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ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner



Hot Tub Filter Cleaner – Deep Cleans Spa Filters

  • Compatible with all cartridge-style filters for hot tubs, spas, and pools
  • Removes contaminants like dirt, oil, soap, minerals, and sunscreen
  • Helps extend filter lifespan and maintain hot tub performance
  • Clean filters improve water purity for a better spa experience

Size: 32 fl oz

Usage Amount: Varies based on filter size (filter must be fully submerged in cleaning solution mix)

Mix 4oz of ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner per 1 gallon of water

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Improve Water Purity & Extend Filter Lifespan

Dirt and residue from soap, grease and oils collect on hot tub & spa filters, limiting their effectiveness over time. ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner removes these contaminants and can help extend the usable life of any cartridge-style filters.
active hot tub spa filter cleaner before after

Maintains hot tub & spa performance

A clean filter helps prevent debris and grime from damaging pumps and internal parts.


Deep cleaning & descaling formula

Removes stuck-on residue and debris to keep the filter functioning properly.


Increases usable life of filters

Keeping filters clean improves their lifespan, saving you money on replacements.


Compatible with all cartridge-style filters

Our hot tub & spa filter cleaner works on any removable filters from a wide range of brands.

Performance Benefits

Protect Your Hot Tub or Spa From Internal Damage & Wear

The filter is the main line of defense for the pumps and other parts inside your hot tub. Dirty filters can allow dirt and other residue to enter the system.

Remove Impurities From Your Spa With Ease

  • A properly functioning hot tub filter catches all kinds of contaminants like oils, soap, sunscreen, grease, minerals, and dirt and keeps them from clogging up the pumps.
  • The hot tub filter itself needs to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain performance and increase its lifespan. This helps keep your spa water clean and can prevent expensive damage to the system.
active hot tub filter cleaner remove residue debris


How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter With ACTIVE


Remove The Filter

Turn off your hot tub or spa, then remove the cartridge filter.

active hot tub spa filter cleaner how to remove

Rinse Off Loose Debris

Use a hose or faucet to rinse off the filter and remove any loose dirt and other debris.

active hot tub spa filter cleaner how to rinse

Mix The Cleaning Solution With Water

Find a bucket or container large enough to submerge the entire filter. Mix ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner with water using the ratio below.

4oz of ACTIVE cleaner liquid per 1 gallon of water.

active hot tub spa filter cleaner how to mix solution

Soak the Filter

Submerge the filter in the cleaning solution & water mix. Ensure the entire filter is underwater.

Leave the filter to soak for at least 12 hours.

active hot tub spa filter cleaner submerge

Rinse Off The Filter & Reinstall

Remove the filter from the cleaning solution and rinse it off with clean water.

Reinstall the filter enjoy cleaner water in your hot tub or spa.

active hot tub spa filter cleaner how to finished

Why is ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other Hot Tub Filter Cleaners

active hot tub spa filter cleaner sm

ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner

active hot tub spa filter cleaner vs others

Other Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaners

active hot tub spa filter cleaner tall

Why ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner?

Hot Tub Filter Cleaner To Extend Filter Lifespan & improve water Purity


Maintain Hot Tub Performance

Keeping the filter clean is essential for maintaining the performance of your spa. Clean filters not only improve water purity, but also protect the pumps and other internal parts.


Safe & Effective Deep Cleaning

Our scientifically formulated hot tub filter cleaner removes all types of residue and debris without the use of harsh chemicals.


Improve Water Purity

A clean hot tub filter is more effective at trapping contaminants that enter the water. By regularly cleaning your spa filter, you can ensure it continues to function properly.


Prolong Filter Lifespan

Neglected, dirty filters prematurely wear out and require replacement. Cleaning your spa filter with ACTIVE helps extend the usable lifespan and saves you money.


Value Supply Bottle

Our 32oz bottle contains enough concentrated cleaning liquid for multiple cleanings depending on the size of your filter. Compared to other products with smaller volume and less cleanings.

ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

It’s no secret that hot tubs, spas, and pools are expensive investments with many maintenance needs, so you probably have some questions about our filter cleaner.

Cleaning frequency somewhat depends on how often you use your hot tub, but in general, we recommend deep cleaning the filters once per month with ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner.

Between deep cleanings, we also recommend rinsing off your filters with clean water once a week.

Even if your filter doesn’t have much visible dirt or debris on it, it’s still important to deep clean it on a monthly basis. Residue from sunscreen, minerals, body oils, and other grime can clog up the filter and decrease its performance.

These contaminants are not always visible to the naked eye, but they are present in practically every hot tub and spa that’s in use.

