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How to Wash Bandier Activewear

April 11, 2022

Bandier is an activewear boutique that offers a variety of brands all under one roof. Some of their best-selling brands include WSLY, All Access, We Over Me, and Cale. Over the years, their designs have been worn by many celebrities including Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston.

More About Bandier

Bandier was founded by Jennifer Bandier and Neil Boyarsky in 2014. That same year, they opened their flagship store in Southampton. By the end of 2015, they had expanded to four locations along with an e-commerce business.

about bandier

Fast forward to 2023 and the New York-based company has started selling its bestselling private label brands on Amazon.

What Kind of Activewear Do They Sell?

Bandier sells all sorts of activewear including leggings, sweatpants, shorts, sports bras, and tank tops. On top of that, they have a swim collection, which consists of one-pieces and bikinis.

As far as pricing goes, you can expect to spend between $50 to $100 per item. With that said, it depends on what you’re getting; some will be more affordable while others will be more expensive. For those who are interested in deals, we recommend checking out their sale section.

And ground shipping is free for all orders within the continental United States. Unfortunately, they don’t offer international shipping (yet)

Taking Care of Bandier Activewear

Wash your activewear after each wear. You don’t want to leave them sitting around as the sweat can weaken the fabric. Not to mention that they’d get smelly!

Different items, however, have different needs when it comes to washing. Take sports bras, for example, they’re more delicate than regular clothing. There are certain steps that you have to take to prevent them from wearing down.

Need some help? Looking for a guide on how to wash Bandier activewear? Then you’re in luck. Keep reading for everything that you need to know!

What Fabrics Do They Use For Their Athletic Apparel?

Most of their clothes are made from synthetic aka man-made fibers, which we’ll be going over below.


Nylon is a manmade-fiber that’s known for its stretch. It also has excellent abrasion resistance, toughness, and is easy to wash. On top of that, it’s very light in weight, which makes it a good choice for activewear. However, it has poor heat resistance and can melt or warp if exposed to high temperatures.


Spandex aka elastane, was originally developed as a substitute for rubber. As such, it’s extremely flexible (it can be stretched more than 500% without snapping). For this reason, it’s often used in swimsuits, undergarments, hosiery, socks, and exercise wear. One thing to note, however, is that it’s never used alone; it’s always mixed and blended with other fibers.


Polyester is incredibly strong, especially when compared with natural fibers like cotton. Not only is it tear-resistant, but it also resists stretching and pilling. Soft and smooth, it can be used for a variety of clothing from tees to sports bras.

How to Wash Bandier Leggings Properly

washing bandier leggings

There are two ways to wash their leggings—you can either throw them in the washing machine (with your other clothes) or wash them by hand, the latter of which will be gentler on the fabric.

Method 1: Machine Washing Your Leggings 

Some of their leggings have pockets. If that’s the case, make sure that they’re empty before putting them in the washer. Also, you want to turn them inside out—that’ll prevent the colors on the outside from fading. Not only that, but it’ll keep it from pilling or snagging on other garments. While you can throw the leggings directly into the machine, it’s highly recommended that you put them in a mesh bag. It’ll act as a physical barrier, protecting the fabric from friction damage.

Once you’ve zipped up the bag, put it in the washer. Add the rest of your similar-colored clothes and pour in one scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder. Avoid bleach or fabric conditioner.

Tip: White vinegar is an all-natural conditioner that you can use instead. One cup during the final rinse cycle will suffice.

Next, choose your settings. We recommend using a gentle cycle with cold water (hot water may wash better but it’s also harsher on your leggings). Press start and allow the washing machine to do its thing.

Take out your leggings and other clothing once the cycle is finished. Don’t wait too long; the moist environment inside the washer can breed bacteria if you let everything sit. In other words, you’d have to start from the beginning again.

Don’t tumble dry your leggings. Let them air dry instead, ideally on a laundry rack or hanger. Keep them away from direct sunlight as the sun’s UV rays can cause them to fade.

Method 2: Handwashing Your Leggings

As always, you want to start by clearing the pockets. Next, turn the leggings inside out. Once you’ve done that, set them aside.

