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How to Wash Running Clothes – Best Methods

May 6, 2023

Running is one of the easiest ways to improve your health – and all you need is a good pair of running shoes and some workout clothes.

Popular Brands of Running Clothes

Here are some big brands that offer workout clear for runners:

Brooks Sports

Brooks Sports is based in Seattle and sells high-performance running shoes, clothing, accessories, and more.


Asics is a Japanese company that specializes in workout gear including clothes and footwear.


Patagonia is a popular clothing brand that sells outdoor apparel. They also sell a variety of running gear from tops to base layers.

Smart Wool

Smartwool is a company that specializes in merino wool products, all of which come with a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial finish.


Saucony is a manufacturer of athletic footwear. They are a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide and offer a variety of shoes that are meant for running, racing, trail running, and walking.


Mizuno is a Japanese sportswear company. Founded in Osaka, the brand sells a wide range of sports gear including those for running, volleyball, golf, tennis, boxing, rugby, judo, and more.


how to wash running shoesNike is the world’s largest manufacturer of athletic footwear and clothes and sells a variety of running gear from shoes to socks. Aside from running gear, they also have products that are geared toward other sports such as tennis, basketball, golf, and soccer.


Adidas is the largest supplier of sportswear in Europe. Known for its three stripes, the company manufactures a wide range of footwear, clothing, and accessories.

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company that sells sportswear, sports equipment, and footwear. Founded by Kevin Plank, the brand can be found in over a dozen countries worldwide including London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sao Paulo, and Paris.

How to Wash Running Clothes

Most of the workout clothing that you wear for running is machine washable. Or if you want, you can wash them by hand.

Using the Washing Machine

First things first, separate your running clothes based on color; you should have one wash load for dark-colored items and another for light-colored items.

how to wash running clothesOnce you’ve got your loads sorted, prepare the garments by turning them inside out. That will allow the detergent to penetrate the inner layer, where dirt and oils accumulate. Not only that but it will also keep the friction at bay during the cycle, which will prevent the colors from fading.

Tip: You can wash your running clothes with other athletic wear (except sports bras and other delicates) as long as you’re not mixing colors. You can even wash your gym bag in the same load.

Measure one scoop of ACTIVE Detergent powder and add it to the washing machine. Next, run a cold, gentle cycle. Avoid hot water; running clothes tend to be made from synthetic fabrics, which while durable, should not be exposed to heat.

Note: Avoid using fabric softener if you can. It will coat your running clothes with a waxy layer that will prevent sweat from evaporating from the surface.

Wait for the cycle to finish before opening the door and removing your clothes (don’t leave them in the washer, otherwise, the garments can get smelly). Put everything on a clothesline and let them air dry. Do not use the dryer.

Washing Your Athletic Clothes by Hand

Fill a small container or sink with cool or lukewarm water. Add a scoop of ACTIVE Detergent and submerge your sweaty clothes in the solution. Let them soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

best detergent for running clothesSwish the items through the sudsy water with gentle movements. Do not scrub or twist the material as that can easily damage the fibers.

Drain the container or sink and refill it with clean water. Swirl the athletic clothing until all the soap suds are gone. Alternatively, you can hold them under the faucet. Continue until the water comes out clear. Lightly squeeze the excess water out of the wet clothes before putting them on a clean towel.

Blot it a few times to get rid of the moisture before hanging the garments up to dry. Remember, skip the dryer.

How to Clean Running Shoes

Cleaning Your Running Shoes with Water and Detergent

Start by lightly clapping the shoes together – that will remove some of the dirt, grass, and mud. Next, wipe away any remaining debris from the surface with a clean cloth or soft brush.

how to clean running shoesRemove the shoelaces and insoles (if they are removable) and stick them in a laundry bag and put them in the washing machine with your other activewear. Alternatively, you can pre soak them in the sink with water and detergent.

The next step is to scrub away the stains from the surface. To do this, mix water with a scoop of ACTIVE Detergent and apply the mixture onto the fabric using an old toothbrush. If necessary, you can also add some baking soda for extra deodorizing power.

When you’re finished, rinse the shoe with a washcloth. Continue until all the grime and soap suds are gone. Let them air dry at room temperature. Do not put them in the sun as the heat can cause staining and the soles to warp. Wait until they’re fully dry before wearing them again

Pro-tip: Stuffing the insides with newspaper will help to remove excess moisture. Not only that, but it will help the shoes retain their shape while they’re drying.

Are Running Shoes Machine Washable?

Ideally, you want to wash your running shoes by hand. In some cases, however, you might be able to get away with putting them in the washer. When in doubt, check the care tag label.

how to wash running shoes in laundry bagThe first thing you want to do is to remove the laces. To prevent them from being tangled, put them in a laundry bag.

Next, place your shoes in a separate bag. From there, add a few towels to the machine – they will act as a “buffer” so that the shoes won’t bang around during the wash.

Add a scoopful of ACTIVE Detergent to the dispenser and go for a cold delicate cycle (hot water will cause the colors to fade). Let the washer run.

Take your shoes and laces out once they’re finished washing and allow them to air dry at room temperature. Do not tumble dry as the heat can cause the glue to melt.

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