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ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner Tablets



Coffee Maker Cleaner Tablets – Descales & Deep Cleans Coffee & Espresso Machines

  • Compatible with all single-serve and drip style coffee and espresso makers
  • Removes residue build-up from minerals, hard water, limescale, oils & more
  • Cleans internal areas for fresher tasting coffee
  • Helps maintain coffee maker performance and increase usable lifespan

Size: 24 tablets

Usage Amount: 24 cleanings (1 year supply)

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Coffee Maker Cleaner Tablets To Descale and Remove Residue For Fresher Coffee Taste

Why ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner?


Maintains Coffee Maker Performance

Over time grime residue accumulates inside of your coffee maker which can decrease functionality. ACTIVE helps maintain performance and prevent issues and repairs.


Safe Yet Powerful Cleaning

Our coffee machine cleaning tablets are formulated and tested in the USA with safe and highly effective ingredients.


Fresher Tasting Coffee

Keeping your coffee or espresso maker clean ensures the full taste of your coffee is sustained and free from unwanted impurities.


Improve Appliance Lifespan

Lack of cleaning is responsible for a surprising amount of coffee maker issues – from replacement parts to complete failure. Regular cleaning helps support the usable lifespan of the machine.


1 Year Supply Value Pack

Every box of ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner contains 24 tablets. That’s enough for 2 cleanings per month for an entire year!

ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner, you may find the answer below. If you have any other questions please reach out to our customer service team and we’ll get back to you right away!

Yes it does! Even though you can’t see inside of your machine without taking it apart, every coffee maker develops residue inside over time. Try running a brew cycle without any coffee in the machine and look at the water that comes out – gross!

Cleaning your coffee maker with ACTIVE tablets regularly not only keeps your coffee tasting fresh, but it also helps remove harmful contaminants that can be growing inside your machine.

ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner is formulated to work with all brands of coffee and espresso makers – both single-serve and drip-style multi-cup machines.

We recommend cleaning your coffee maker 2 times each month for machines that have normal usage (1-2 brews per day). Frequently used or commercial machines may need to be cleaned more often.

These tablets can be used in both single-serve (like Keurig) and standard multi-cup coffee makers. Both types of machines use similar instructions.

  1. Fill the water reserve with clean water and add 1 ACTIVE Coffee Maker Cleaner tablet.
  2. After the tablet has dissolved, run 1 brewing cycle and dispose of the dirty water.
  3. Run one more brewing cycle and dispose of the water again.
  4. Refill the water reservoir with clean water and you’re ready to brew a fresh cup of coffee.

No, you should only use one tablet for each cleaning session. If you have an extremely dirty machine, we recommend doing a second cleaning session with another tablet.

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