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How to Wash Oseree Swimwear

April 17, 2022

Oseree is a modern swimwear label that’s known for its timeless, sophisticated designs. Aside from swimsuits, they also sell resort wear such as shorts, long shirts, tunics, and more.

More About Oseree

Oseree (named after the French verb ‘ose’, to dare), was founded by two friends, Isabella Cavallin and Jannine Vinci in 2015. Two creative minds with a shared vision, they set out to create their own company, which would eventually become known for its timeless pieces.

about oseree

Aside from their website, which offers the most current designs, you can also find their swimwear at Selfridges, 24s, Harrods, Swimwear World, and several other retailers.

What Kind of Swimwear Do They Sell?

Oseree offers various types of women’s bathing suits including one-pieces and two-pieces, most of which feature metallic threads. Not only that, but they have a kids’ collection as well.

Generally speaking, you can expect to spend ~€185 (about $225USD) for a women’s swimsuit. International shipping is also free on all orders above €500 (they offer free ground shipping on all orders within Italy). For country-specific fees, you can visit their shipping page.

Taking Care of Oseree Swimwear

Swimsuits are different from regular garments; they’re much more delicate. Not only is the fabric sensitive to temperature, but it can also take a hard beating from chemicals, such as the ones used in pools. That’s why proper care is so important.

And that includes how you wash the suit—one wrong step and you can easily damage it for good! Don’t worry, though, we’ll be going over the washing instructions below. Keep reading to learn more!

What Fabrics Does Oseree Use for Their Bathing Suits?

oseree fabric

Their swimsuits are made from various manmade fibers, which we’ll be going over below.


Polyester is soft yet strong, which makes it a popular choice in swimwear. It also has the added advantage of being resistant to chlorine and UV rays. Not to mention that it’s quick-drying. However, it’s susceptible to pilling and sensitive to high temperatures.


Nylon is great in that it repels water. It’s also durable, quick-drying, and has excellent stretch, all of which make it suitable for swimwear. With that said, it’s rarely used by itself in swimsuits. You’re more likely to find it blended with other fibers such as elastane (the greater the proportion of elastane, the more form-fitting the suit).


Elastane, also known as spandex, has the ability to stretch huge amounts before snapping back into its original form. For this reason, it’s often added to other materials to enhance its flexibility. For example, it’s usually combined with polyester or nylon. Like all synthetic fabrics, however, it’s heat sensitive.

The Best Ways to Wash Oseree Swimswear

how to wash oseree swimsuits

Ideally, you want to wash their swimsuits by hand. However, you can also throw them in the washing machine if you’re in a time crunch—there are just a few precautions that you want to take.

Washing Your Oseree Swimsuits Manually By Hand

Rinse your swimsuit immediately after wearing. You can either jump into the shower with it on or rinse it in the sink (preferred). That’ll remove most of the chlorine, salt, and body oils from the fabric. That way, it won’t wear out nearly as quickly.

Next, draw a bath; you can either use a sink or a washtub. Fill it with cold water and mix in 1/2 a scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder. Swish the water with your hand a few times to help it dissolve.

Put your swimsuit in the sink once the detergent is fully dissolved. It’s highly recommended that you turn the garment inside out as that’ll help to preserve the colors. Swirl it in the water a few times and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. The detergent will work into the fibers and remove any dirt, sweat, etc.

Tip: You can remove stains with vinegar or baking soda. Add it to the problem and let it soak in before rinsing with cool water.

Rinse the bathing suit thoroughly with cool water afterward. There should be no soap film left when you’re done. This can take a couple of minutes, depending on the amount of detergent that you put in.

Squeeze gently to remove the excess water from the wet swimsuit. Once you’ve done that, place it on a flat surface where it can air dry. Don’t use a hanger; the weight of the water can stretch out and damage the suit. Also, don’t throw it in the dryer—the extreme heat will ruin its fit.

Throwing Your Oseree Swimsuit Into the Washing Machine

Note: As with hand washing, you want to rinse your swimsuit as soon as possible with cold water.

Protect the outside of the suit by turning it inside out. Don’t put it directly into the washer; always use a laundry bag. It’ll keep the delicate pieces together and prevent them from being tossed around, which can damage the material. Not only that, but it’ll stop it from getting caught on your other garments.

Zip up the bag so that it’s fully closed and put it in the washer. For those who are washing a mixed load (you can wash their swimsuits with other delicates such as bras), add the rest of your clothes. Otherwise, you can balance the wash load by adding a few towels—that’ll help it run smoother.

Pour in one scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder (feel free to use more if you’re washing many items with your suit). Skip the softener and bleach; you don’t need them. Once you’ve added everything, select your machine settings. For swimsuits and delicate items in general, it’s always best to use a gentle cycle with cold water.

Press start and let the washing machine do its thing. Take your bathing suit out once it’s done and lay it flat on a clean surface to dry. Don’t throw it in the dryer or use a hanger—both can damage the material.

Washing Guide For Oseree Resort Wear

washing oseree resortwear

And like we said earlier, Oseree also offers resort wear, which is made of similar, if not the same materials. Here’s a guide on how to wash them properly.

Using the Washing Machine For Your Oseree Resort Wear 

Turn the item inside out. That way, the outer layer will be protected from the agitation of the machine. And if you can, use a laundry bag. It’ll add an extra layer of protection so that the garment will last longer.

Close the bag and throw it in the washer. Put in the rest of your clothes if you’re washing a mixed load (remember to sort the colors beforehand) and add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder. You can add more, if necessary, but don’t overdo it, otherwise, your clothes will be harder to clean. Avoid products like bleach and fabric conditioner.

The next step is to choose your settings. Generally speaking, it’s always best to use a delicate or gentle cycle. For one thing, there will be less agitation, which means that your clothes will last longer. And make sure to use cold water. Hot water can shrink and warp certain fabrics, including those used for their resort wear.

Tip: White vinegar is a natural softener that you can use on your clothes. Simply add 1 cup during the final rinse cycle. As a bonus, it’ll also get rid of any smells and odors.

Wait for the washing machine to finish. Retrieve your items and let them air dry indoors, away from sunlight, either on a drying rack or clothesline. Don’t throw them in the clothes dryer.

Hand Washing Your Oseree Resort Wear

Draw a bath for your resort wear. We recommend using a sink or a washtub. Fill it with water and mix in half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Use your hand to swish the solution; that will help to dissolve the powder.

active give

Note: You can handwash their resort wear with other similar items. If you want, you can even wash them with their swimsuits! After all, they’re made of similar fibers.

Put your resort wear into the sink so that the item is completely immersed in the soapy water. Swirl and swish it a few times and let it soak for up to 30 minutes. Don’t soak it for too long, otherwise, the colors can run.

Get rid of the dirty water and refill the sink with fresh water. Press the garment up and down with your hands to rinse the soap off the fabric. Continue until all of the soap suds are gone. You may have to refill the sink more than once, depending on the amount of detergent that you used.

When you’re finished, squeeze out the excess water. Remember to be gentle and never wring or twist the fabric—you don’t want to damage the fabric. Once the excess water is out, let it air dry on a clean surface. You can also let it dry on a clothesline or drying rack. Just avoid using the dryer. Heat is never a good thing when it comes to your clothes.

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