is made from “technical fibers” which are synthetic fabrics, different from cotton and wool. These materials are woven tightly which makes it difficult for most detergents to penetrate and clean the fibers.

Traditional detergents end up coating the fibers, locking in odors.

ACTIVE’s plant-based enzyme formula targets organic matter like oil, sweat and other odor causing elements. The result is truly clean activewear clothing. Click here to learn more.

ACTIVE Wear Detergent is free from any harsh chemicals and contains a natural organic formula.

It is:

  • Organic
  • SLS free
  • Phosphate free
  • Cruelty free
  • Gluten free
  • Septic safe
  • Non toxic
  • Hypoallergenic

Yes! ACTIVE Detergent is made specifically for those synthetic fabrics. ACTIVE Detergent is safe and effective on all technical and synthetic fibers like:

  • Lycra
  • Repreve
  • Spandex
  • Elastic
  • Mesh
  • Microfiber
  • Polyester
  • Dri-fit
  • Coolmax
  • Climalite
  • Many more

No, ACTIVE Detergent is unscented. The scents found in most traditional detergents just cover up odors instead of removing the sources like oil, sweat, etc.

After washing with ACTIVE you’ll actually be able to tell if your clothing is clean and not just masked by some temporary fragrance.

Yes, ACTIVE Detergent can be used in any kind of washing machine – top load, front load, and high efficiency (HE).

For most HE washers, you can put ACTIVE directly into the detergent dispenser tray. If for some reason the detergent doesn’t fully dissolve from the tray, try putting it directly into the washer drum before you add your clothes.

Activewear Detergent Reviews

See why our customers love ACTIVE Detergent.

Michelle Jablonsky


I was pretty skeptical about this stuff, but it actually works! Usually, my gym clothes would seem clean after the wash, but after I put them on, I could tell that they still smelled MUSTY within 10 minutes of sitting in class or into my workout. Regardless of the amount of detergent I poured into the wash, the smell came back. Drove me nuts. Within a week of using Active detergent that lingering “smell bomb” is gone!!!! I’M SO STOKED.

Sarah L.


I have tried everything to get that “mildew” smell out of my exercise clothes. I sweat…a LOT and work out 5-6 days a week at OTF, which those of you who do, understand how much you sweat during that one hour. tights and sports bras…gross. I’ve tried other exercise detergents, essential oil combinations, vinegar and baking soda…you name it. I still seem to have the lingering mildew smell five minutes into a workout. So annoying. Then I decided to try ACTIVE and I was pleasantly stunned at how after ONE wash with even those clothes for a year I have been trying to get smell out of…NO MORE SMELL. 

Ron Denmon


When this product arrived I was very excited to try it out. As a Personal Trainer and an active fitness enthusiast I have plenty of clothes that have started to smell a little funky after multiple sweat sessions in them…

Activewear Laundry Detergent Washing Tips

Before You Wash With ACTIVE

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Activewear Laundry Detergent Customer Feedback

More From Our Customers


This detergent works well to wash out the odor/dirt. It does not irritate skin and it smells great! Definitely recommend this detergent for active clothes as well as any other clothes. I’ve starting using it with my clothes as well and I love the smell and clean feeling of it!

Veronika P



washed a load of stinky workout gear and after that all my workout shoes over thw weekend

everything came out as clean as any other detergent and also smelling really fresh, but not artificially fresh with some overpowering smell, just fresh. very pleased with that aspect




Gave this a shot since it seemed like my gym clothes (mostly LuLuLemon and similar fabrics) never ended up smelling completely clean. Only washed with it once but it’s noticeably different. 

Alfredo C


Activewear Laundry Detergent Usage Guide

Cleaning Your Activewear With ACTIVE Laundry Detergent

Why is activewear detergent better than regular detergent? It’s a question that has likely crossed your mind as you’ve grappled with stubborn sweat stains and lingering odors on your gym clothes.

The reality is, washing workout gear isn’t the same as cleaning everyday clothing. The unique properties of activewear fabrics pose challenges that traditional detergents just can’t tackle effectively.

In fact, using regular laundry soap could be doing more harm than good to your favorite yoga pants or running shirt. These detergents often leave residue behind which traps bacteria and causes those persistent unpleasant smells.

So why does ACTIVE Detergent for activewear outperform its regular counterpart?

