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We create cleaning products for all facets of your home life. Whether you want to refresh your washing machine or revive your favorite workout gear, ACTIVE has you covered.

ACTIVE was founded with the goal of creating a better laundry detergent for sportswear

We developed our Activewear Detergent in 2018 with the goal of eliminating stubborn odors in workout gear. ACTIVE’s enzyme-based formula was so effective at cleaning synthetic fabrics that we decided to expand into other cleaning products. Today, we’re proud to offer a wide range of cleaners to address many household cleaning needs.

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ACTIVE is Built for a New Generation of Consumers Who:

We Are Committed to Sustainability and Quality

We’ve developed our entire product line using premium quality & innovative ingredients in concentrated formulations with no expenses spared. Not only does this make our products more effective than competitors, but they also provide better value to the consumer by including more “ACTIVE” ingredients, instead of inert fillers.

ACTIVE’s packaging is built for e-commerce, designed to ship in the most efficient way possible. The outcome is less packaging waste and decreased resources required for shipping. This results in lower carbon emissions during transport along with cost-savings that we pass on to the consumer.

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How ACTIVE is Different

Better Ingredients + Better Formulations = Better Products


Quality-Centric Formulations

Our product range is crafted with the finest and most innovative ingredients, including natural enzymes, oxygen-activated solutions, and high-purity components. All in concentrated formulas where quality is prioritized over cost.


Better Performance & Value

This approach not only ensures superior performance compared to competitors but also delivers greater value by including purposeful ingredients instead of fillers, significantly enhancing overall efficacy.


Efficient Distribution

Our direct-to-consumer model avoids middlemen, retail markups, and shareholder demands, allowing us to reinvest savings into developing premium products. We rely on and encourage online customer advocacy.

ACTIVE Products Are Designed Around Eco-Friendliness and Usability

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Smaller packaging results in less waste during both the manufacturing process and the actual disposal of packaging.

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Smaller packaging results in substantially less pollution when shipping.

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Smaller packaging results in less storage space required in your home or closet.

In the past, our strategy wasn't an option since consumers exclusively shopped in person at retail outlets. Brands would create "large format" products that were 90% water or inert filler ingredients.

These products would LOOK like you were getting way more value for your dollar comparing product sizes side by side on the store shelves – essentially tricking consumers into thinking they are getting more “bang for their buck.”

Thankfully today, consumers are able to actually read reviews online, get instant feedback from other consumers, and make educated decisions in real time. This has given us an opportunity to compete on a level playing field against the largest corporations in the world!

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Customer Feedback

Our Customers Are everything

Here’s what a few of our happy customers have to say about ACTIVE.

How to Reach Us

We’re here to answer questions and resolve issues any time. The best way to reach us is to fill out the contact form here!


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