Active Washing Machine Cleaner & Descaler



Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets – Cleans and Refreshes Your Washer


  • Compatible with all washing machines, including HE
  • Penetrates residue and grime buildup
  • Helps maintain washing machine performance
  • Safe for septic systems


Size: 24 tablets

Usage Amount: 1 year supply

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Why Active Washing Machine Cleaner

Works With All Washing Machines

Compatible with all brands and types of washing machines – front load, top load, high efficiency (HE). Cleans both stainless steel and white machines.

No Harsh Chemicals

Active washing machine cleaning tablets create a natural effervescent foam that scrubs the internal areas of the machine. Safe for septic systems.

Instant Cleaning Action

No more scrubbing and waiting, simply let these tablets do the work! Toss one in the washer drum, run a wash cycle, then admire the results.

Efficient Value Pack

Each pack of Active washing machine cleaner contains 24 tablets. This allows you to clean your machine twice a month for an entire year.

Eliminates Odors

No more musty smelling washing machine or clothes. These cleaning tablets target the hard to reach areas where stinky grime builds up in your washer.

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Washing Machine Cleaner Instructions


Frequently asked questions

Your washing machine is an important appliance in your home, so you probably have some questions about cleaning it.

Active washing machine cleaner tablets are unscented.


We recommend running the washer on a “normal” wash with warm or hot water. For machines with a setting for load size, use “large” or the highest available setting.

Or if your machine has “clean washer” cycle, use that.

Yes, Active washing machine tablets are compatible with all types of washing machines including:

  • Front load
  • Top load
  • High Efficiency (HE)
  • Stainless steel interior
  • White interior


The cleaning tablet should be placed directly into the washing machine drum. Do not put the tablet in the detergent dispenser tray.

We recommend cleaning your washing machine every 2 weeks, or whenever musty odors are present.


Why People Love Active

See what our customers are saying about Active washing machine cleaner.

Jill W

This is perfect! My new washer requests cleaning cycles monthly. Like I need one more thing to clean, or have special requests. *sigh* annoyed and definitely not going to the big box of chaos for more cleaner, I found these gems. They come in a 24 pack, which means I won’t get to order often. But when I do, I’m coming right back to this company! Save me money, save me time, clean the washer with zero effort on my part – win!

Jennifer S

Just tried this product for the first time. Our washer had a funny smell and had standing water in the bleach dispenser. I googled it and people said a hose was probably clogged with sediment. I ran a tub clean cycle with one of these tablets and the standing water is gone and there’s no weird smell. Very satisfied!


I totally made the mistake of leaving towels in the washing machine and going on vacation… when I came back my washing machine smelled like death Lol. I’m used to purchasing Affresh washing machine tablets, I believe it’s five tablets for like 13 dollars… we’ll unfortunately I was out and stumbled upon this deal. You get a whole years worth for the same amount of money, and it works just as well as the Affresh! No more stinky washing machine, very impressed with this small company and there personal cards make it even better.

Before You Clean

Washing Machine Cleaner Tips

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Customer Feedback

More From Our Customers

I put one tablet in the drum and selected quick wash with hot water setting, 30 mins later I opened the door and the drum was sparking clean! Not to mention it eliminated the funky smells too. We normally use liquid which costs more and it does a far worse job at cleaning. Will happily buy these again when required. Very happy with the quality and performance. Also, thank you for the note 🙂



Awesome value for your money!! I used to use the Tide packets, but they’re so expensive. I have a mechanic husband (dirty clothes) and lots of animals, so our washer gets pretty nasty. I like that this cleaner comes with an adorable little calendar inside to track how often you clean 🙌❤️



The product came in a nice box with a handwritten note for the seller giving me their information in case I had problems. The directions were very clear and simple to follow. I have used the product once so far and it did far more than 2 months of bleach cleanings ever did. Hopefully, a regularly cleaning with the descaler and I won’t ever have to worry about my “clean” clothes coming out of the machine covered in mud and gunk again!

Dan H.


Bundle & Save

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Active Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner Bundle

1 Year Supply of Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets & Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets


  • Works On Any Washing Machine Or Dishwasher
  • Removes Grime & Eliminates Odors
  • Easy Monthly Maintenance Solution
  • Includes 24 Washing Machine Tablets & 24 Dishwasher Tablets