The Unique Nature of Activewear Clothing

Activewear garments, like exercise outfits and sportswear, are crafted to meet the needs of an active lifestyle. These performance fabrics play a pivotal role in activities like running or yoga by enhancing comfort during intense physical exertion.

Synthetic materials like polyester and spandex dominate activewear due to their unique characteristics. Polyester offers durability and resistance against shrinking, while spandex provides remarkable elasticity that retains shape even after rigorous stretching, making them ideal for workout clothes.

However, cleaning these synthetic fibers can be quite challenging when compared with natural ones such as cotton or wool. The inability of synthetics to absorb water makes it more difficult for traditional detergents to penetrate the fibers, which hampers effective cleaning power.

The Challenge with Synthetic Fabrics

activewear laundry detergent technical fabric cleaningCleaning issues arise because synthetic fibers do not release dirt easily, largely due to their structure that traps oil-based substances, including skin oils (sebum) or sweat. Both of which are responsible for causing bad odors on dirty clothes after heavy workout sessions at the gym.

This trapping effect extends beyond organic filth; it affects traditional laundry detergents too. Regular soaps often leave residue on technical fabrics since they fail to penetrate deeply into tightly woven structures, leading to less efficient washing cycles.

This brings us neatly onto our next topic: why does regular detergent fall short when dealing with activewear?

The Limitations of Traditional Detergents

While traditional detergents work well for regular fabrics like cotton and wool, they face challenges when it comes to activewear clothing. These workout clothes are often made from synthetic materials such as polyester and spandex. These unique properties enhance performance but also pose cleaning difficulties.

How Regular Detergents Leave Residue Behind

Synthetic fibers in athletic wear repel water while attracting oil-based substances like sweat. As a result, conventional detergents can’t fully rinse out during the wash cycle. This leaves behind soap molecules forming a thin film on your gym clothes which traps dirt, skin cells, and sweat over time – creating an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

This residue buildup not only leads to persistent smells but may also cause potential skin irritations due to prolonged contact with harsh chemicals found in some traditional detergents. The problem exacerbates each time you do laundry using these regular soaps – making your sportswear smell even before you start working out.

Degrading Fabric Integrity Over Time

Apart from odor issues caused by residual detergent left on the fabric surface after washing, there’s another significant downside: degradation of fabric integrity over time. Activewear is designed for durability; however, continuous exposure to harsh cleaning agents present in standard laundry soaps weakens them prematurely.

Faded colors, loss of elasticity, and reduced moisture-wicking capabilities are just a few examples of how traditional detergents can degrade athletic clothing. Thus, making them less effective during workouts or sports activities where comfortability matters most.

So while traditional detergents might seem good enough at first glance, they simply aren’t up to the task of keeping our active gear in the best condition long term.

The Power of Activewear Laundry Detergent

activewear laundry detergent remove sweat odorsActivewear laundry detergent is a revolutionary product in the realm of cleaning performance fabrics. It is engineered to delve into synthetic fibers, effectively removing sweat and bacteria that often escape regular detergents.

This specialized detergent employs plant-based enzymes to decompose organic matter such as body oils and perspiration. Regular detergents may struggle with these types of stains, but ACTIVE Laundry Detergent can efficiently eradicate them from your gym clothes.

A Closer Look at Plant-Based Enzymes

The secret weapon behind Activewear laundry detergent’s cleaning power lies within its use of plant-based enzymes. These natural substances accelerate chemical reactions; specifically those required to break down complex molecules found in sweat and oil into smaller ones that water can easily wash away.

Different kinds of dirt are targeted by different enzymes: protease for protein-related stains like blood or sweat, lipase for fat- or oil-related grime, amylase for starch-connected muck on your workout gear. By employing a combination of these specialized agents, ACTIVE sports detergent offers unmatched cleaning capability compared to its regular counterparts when it comes to washing synthetic materials.

For example, it demonstrates efficient utilization of this enzymatic action, making it highly potent against stubborn odors and tough stains on athletic apparel.

In addition to being a powerful cleaner, our sport-specific detergent also prioritizes safety by avoiding harsh chemicals that could irritate the skin and damage fabric integrity over time; a win-win situation.

Why Activewear Detergent Outperforms Regular Detergent

Learn how it effectively removes sweat and odor from your gym clothes, leaving them fresh.

Powder Detergent’s Compatibility with High-Efficiency Washing Machines

The unique formulation in our powdered sports detergent allows it to work seamlessly with high-efficiency washers, which use less water compared to traditional washing machines. The granules dissolve completely during each wash cycle, ensuring optimal cleaning power while reducing residue on workout attire.

