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How to Wash Volleyball Gear

February 6, 2019

Volleyball is a great way to burn off some calories. Not only does it strengthen the upper body but it improves hand-eye coordination as well. Like all physically demanding sports, however, it can leave you sweaty by the end of a game. After all, you would have been jumping around trying to hit the ball in the court for over an hour! As you probably know, this can lead to an unpleasant odor.

This might be obvious, but it’s important to clean your volleyball gear on a regular basis. After all, you don’t want to be the one that is associated with the “stink”! Trust me, keeping everything clean will also help when it comes to playing your best on the court. Unlike regular clothes, though, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re washing your equipment. Don’t worry—we will be going over the steps below.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at how you can clean your volleyball gear!

How to Wash Your Volleyball Jersey

As with most sports, those who play volleyball have their own jerseys. While it depends on the individual jersey, most are made out of polyester and spandex, a breathable material that keeps the player cool and dry.

how to wash volleyball jerseys

First things first, it helps if you air out your jersey after a game—this means not stuffing into your bag right away! This helps immensely when it comes to preventing odors.

When it comes to the actual washing, you can just toss them into the machine. Add a bit of gentle cleaner like ACTIVE detergent and you’re set. There are a few things to note, though—for starters, you want to wash using cold water. As always, you also want to wash the volleyball jersey with similar colors. As a general rule, you should never wash it with shirts that are known to bleed, this will likely damage your jersey!  

Pro-tip: It helps to wash the jersey inside out if you’re worried about the number peeling off.

Once it’s done washing, you can put it in the dryer—on the “Tumble Dry Low” setting. If possible, minimize the drying time to less than 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can hang the jersey up and allow it to air dry.

Note: If it’s been a while since you’ve washed your volleyball jersey, you might want to pre-soak it for a few hours before putting it in the wash. To do this, just pour a little bit of ACTIVE detergent into a tub or a container and allow the jersey to saturate in the solution.

How to Remove the Sweat Smell from Your Volleyball Shorts

Similar to the jerseys, volleyball shorts are often made out of a polyester and spandex, the latter of which allows the garments to retain their shape. On top of that, the blend ensures that they are both breathable and comfortable for the player.

how to clean stinky volleyball shorts

Washing the shorts is quite straight forward. If anything, you can wash them exactly like the jerseys. After all, they are made out of the same type of material. The only thing that you have to pay attention to is the color. If they’re similar colors, you can put them in the machine together; otherwise, you might have to wash them separately.

As described earlier, put them in the washing machine and add a bit of ACTIVE detergent. Wash using cold water. After the cycle is done, you can put them in the dryer on the “Tumble Dry Low” setting” or allow them to air dry (if you’re short on time, you might want to opt for the former).

Alternatively, you can wash the volleyball shorts by hand. Before doing so, though, it helps if you pre-soak them (we recommend mixing ACTIVE detergent with water); this will help to get rid of the loose dirt and grime that’s on the fabric. From there, you can gently wash them with your hands and hang them up to dry.

The Best Way to Wash Volleyball Socks

There are a variety of volleyball socks. For instance, there are ones that knee-high as well as crew socks. They all have one thing in common, though—they are typically are typically made out of some sort of polyester/spandex blend. Depending on the individual style, some may have other materials added such as rubber or nylon.

washing volleyball socks

As with the jerseys and shorts, you can wash the socks in the washing machine. Prior to doing that though, you might want to pre-soak them in a bit of cleaner (heck, you can even pre-soak it with the jersey and shorts!). After you’ve done that, you can put them in the wash. As always, you want to run a cold water cycle. Hot water can damage the material over time. Add an appropriate cleaner to the machine (we recommend ACTIVE detergent) and you’re ready to go. In terms of drying, you can put them in the dryer or hang them up them dry.

Pro-tip: Assuming that your jersey, shorts, and socks are similar colors, you can wash them together in one load.

If you want, you could also wash them by hand. As a matter of fact, that might be easiest if you just want to wash your socks. It’s easy—create a cleaning solution using water and some ACTIVE detergent and allow the garments to saturate in the liquid. From there, you can wash them gently to get rid of the dirt and debris. Hang to dry.

How to Clean & Deodorize Volleyball Pads

Volleyball pads are important in that they prevent players from hurting their knees. More specifically, they protect them against the painful impacts and abrasions of an intense game. Generally speaking, they are made out of a variety of materials such as polyester, cotton, spandex, rubber, or a blend of fabrics. Many also come with some type of system that helps to fight against odors.

how to clean deodorize volleyball pads

You might be surprised to know that you actually wash volleyball pads in the wash. There’s just an extra step—you’ll want to place them in a mesh laundry bag; this will prevent them from getting caught with other items in the machine. Double check that the velcro is secured before tossing them in! Add a small amount of ACTIVE detergent to the washer and select a gentle, cold water cycle.

For the best results, you’ll want to wash them with other clothes—perhaps with the rest of your volleyball gear. If you wash them alone, there’s a chance that they can hit against each other, which can cause damage.

For those who don’t want to use the washer, you can always wash the pads by hand. Fill a tub or container with water and add a bit of ACTIVE detergent. If necessary, you can add a bit of white vinegar, which will help to neutralize odor. Put the pads in the tub and allow them to saturate in the cleaning solution for at least 30 minutes. From there, rinse them with clean water. After blotting them with a towel, hang them up to dry. It can take a few hours for them to dry completely.

How to Remove Odors from Your Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes are relatively easy to clean. For one thing, they are typically only worn indoors—this limits the amount of dirt and debris that gets stuck on the surface. In general, all you need to do is wipe it with a moist towel or a paper towel—this should be enough to get rid of most of the dirt.

how to clean deodorize volleyball shoes

Note: Do not put them in the washing machine, this will damage the material.

If necessary, you can hand wash them gently with minimal water and allow them to air dry.

Pro-tip: It’s a good idea to apply a stain-repellent spray to your volleyball shoes (ideally when you purchase them). This will protect them from getting dirty.

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