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ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner



Distiller Cleaner Powder – Deep Cleans & Descales Water Distillers, Kettles & More

  • Safe and effective formula thoroughly cleans distillers
  • Gets rid of mineral and limescale residue buildup stuck inside the distiller and pot
  • Compatible with all water distillers, kettles, boilers, and more
  • Promotes cleaner tasting water by removing odor-causing grime
  • Helps maintain distiller performance and improve longevity by keeping internal areas clean

Size: 32oz powder (2lb)

Usage Amount: Up to 20 cleanings

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Distiller Cleaner Powder to Remove Mineral Residue for Cleaner Water Distilling

Why ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner?


Distiller Performance Maintenance

Regular water distiller or kettle usage can lead to mineral residue accumulating inside the appliance or the pot. This can add unwanted taste in the water and even cause issues with the distiller itself. Keeping your distiller clean can help prevent these issues.


Safe and Effective Deep Cleaning

We only use the highest quality, lab-tested citric acid in ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner. So you can distill with peace of mind knowing you’re using safe ingredients.


Cleaner Tasting Water

Removing limescale and other mineral impurities inside the distiller helps prevent these contaminants from tainting the taste of your freshly distilled water.


Support Appliance Lifespan

Grime buildup doesn’t just affect the taste of your water – it can put unnecessary strain on internal parts by creating clogs. This leads to premature repairs or replacements. A consistent cleaning schedule with ACTIVE can help improve the longevity of your appliance.


32oz Value Supply

Each bag of ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner contains a full 2lbs of cleaning powder which is enough for up to 20 cleaning sessions!

ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions from our customers about ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us and our customer support team will be in touch!

Yes, you should still clean it. Even if there isn’t much visible grime, limescale and mineral residue can still accumulate inside the machine in areas that you can’t see.

This can not only affect the taste of your water but also can cause performance issues with the distiller over time.

Yes! ACTIVE Distiller Cleaner works great on stainless steel interiors and is completely safe to use.

Yes it will! This product is compatible with any brand or style of distiller, tea kettle, boiler and more!

Cleaning frequency can depend on how often you use your distiller or kettle. In general, you should clean your distiller 1-2 times per month or whenever mineral residue is visible.

Heavily used distillers may require more frequent cleaning.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your distiller, there are two ways to help remove stubborn residue.

  1. Let the distiller sit for a longer period of time with the cleaner inside. The cleaner has is more effective at breaking down residue if given more time.

  2. After letting the distiller sit with the cleaner inside, use a soft bristle brush (not metal) to gently scrub any areas that still have residue. Then rinse the inside clean before distilling water.

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