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ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner & Deodorizer



Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets – Cleans and Deodorizes Your Dishwasher

  • Compatible with all dishwashers
  • Removes grime and limescale spots
  • Refreshes and deodorizes
  • Helps keep internal parts clean and maintains performance

Size: 24 tablets

Usage Amount: 1 year supply

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Get Rid Of Dishwasher Spots & Odors

Why ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner?


Works With Any Dishwasher

Our dishwasher cleaner is compatible with all brands and colors of dishwasher. Whether you want to restore the shine inside of a stainless machine or refresh a white interior, these tablets will get the job done.


Deep Descaling Formula

ACTIVE Dishwasher Tablets contain a blend of dishwasher cleaning agent and citric acid to tackle the dirtiest machines. Removes limescale, hard water stains, grime and more.


Odor Eliminator

Say goodbye to your smelly dishwasher. This powerful dishwasher cleaner gets rid of odor-causing grimes and leaves your machine with a fresh lemon citrus scent.


Easy Maintenance Schedule

Simply run your dishwasher twice a month with an ACTIVE cleaning tablet to keep it clean and free from grime and odors. Use the calendar inside of the box to stay on schedule!


Full 1 Year Supply

This 24 pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets should last for an entire year of cleaning. With ACTIVE’s concentrated formulas, you’re only paying for ingredients that actually work. No fillers here.

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Directions

Instructions For ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive for the dishwasher cleaning tablets.

Yes, the ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets will leave your machine with a fresh lemon scent after use.

Yes! Our dishwasher cleaner tablets will work with any brand of dishwasher and any color interior. They work great for household and commercial use.

Cleaning your dishwasher is easy with ACTIVE tablets:

  1. Ensure dishwasher is empty
  2. Add 1 tablet into the detergent dispenser tray
  3. Run the dishwasher on a normal cycle
  4. Open the door to let it air-dry

We recommend using these dishwasher cleaning tablets twice a month, or whenever stains or odors are present.


Note: If it is your first time cleaning your machine, you may need to repeat the cleaning process twice to fully remove all grime.


Yes it will! Our cleaning formula with citric acid works great to remove stains from hard water, limescale, and other buildup.

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Reviews

Here’s why customers love ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner.

Emily F


It arrived quickly and there was a hand written note from Jess in the box! Yay -for customer service and real people!
I immediately followed the directions and now here I am two hours later with a much improved and SPARKLING CLEAN dishwasher!
100% would recommend.

Jenny P


These work great. I’ve tried many other methods to clean my dishwasher and it never seemed to get it as clean as I was wanting. I ran this once and it was like a whole new dishwasher. I imagine using these regularly will only help. Would recommend.



Our dishwasher was so gross – we’ve tried all the regular hacks (vinegar and baking soda, etc) and nothings really helped! I was amazed how much grime this got off our dishwasher! Will definitely purchase again!

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

Before Cleaning Your Dishwasher

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ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Customer Feedback

More From Our Customers


This stuff is amazing. Easy to use. Results are outstanding. What really hooked me was the Company included a handwritten thank you note from Jess thanking me for my purchase. I am a customer for life. Thanks Jess. The little things count. 👍




We have hard water, and, since using these, the machine is not making the small squeaking noises it was making before cleaned. (I had already cleaned the trap, but the dishwasher still made noises, nothing to call a plumber about, but annoying. Now they are gone.)




My dishwasher is only a few years old and not in terrible shape but this did a great job of getting it back to looking and smelling nearly new.



ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Usage Guide

Cleaning Your Dishwasher With ACTIVE

A dirty dishwasher can lead to a myriad of problems, including unpleasant odors, water spots on dishes, and subpar cleaning performance.

But fear not! The process of cleaning your dishwasher, while it may seem daunting at first glance, is actually quite straightforward once you understand the steps involved.

active dishwasher cleaner tabletsWhy Should You Clean Your Dishwasher?