Fill a clean sink or washtub with cool water. Pour in 1/2 a scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder and mix to create a solution. You can speed up the process by swishing the water with your hands. In the end, there should be lots of bubbles.

Submerge your leggings in the soapy solution; the entire garment should be completely covered. Swirl it a few times to help loosen the oils and dirts and let it sit for half an hour in the sink. That’ll give the soap suds time to work into the fabric.

Rinse the leggings thoroughly with cool water once time is up. You can either refill the sink with clean water and rinse them that way or hold them under the faucet (the latter is probably easier). Continue until all of the soap suds are gone and the water runs clear.

Don’t twist the leggings to get the water out. Gently squeeze the fabric instead—that should remove the excess moisture. From there, you can let them air dry. Remember, don’t throw them in the dryer. The manmade fibers won’t hold up in the heat.

Washing Guide For Bandier Sports Bra

washing bandier sports bras

In terms of their sports bras, it’s best to wash them by hand; that’ll keep them looking new for longer. Having said that, you can also pop them in the washer—you just have to be a little more careful.

Method 1: Machine Washing Your Bandier Sports Bra

Protect the outside by turning the sports bra inside out. Next, put it in a mesh garment bag; it’ll keep it from being thrown around or snagging on your other clothes. Never put a sports bra directly into the machine without a bag—the agitation (and friction) will damage the elastic.

Zip up the mesh bag and throw it in the washer. Add the rest of your delicates (you can wash sports bras with undergarments, tanks, etc.) and pour in one scoop of ACTIVE detergent powder. Remember, don’t use any bleach or fabric softener.

Select a delicate wash cycle with minimal spin and press start. Make sure to use cold water—hot water can compromise the shape of the leggings. Not to mention it can ruin the fabric.

Take the leggings out of the washer as soon as they’re finished washing. Don’t leave them inside, otherwise, they may start to smell. Instead of using the dryer, let them air dry on a drying rack. Avoid direct sunlight as that can cause the colors to fade.

Method 2: Handwashing Your Bandier Sports Bra

Prepare a bath. You can either use a sink or a washtub—fill it halfway with cold water and pour in 1/2 a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Swish the liquid with your hands and you should end up with a bubbly solution.

Turn your sports bra inside out and immerse it in the solution; that’ll expose the dirty layer to the detergent. Gently massage the fabric to loosen any dirt. Once you’ve done that, soak it for 20-30 minutes—just leave it in the sink.

Drain the dirty water and refill the sink with fresh water from the faucet. Use it to rinse your sports bras. Press up and down on the fabric to remove the soap suds. Continue until they’re all gone. Give them a final rinse under running water and transfer them to a clean towel.

Use the towel to remove the excess moisture. From there, place the sports bra on a drying rack and let it air dry. Avoid tumble drying. Do not put it under direct sunlight.

The Best Way to Wash Bandier Shorts

washing guide for bandier shorts

You can wash their shorts in a similar fashion as their leggings.

Method 1: Putting Your Bandier Shorts in the Washer

Make sure that there’s nothing left in the pockets and turn the shorts inside out. We highly recommend using a laundry bag, however, you can also put them in the washer directly (as long as you’re not washing it with any abrasive items).

Put in the rest of your laundry and pour in one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Feel free to add more if you feel that it’s necessary.

Choose a delicate wash setting and run with cold water. Let the washing machine complete the cycle before taking out the shorts. Depending on the fabric, you may be able to dry them with the dryer. When in doubt, check the care tag label. Otherwise, let them air dry on a hanger or laundry rack.

Method 2: Handwashing Your Bandier Shorts

Turn on the faucet and fill the sink with cool water. Create a soapy solution by adding 1/2 a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Wait until everything is mixed before putting in your shorts (remember to turn them inside out and empty the pockets).

Give them a swirl in the solution and let them soak for up to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water afterward. Continue until all of the soap film is gone.

Squeeze the water out of the fabric gently and place them on a hanger or drying rack. You can also use the dryer, depending on the item.

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