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ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover



Mold Stain Remover Gel – Cleans Mold Stains & Other Discoloration

  • Highly effective cleaner works quickly to remove stains
  • Powerful formula works in a wide range of applications
  • Cleans mildew stains, mold stains, black spots, grease and other discoloration
  • Use on washing machine gaskets, dishwasher & refrigerator seals, grout, caulking and more
  • Gentle odor compared to other products using harsh chemicals

Size: 7oz gel

Usage Amount: Varies based on application

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Remove Unsightly Stains Caused by Mold & Mildew

Black spots and discoloration can form in high moisture areas like rubber seals, grout and caulking. ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover effectively cleans stains and grime buildup on these surfaces.

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Fast and effective stain cleaner

Powerful deep cleaning formula removes stains and discoloration caused by mold and mildew.


Wide variety of cleaning uses

Efficient for cleaning grout, caulking, and rubber seals on washers, dishwashers, refrigerators and more.


Easy to apply with minimal mess

Applying our stain remover gel is simple and allows for targeted application instead of messy sprays.


Low odor formulation

Simple ingredients with impressive performance provide cleaning results without harsh chemicals.

Performance Benefits

Keep Your Seals & Grout Looking Clean

Dingy grout and discoloration on caulk can make even the cleanest bathroom look dirty Рand no one likes seeing black spots on their appliance seals. 

The Multi-Surface Solution for Stains from Mold & Mildew

  • It’s nearly impossible to prevent these stains from developing in spots that are regularly exposed to moisture. Bathroom grout & caulking and seals on appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are common areas for discoloration to form.
  • Luckily ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover Gel makes it easy to stay on top of keeping these problem areas clean. Simply squeeze the gel onto the area, let it dry, then wipe and rinse it clean!
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How to Clean Seals & Grout with ACTIVE


Identify the Treatment Area

Locate the area where you’ll be applying ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover. Ensure the surface is dry and free from loose dirt and debris.

Always use gloves and protective eyewear when using this product.

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Apply the Gel

Squeeze the bottle to apply the cleaning gel to the entire discolored area. Wait 3-5 hours until the gel has hardened.

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Wipe Away the Gel

Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away the gel. Then rinse the area with clean water.

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Allow Time to Air-Dry

Give the area time to fully air-dry before resuming use or making skin contact.

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Why is ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other Mold Stain Removers

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ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover

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Other Mold Stain Removers

ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover FAQ

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions before using ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover, you might find the answer below. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions and we’ll get back to you right away!

ACTIVE Seal & Grout Mold Stain Remover is designed to remove stains, discoloration, black spots, and other residue caused by mildew and mold.

This product is recommended for use on rubbery surfaces such as sealing gaskets and caulk. It can also be used on tile grout.

Do not use ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover on fabrics or other delicate materials.

Due to the nature of the ingredients, this cleaner does have a mild scent during application. However, when compared to other similar products, the scent of our mold stain remover is much less potent than others.

ACTIVE Mold Stain Remover contains ingredients that may cause irritation if they come in contact with your skin or eyes. This is why you must wear gloves and protective eyewear when applying this cleaner.

Our mold stain remover is a gel consistency which allows for easy application without the risk of overspray and other mess.

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