  • ACTIVE Laundry Detergent fully dissolves even in low-water conditions common in high-efficiency machines. Thus leaving no traces behind that can trap bacteria and odors within fabric fibers.
  • It’s better at removing sweat smells from workout gear due to its thorough rinse after every wash cycle. Unlike some regular detergents which sometimes fail to fully dissolve, leading to lingering artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals potentially irritating sensitive skin types during workouts.

activewear laundry detergent gym clothing deodorizerNo Residue Left Behind: Fresh Smelling Clothes Without Harmful Chemicals

A significant advantage associated with using powdered sports detergents like ACTIVE Laundry Detergent lies in its ability to leave no harmful residues on your athletic apparel post-wash. This results in fresh smelling clothes without any potential irritants left behind by other traditional detergents.

What Types of Clothes Can You Clean With Activewear Detergent?

Activewear laundry detergent is a game-changer for your laundry day. It’s specifically designed to work on synthetic fabrics, which are commonly used in athletic wear. Here’s some of the items that ACTIVE Laundry Detergent excels at cleaning.

Leggings and Yoga Pants

The stretchy fabric in leggings and yoga pants often traps sweat, leaving them smelling less than fresh after a workout session. The plant-based enzymes in ACTIVE’s activewear clothing detergent work efficiently at removing odors trapped within these technical fabrics.

Workout Shirts & Shorts

Your gym clothes take quite a beating during intense workouts, accumulating tough stains from sweat and dirt. Unlike traditional detergents that can leave residue behind on these performance fabrics, ACTIVE’s performance laundry detergent removes smells without harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Sports Bras & Compression Gear

Athletic apparel such as sports bras and compression gear need special care due to their snug fit against the skin where they absorb more sweat. Using our activewear laundry detergent helps remove this embedded filth effectively while maintaining the integrity of the fabric fibers.

Socks, Underwear & Jock Straps

Fabric softeners found in regular detergents can ruin sportswear materials like those used for socks, underwear, or jock straps by reducing their ability to wick away moisture – leading to bad odors over time. However, with ACTIVE’s natural sport detergent, you get clean garments that retain their moisture-wicking properties longer!

Towels & Bed Sheets

You may not consider towels and bed sheets as part of your activewear, but think again! They come into contact with body oils just like workout clothes do; hence using an effective sport wash ensures they remain free from oil residues that could lead to unpleasant smells over time.

Finding the Best Laundry Detergent for Activewear

Selecting the right detergent for your activewear can be a game-changer. It’s not just about getting clothes clean; it’s also about maintaining fabric integrity and extending the lifespan of your athletic apparel.

activewear laundry detergent fix stinky gym clothesACTIVE laundry detergent is known for its excellent stain removal capabilities on technical fabrics such as polyester or spandex – common materials found in gym clothing. Our laundry detergent proves economical at just over 30 cents per small HE (high-efficiency) load. This makes it a budget-friendly choice if you’re using high-efficiency washing machines frequently to wash your sports garments.

Its eco-conscious formula uses biodegradable ingredients to deliver powerful cleaning results sans harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. If you are sensitive towards strong scents then ACTIVE is a great choice due to its neutral, scentless smell profile. It leaves clothes smelling fresh after every wash cycle without covering up odors with strong fragrances.

To find the best workout clothing detergent to fit your needs, consider factors such as cost per load, compatibility with different types of washing machines (traditional vs high-efficiency), scent profiles along with effectiveness when dealing with sweat stains and odors from workout gear.

Remember choosing wisely will help extend the lifespan of activewear clothing ensuring they continue providing optimal performance during each exercise session.

Common Questions About Activewear Detergent

How is sports detergent different?

Sports detergent is specially formulated to penetrate synthetic fabrics, effectively removing sweat, oil, and odors that regular detergents struggle with.

Which type of detergents are more effective?

Powdered activewear detergents tend to be more effective as they have a longer shelf life and work well with high-efficiency washing machines.

Does activewear laundry detergent work?

Absolutely. Activewear laundry detergent uses plant-based enzymes to target organic filth like sweat and bad odors, leaving your gym clothes fresh.

Is there really a difference between laundry detergents?

Yes. Regular detergents can leave residue on synthetic fabrics whereas activewear ones don’t, making them better for workout gear.

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