Regular maintenance is a key aspect for any home appliance, and your dishwasher isn’t an exception. Although it’s primarily designed to clean dishes, the machine itself requires regular cleaning as well.

A dirty dishwasher may seem harmless but can lead to various issues such as unpleasant odors or poor performance.

It might even result in water spots on glasses or residue on plates after each cycle due to accumulated food debris, soap scum, and grease inside the machine over time.

Maintaining Cleaning Efficiency

An efficient operation is one of the many benefits you reap from regularly cleaning your dishwasher. A clogged-up dishwasher with hardened detergent residues doesn’t perform at its peak efficiency.

However, routine cleanses using ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner help maintain optimal functionality across all components, including spray arms and drain pipes. This leads not only to improved dishwashing cycles but also energy savings.

Prolonging The Lifespan Of Your Dishwasher

If left unchecked long enough, a dirty dishwasher can shorten the lifespan of the appliance significantly, leading to expensive service appointments or replacement of the entire machine.

This unnecessary strain puts stress on motor function, potentially causing premature wear-and-tear damage, while grime around seals could lead to leaks damaging surrounding cabinets too.

Proper care, including regular deep cleans with ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner, can prolong life expectancy significantly.

Identifying Signs of a Dirty Dishwasher

Recognizing when your dishwasher needs cleaning can be tricky if you don’t know what signs to look for.

One clear indication that your dishwasher requires attention is an unusual bad odor coming from within. This smell often suggests a build-up of food particles or grease, which not only results in unpleasant odors but also affects the performance over time.

active dishwasher cleaner tablets soap residueDetecting Soap Scum Build-Up

Beyond foul smells, soap scum buildup is another common problem that plagues dishwashers. It forms due to hard water minerals mixing with detergent components and creates an unsightly cloudy layer inside your machine as well as on dishes after washing.

This residue doesn’t just impact aesthetics; it hampers functionality too by reducing efficiency and leading to longer cycle times.

Poor Drainage: A Sign Your Dishwasher Needs Cleaning

The drain system plays a crucial role in keeping dishwashers clean by flushing out dirty water after each wash cycle.

Over time though, bits of food may get trapped here causing blockages resulting in inefficient draining – yet another sign indicating deep cleaning might be overdue.

Regularly checking this area will help maintain optimal function while preventing nasty surprises down the line. Remember vigilance goes a long way towards ensuring longevity for appliances such as dishwashers.

Preparing Your Dishwasher for Cleaning

To kick off the deep clean of your dishwasher, you must first ensure it’s completely empty. Any lingering items inside can obstruct the cleaning process and prevent a thorough cleanse.

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner should not be used when there are dishes in the machine as it may be too strong for delicate items.

An empty dishwasher is also crucial to perform an in-depth inspection of its components, identifying any visible signs of grime or damage.

Digging Deeper into Your Dishwasher Filter

The filter in your dishwasher holds significant importance when maintaining cleanliness within your appliance. It works diligently to catch large food particles before they clog up the drain, which ensures smooth operation during each wash cycle.

If debris begins blocking this component over time, it could impact how effectively your machine cleans dishes, making regular checks essential for optimal performance. If there are noticeable residues or grease build-up on the screen area, then give it some TLC.

Guide to Cleaning Your Dishwasher With ACTIVE

Cleaning your dishwasher is a task that often gets overlooked. However, the efficiency and longevity of this appliance can be greatly improved by regular maintenance. ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner provides a highly effective and simple to do solution for this maintenance chore.

active dishwasher cleaning tablets limescale removeTo start off, all you need is an empty dishwasher and one ACTIVE dishwasher cleaning tablet. The tablet’s formulation works wonders in breaking down buildup inside dishwashers as it penetrates hard-to-reach areas during each wash cycle.

Simply place the tablet in the detergent dispenser tray and run a wash cycle.