The average hot tub filter can cost anywhere from $25 to over $100 depending on the type and quality of filter needed. By cleaning your filters regularly, you can extend their usable lifespan and replace them less often.

ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner is formulated to work with any cartridge-style filters. If you’re able to remove the filter from your tub or pool, then you can clean it with our product!

This cleaning solution is only intended for removable filters that can be soaked in a separate container. We do not recommend running this cleaner through your system.

ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner Usage Guide

Cleaning Your Hot Tub or Spa Filter With ACTIVE

Cleaning your hot tub filter is as essential as the water you soak in. Think about it, would you enjoy a bath in dirty water? Of course not. That’s why maintaining a clean hot tub filter should be at the top of your list for ensuring optimal water quality and overall functionality.

The Role of The Filter in Hot Tub Maintenance

active hot tub spa filter cleaner before dirtyHot tub filters are like gatekeepers, letting through what we want (clean, clear spa water) and keeping out what we don’t (dirt, body oil, sweat). When these hard-working parts get clogged with debris from lotions or hair products, they can’t do their job properly. This can lead to unpleasant results – think oily surface scum or worse still – skin irritation or damaged parts.

To keep things fresh and inviting requires a monthly deep clean of that crucial filter. Not only will this ensure that nasty contaminants stay out of your hot tub but also extends its lifespan by reducing wear on other components such as pumps and heaters.

Weekly Rinse for Optimal Performance

A weekly rinse under a faucet or hose is an excellent way to maintain efficiency between deep cleanses. The forceful spray helps dislodge buildup trapped within the pleats allowing them to work more efficiently during the filtration cycle.

This simple task may seem trivial compared to all the joys owning a hot tub brings but believe us when we say neglecting it could cost you down the line. So remember folks: take care of your filter; because a clean filter equals a happy bather.

Benefits of Keeping Your Hot Tub Filters Clean

Maintaining clean hot tub filters is more than just a routine task. It’s an investment in your spa water quality and the lifespan of your equipment.

Impact on Water Quality

The difference between a relaxing soak and an unpleasant dip often comes down to one factor: water quality. The cleanliness of your spa filter plays a pivotal role here.

active hot tub spa filter dirtyClean filters work effectively, trapping dirt, grime, body oils, and other contaminants that can cloud up the water or cause unpleasant odors. But when the filter gets clogged with debris, it struggles to filter out impurities – leading to murky waters you’d rather not step into.

In contrast, clean hot tub filters ensure every drop in your spa is crystal clear and invitingly warm. A regular deep clean helps prevent issues like foam buildup or mineral scale formation that could affect their efficiency over time.

Besides preserving pristine water conditions for those delightful dips under the stars, using a high quality hot tub filter cleaner also keeps potentially damaging particles from reaching vital parts of the system such as pumps or heaters. This extends their longevity while saving you money on potential repairs or replacement parts down the line.

What Happens If You Don’t Keep Your Filter Clean?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why is it so important to clean my hot tub filter?” or found yourself neglecting cleaning tasks, then hopefully we can help change your ways. Neglecting cleaning tasks can lead to serious repercussions.

Potential Damage to Your Hot Tub

A dirty hot tub filter isn’t just a minor inconvenience—it’s an open invitation for contaminants and reduced efficiency. Over time, these issues can cause long-term damage to your precious spa equipment.

Your filters need regular TLC if they’re going to perform their best. In fact, according to industry experts, weekly rinses with water paired with monthly deep clean sessions with a filter cleaner help remove buildup and maintain the efficiency of your system.

A dirty filter doesn’t just lead to murky waters; it puts undue stress on your pump as it struggles harder and longer trying to circulate dirty water through clogged passages. This extra strain can shorten its lifespan dramatically – costing you not only comfort but hard-earned cash too.

Surely now we see why neglecting our little friends—the filters—isn’t worth the price or the risk. So next time when thinking about postponing the chore again—remember what’s at stake here.

Deep Cleaning Your Hot Tub Filter

best hot tub filter cleaner activeYour hot tub filter works hard to keep your spa water clean, but it needs a bit of love too. This is where a thorough deep clean comes in.

A monthly deep clean using a quality hot tub filter cleaner like ACTIVE is essential for maintaining your tub’s health. You can’t skip this step if you want clear and safe spa water.

We recommend using ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Cleaner instead of DIY options like vinegar that provide limited results. Not only does it deliver powerful cleaning action; but our formula specifically targets stubborn contaminant materials often found on filter cartridges.

