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Why Choose ACTIVE Cleaners?

See how ACTIVE cleaners can help take your cleaning routine to the next level

Highly Effective Concentrated Formulas

Concentrated Formulas Target Odors and Build-Up on Your Everyday Items

Even the dirtiest items are no match for ACTIVE’s deep clean formulations.

ACTIVE cleaners are made for a wide variety of uses - all with cleaning effectiveness and safety in mind.

  • Our cleaners are lab-formulated using enzymes and proprietary ingredients to tackle the dirtiest appliances, clothing, and more.
  • Enzyme-based cleaners provide a thorough cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals like ammonia and other highly toxic substances.
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Recyclable Packaging and Paper Materials Are Utilized for All of Our Products

Reducing plastic usage is at the forefront of our packaging design process and we aim to eliminate it wherever possible. While cleaning effectiveness is one of our top priorities, all of our products are also designed around conserving resources. That’s why ACTIVE cleaners are packaged in a way that ships most efficiently requiring less resources to get the products to your door.

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Designed for Efficiency

  • The size and weight of traditional liquid cleaners requires more fuel to ship. Just to transport something that you already have in your home – water!
  • ACTIVE’s formulas do not contain any fillers which add unnecessary weight and size to products without providing any benefit to you.

Liquid Detergent Jugs Create Tons of Plastic Waste

A single pack of ACTIVE Laundry Detergent Sheets is only

the weight of a liquid detergent jug and made from recycleable packaging.
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The same story applies to many of the cleaners we offer.
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Efficient Cost-Saving Cleaning Products

ACTIVE's Compact packaging Reduces Shipping costs And Allows Us to offer lower pricing

In today’s market, if you care about reducing waste and buying products with sustainable materials, then usually you can expect to pay more. That’s not the case with ACTIVE. Our efficient packaging creates cost savings during the shipping process which we then pass on to you as a customer. Plus, the concentrated formulas used in ACTIVE cleaners means you aren’t paying for water and other useless fillers.

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