We recommend running a hot water cycle, or if available, the ‘sanitize’ or ‘heavy duty’ cycles which use higher temperatures, for optimal results. These hotter cycles ensure better interaction between the heat and cleaning ingredients, leading to more efficient removal of residues inside.

You’ll see immediate results once you open up your freshly cleaned machine post-cleaning cycle – there’s nothing quite like seeing those shiny stainless steel components sparkle. Additionally, any previous odor should have disappeared thanks to the thorough cleansing properties of ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner.

Maintaining Exterior Dishwasher Cleanliness

While the interior of your dishwasher is important, maintaining its exterior cleanliness should not be overlooked. The door and control panel can accumulate grime over time, which may affect the performance of this appliance.

A simple method to keep these areas clean involves a solution of warm water mixed with dish soap. This mixture effectively cuts through grease without damaging your dishwasher’s finish. Dish soap, known for its mild detergent properties, makes it safe for most surfaces, including stainless steel.

Common Questions About Dishwasher Maintenance

Keeping your dishwasher in top shape is essential for its longevity and performance. Many homeowners have questions about how to properly maintain this helpful kitchen appliance.

How Often Should I Clean My Dishwasher?

active dishwasher cleaner tablets cleaning schedule

You should deep clean your dishwasher twice a month using ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner to keep it running smoothly. This involves emptying out any debris trapped in the filter or utensil holder areas before starting with the cleaning routine we discussed earlier.

Two cleanings per month with ACTIVE should be plenty for dishwashers in the average home. However for commercial applications or for dishwashers that are used on a daily basis, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

If you’re curious if you need more frequent cleanings, refer to the steps used to identify a dirty dishwasher listed above.

How Does Hard Water Affect My Dishwasher?

If you’ve ever opened your stainless steel dishwasher to find dishes with water spots or a dirty dishwasher interior, then you’re likely dealing with the effects of hard water.

Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium that can build up over time in your appliance, leading to various problems.

Hard water can lead to a buildup of mineral deposits on both the interior surfaces and components of your dishwasher. This includes areas such as the dishwasher drain, filter clean system, and even on the stainless steel parts within the machine.

These deposits can impede performance by clogging jets or affecting how well your dish soap cleans dishes.

Apart from this, if left unchecked, these mineral deposits could also cause unsightly stains inside your empty dishwasher which may be difficult to remove later. Moreover, it might result in an unpleasant smelly dishwasher due to trapped food particles within these buildups.

Solving Hard Water Problems With ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner

To combat this issue, using a quality cleaner like ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner tablets is recommended for deep cleaning every part of your appliance including those hidden corners behind racks or under utensil holders.

Not only will this help keep any stainless steel elements sparkling clean but also ensure that all other parts function optimally without any hindrance from hardened mineral accumulations.

Best Dishwasher Cleaning Products

Just like any other household appliance, dishwashers need regular maintenance to function optimally. A dirty dishwasher can lead to many problems such as water spots on dishes, unpleasant odors, and inefficient cleaning.

Cleaning your dishwasher not only helps in eliminating these issues but also extends the lifespan of this valuable appliance. Using the right product for this task is crucial, and that’s where ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner tablets come into play.

active dishwasher cleaner best cleaning tabletsWhy Choose ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets?

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner tablets are specially formulated to deep clean all parts of your stainless steel dishwasher effectively. They excel at removing stubborn soap scum from the interior walls, door, and even hard-to-reach areas like the filter and drain system.

Apart from leaving every corner spotlessly clean, these tablets eliminate bad smells by getting rid of food residues trapped inside various components including the utensil holder and racks. By doing so, they prevent potential blockages, hence improving overall performance.

Cleaning Solutions For All Appliances From ACTIVE

Once your dishwasher is clean, why not extend the same care to all of your other appliances? ACTIVE offers quality cleaning products designed specifically for various household appliances including washing machines, garbage disposals, coffee machines, and more.

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