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ACTIVE Enzyme & Oxygen Based Cleaning Products

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ACTIVE cleaners are designed to simplify your cleaning routine while saving money and reducing waste. See what we have to offer!


Activewear Detergent

Washing Machine Cleaner

Dishwasher Cleaner

Disposal Cleaner

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

Septic Tank Treatment

Highly Effective Concentrated Cleaning Products

ACTIVE Cleaners

Cleaning solutions for all aspects of your home and life.

Appliance Cleaning Products

ACTIVE appliance cleaners make it easy to keep your home appliances fresh and free from grime and buildup.

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Activewear Detergent​

Eliminate stubborn odors and extend the usable life of your activewear clothing.

Waste Reducing Cleaners

Decrease waste and save money with ACTIVE’s foaming soap refill tablets and laundry detergent sheets.

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Why Choose ACTIVE Cleaners

The ACTIVE Difference

Made with effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and value in mind.

Cleaning Effectiveness

ACTIVE’s enzyme cleaners target grime and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Paper materials are utilized for many of our products and everything else is fully recyclable.


Compact packaging and concentrated formulas means more cost savings for you.

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ACTIVE Cleaning Blog

Tips and useful information for all things cleaning.