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How to Wash Squat Wolf Activewear

December 22, 2020

Squat Wolf is an activewear brand that prides themselves in their quality and design. Aside from tops and leggings, they also sell sports bras, joggers, hoodies, and jackets. In addition to that, they offer various designs of caps, which can be seen in their online shop.

More About Squat Wolf

Squat Wolf is a relatively new gym gear brand. Based in Dubai, the company was founded by two friends in 2016, both of whom have a passion for fashion and fitness. Frustrated by the lack of gym wear available, they decided to create their own with an emphasis on style and function.

squat wolf about

Since then, they’ve released dozens of products through their website. They also offer a program called True Athletic Fit, in which they work with different gym athletes to make sure that their clothes fit perfectly in the right areas.

More About Squat Wolf Products

Squat Wolf offers a variety of activewear for both men and women. For instance, they sell t-shirts, tights, joggers, tanks, shorts, and more. If you want, you can also shop by their series—you can find it on their website.

Price-wise, their items are not that bad at all. If anything, it’s what you would expect to pay for activewear. To give you an idea, their sports sell for $40 and their leggings go for $45. If you’re a student, you can also get a special discount that’ll bring down the prices a bit. It’s worth noting, they offer free shipping if your order is over a certain amount as well.

Taking Care of Squat Wolf Activewear

Assuming that you wear their clothes to the gym, you’ll want to wash them as soon as you get home. That way, there won’t be a chance for bacteria to grow on the fabric—because trust me, it does happen. Plus, the sweat can cause damage to the material over time and that’s not something that you want. Even if you can’t wash them, air it out. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

As far as stains go, you want to spot treat them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the deeper it will penetrate into your clothes, which will make it harder to remove.

Fabrics that Squat Wolf Uses For Their Clothes

Their activewear is made from a variety of materials—here are some of them.

fabrics used by squat wolf


Nylon is a man-made fabric that’s commonly used for activewear. Smooth and lightweight, it was originally created as an alternative to silk. Not only is it durable but it’s also resistant to both abrasion and water. Due to its oleophobic nature, it won’t retain body odors either so you won’t have to smell while you’re working out!

Squat Wolf uses nylon for their sports bras, leggings, and tights.


Spandex is a stretchy material that’s usually incorporated into activewear to provide flexibility. Also known as elastane or Lycra, it’s made from polyurethane and can be stretched up to five times its length! Similar to nylon, it’s also lightweight and resistant to sweat and odors. However, it’s almost never used by itself—that is, it’s typically combined with other fabrics.

Squat Wolf uses spandex for their leggings, sports bras, shorts, and more.


Polyester is another synthetic fabric that’s frequently used for gym wear. The great thing about it is that it’s incredibly durable. At the same time, it’s also lightweight and quick drying. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking so the sweat won’t stay on your skin when you’re working out. It’s sometimes combined with other fabrics such as cotton or nylon.

Squat Wolf uses polyester for their shorts, t-shirts, tanks, and more.

How to Wash Squat Wolf Leggings and Tights

Squat Wolf sells many items—leggings and tights being one of them. Here’s how you can wash them.

Are Squat Wolf Leggings and Tights Machine Washable?

As with most clothing, the first thing that you want to do when you’re washing leggings is to turn them inside out. That does a few things—it exposes the “dirty” side to the water and it also protects the outside from the agitation. Afterward, stuff them in a mesh laundry bag. That will offer another layer of protection, which is important, especially if you’re washing them with other items.

how to wash squat wolf leggings

While it’s perfectly fine to load them into the washer with other clothes, you want to make sure to separate them based on color. For example, you should never wash a pair of black leggings with a white shirt. Chances are, the black dye will transfer onto the fabric and you’ll end up with a stained shirt.

Close the laundry bag and put it into the washing machine. Add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent into the drawer or drum, depending on the type of washer that you have. Next, set the settings—you want to use cold water on a gentle cycle. Avoid hot water as the heat can be harmful to the fabric. For example, it can shrink or warp. If you need to soften your leggings, add a bit of white vinegar. Do not use fabric softener—those chemicals will ruin the moisture-wicking finish that the bottoms have.

Remove your leggings from the laundry bag once the cycle is finished. Turn them right side out and put them on a drying rack so that they can air dry. You can also hang them on a clothesline. Just whatever you do, don’t use the clothes dryer as you want to avoid exposing them to heat.

Washing Squat Wolf by Hand with Active Detergent 

Add a bit of ACTIVE detergent to a large container. Next, fill it 3/4 full with warm water. Use your hands to agitate the liquid—you want to dissolve all of the powder. Alternatively, you can do this in the sink. Anything works as long as it’s big enough so that you can put your leggings in.

Once you’ve prepared the detergent mixture, prepare your leggings. Turn them inside out, as you would with machine washing, and submerge them in the water. Make sure that all of the fabric is in the soapy solution by pressing down on it with your hands. Consider giving it a few swishes if you have to.

Active TM front

Do your own thing and leave the leggings in for at least 20-30 minutes. Afterward, rub it gently with your hand—the goal is to remove any loose debris that’s caught on the fabric. From there, place it under the tap and rinse it with water. It’s important that you rinse out all of the detergent otherwise it can irritate your skin.

Transfer the clean leggings onto a towel. Wrap it up and use it to remove the excess water. You can also blot it. Continue until they are no longer dripping with water and put them on a drying rack or clothesline to dry. Remember not to put them in the dryer.

Washing Instructions for Squat Wolf Sports Bras

You want to be a little more careful when you’re washing sports bras as they’re relatively delicate. Here’s a short guide.

Can You Put Squat Wolf Sports Bras in the Washing Machine?

With sports bras, you want to take out the inner pads if they’re removable so that you can wash them separately (you can either put them in its own bag or wash them by hand, it’s up to you). If not, that’s okay—they might just shift around during the cycle. Anyway, start by placing the sports bra in a lingerie bag. That’ll protect them so that they won’t get stretched as a result of all the tumbling. For those who are wondering, you can wash them with other clothes. Just try to avoid putting them together with zippered items as that can cause issues. Also, you want to separate everything based on color.

cleaning squat wolf sports bra

Close the lingerie bag and put it into the washer. Add a scoop of ACTIVE detergent and choose a delicate cycle. Make sure that you’re using color water and press start. As with their leggings, you never want to use fabric softener—it’ll make it so that the bras won’t be able to wick away your sweat, which will leave you clammy.

Allow the cycle to run and once it’s finished, take out the lingerie bag. Carefully hang it up in a well-ventilated room to air dry. Never put it in the dryer.

Hand Washing Your Squat Wolf Sports Bras 

The great thing about sports bras is that they’re also easy to wash by hand. They’re relatively light and not bulky in any way so that you can just do it in the sink. Start by filling it with warm water. Next, add in a bit of ACTIVE detergent. Mix the powder with your hand until it’s dissolved. You should end up with lots of soap bubbles.

Remove the inner pads if you can and submerge the sports bras into the sink (do the same thing with the pads). Press down on it a few times with your hand so that it’s saturated with detergent and let it soak for at least 20 minutes. You want to give the soap time to do its thing.

Massage the fabric with your hand—that should remove any body oils that’s left on the bra. When you’re done with that, put it under running water. Once all the soap is gone, and you might have to rinse it a few times, transfer it onto a towel. Blot it a few times to remove the water that’s inside. It’s important that you should never wring your sports bras as that’ll ruin the elastic. Finally, just let it air dry on a hanger or drying rack.

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