Remember that results from commercial-grade products like ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Cleaner go beyond just an effective cleaning.

  • Cleaning those pesky oil buildup areas becomes easier than ever before.
  • You save money by extending the lifespan of your hot tub filters.
  • The price of ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner is small compared to replacing a damaged pump.

All these reasons make proactive care for your hot tub more than just good sense – they make it an absolute must-do.

ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner – A Safe & Powerful Solution

When it comes to filter cleaning, look no further than ACTIVE. Our concentrated deep-cleaner is tailor-made for pleated hot tub and pool filters. In fact, it’s compatible with just about any removable cartridge-style filters found in these tubs.

No more grappling with stubborn dirt, grime, body oils or lotion residues that just won’t let go of your filter. With ACTIVE in your arsenal, these unwanted tagalongs don’t stand a chance. The secret lies in our unique formulation packed with enzymes specifically designed to break down such impurities.

How to Use ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner

active hot tub spa filter cleaner soakTo use this powerful cleaner effectively, you’ll need to fill a bucket with enough clean water to fully submerge the filter.

Then, simply mix in the correct serving of filter cleaner based on the amount of water in the bucket. Use the ratio of 4oz ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner per 1 gallon of water. This will create an effective solution ready to deep clean even the dirtiest filter.

Gently immerse your dirty filter into this mix and wait for the magic to happen. Our tough-on-grime yet safe-for-filters formula ensures thorough cleaning without causing any damage to the cartridge material itself. We recommend letting the filter soak overnight or for at least 12 hours for the best results.

The Result: Immaculate Filters Ready For Action

After the soak session is complete, remove the filter from the bucket and give it a good rinse before reinstalling it in the tub. You’re all set for another month of enjoyment in your pool or spa until it’s time for the next cleaning.

Why Is ACTIVE The Best Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner?

When it comes to maintaining the pristine condition of your hot tubs and filters, the performance of ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Cleaner is unmatched. Our superior cleaner stands out in a crowded market due to its value, fast acting cleaning power and long-term benefits.

Comparing Active Hot Tub & Spa Cleaner with Other Products

We know there are many options to choose from when it comes to filter cleaners for hot tubs and spas. But in comparison to other cleaners on the market, ACTIVE’s spa filter cleaner packs a safe but powerful punch.

Unlike some watered-down cleaners that only scratch the surface, our solution digs deep into filter cartridges. It helps eliminate stubborn grime like body oils and mineral scale that can hamper your tub’s performance.

active hot tub spa filter cleaner rinseBesides being super efficient at tackling dirt, one notable feature of ACTIVE’s Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner is its amazing cost-effectiveness. Investing in an effective cleaner for regular maintenance can save on potential repairs or replacements caused by neglecting cleaning. A new filter can cost anywhere from $25 to over $100 so preventing premature replacements can save you a lot over time.

Not to mention our cost is lower than most competitors since each 32oz bottle can be used for multiple soak sessions.

The best part? It’s so easy to use. All you need is a bucket filled with clean water to mix with ACTIVE. Then just submerge the filter and let it soak overnight. You’ll notice a marked difference right away – freshly cleaned filters lead to clear and refreshing hot tub water.

Apart from these advantages though, what really sets our product apart are safety considerations: unlike many pool chemicals which may have harsh effects both on users’ skin as well as equipment itself over time—our formula was designed specifically with our users’ health in mind. So if cleanliness AND care are high up on your priority list when looking after spas or pools then look no further than ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner.

Hot Tub Filter Cleaner FAQs

What is the best product to clean hot tub filters with?

A commercial hot tub filter cleaner like ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner offers the best results. Our formula is specifically designed to remove unwanted impurities during the soak period.

Can I soak my hot tub or pool filter in vinegar?

Yes, vinegar can be used as an alternative cleaning solution. However, it does not have the same effectiveness as a soak using specialized product like ACTIVE.

How do I clean the filter on my jacuzzi hot tub?

active hot tub spa filter cleaner afterRinse weekly under running water and perform a deep cleanse monthly using dedicated products such as ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner.

Keeping your hot tub filter clean is vital for the longevity of your spa. Regular cleaning keeps the water clear and prevents damage to your equipment.

Rinsing weekly helps remove unwanted buildup, while a monthly deep clean soak with ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner keeps filters in top shape.

We’re here to help make your home maintenance tasks easy. Keep these tips in mind as they can save you on repairs down the line. Here’s to many more years of relaxing dips in crystal-clear water!

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    I soaked my filter all night and wow, it was so clean the next day. The water turned all dirty, so it definitely cleaned those filter fibers good.

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