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Down Comforter Washing Instructions

November 26, 2023

Down comforters are great; they’re soft, comfortable, and will keep you warm during the cold winter months.

But are they machine washable? What’s the best way to clean them? Can you use fabric softener? For the answers, be sure to keep reading. We’ll be going over how to wash a down comforter in detail below.

Benefits of Cleaning Down Comforters

how to clean a down comforterCleaning your down comforter regularly has numerous benefits. For one thing, it’ll keep allergens at bay, which will promote better sleep. Not only that but it’ll also extend the lifespan of the down comforter by removing body oils from the fabric.

Spot cleaning stains as soon as they appear will also help keep your bedding looking fresh and new longer, while avoiding potential damage caused by harsh chemicals used in heavy-duty stain removers.

If done right and coupled with good usage habits like removing makeup before bed or keeping pets off the bed, it can drastically reduce the need for frequent washing thereby saving time spent doing laundry over time.

Preparing Your Down Comforter for Washing

The first step in getting your down comforter clean is preparing it properly. This means you need to pay attention to the care tags on the comforter and gather all necessary supplies.

Removing Duvet Covers and Spot Cleaning Stains

Duvet covers are great for protecting your comforter, but they can be a bit tricky to remove without causing damage. It’s important to carefully unzip or unbutton the cover, gently pulling it away from the corners of the comforter.

Once removed, check your uncovered down comforter for any stains that may need spot cleaning before tossing it into the washing machine. A gentle stain solution can help tackle these areas. Just remember not to scrub too hard; you don’t want to disrupt those delicate feathers.

If you’re unsure about what kind of detergent or stain remover would be safe for your specific type of down, make sure you refer back again to those care tags we mentioned earlier – they often have helpful tips.

Machine Washing Your Down Comforter at Home

how to wash a down comforterIf you have a large capacity washer in your laundry room or access to a laundromat with triple-load machines, it’s entirely possible and safe to wash your down comforter at home.

If not, you may need to bring it to the dry cleaner or have the comforter professionally laundered.

And for those with a duvet cover, it’s best to wash them separately from the comforter.

Choosing the Right Washing Machine

The first step is ensuring that your washing machine can handle the size of your comforter.

For larger sizes, front-loading washing machines without an agitator tend to work best because they offer more room for movement during the wash cycle.

Tip: Make sure the comforter is evenly distributed inside the machine – that will ensure efficient cleaning.

Setting the Appropriate Wash Cycle

Make sure to use cold water as hot water can cause fabric shrinkage. Selecting a delicate cycle or gentle cycle will help ensure optimal cleaning without damaging its quality and fluffiness.

As for detergent, you want to use a gentle formula like ACTIVE Detergent (or another down-safe detergent). It’s designed to remove dirt and stains from all types of fabrics including down-filled items. It’s also free from harsh chemicals, which makes it ideal for such special care tag materials.

Given the bulkiness of the comforter, it’s best to run an extra rinse cycle – that will ensure that all of the soap suds are washed away so you won’t have to deal with any detergent residue. And don’t add any fabric softener.

Drying Your Down Comforter After Washing

how to wash a down comforterOnce your comforter is washed, the next crucial step is drying. Properly drying a down comforter can make sure it stays fluffy and warm for a long time.

Removing Excess Water from the Comforter

After washing, give your comforter a good shake to remove as much moisture as you can.

Choosing the Right Drying Method

Tumble dry the comforter with low heat. Sure, line-drying sounds eco-friendly but it may lead to slightly damp spots or clumps in your precious down filling.

You’ll need multiple drying cycles, so set aside plenty of time.

Add Dryer Balls into the Mix

This might sound funny but adding clean tennis balls or wool dryer balls actually helps maintain loft by breaking up wet clumps of filling as they bounce around inside with your freshly-washed comforter.

And if you’re worried about noise – don’t be; these guys are surprisingly quiet.


  • You’ll know when your comforter’s completely dry: It will feel light and the air will be fluffy all over
  • If it’s not entirely dry after one cycle, run another (or more). But remember: use only low heat.

Caring for Your Down Comforter Between Washings

Fluffing your comforter daily helps maintain its loft. By redistributing the down, you will keep it fluffy and comfortable.

Importance of Using a Duvet Cover

how to wash a down comforterA duvet cover is like a protective shell for your comforter. It will shield it against dirt, stains, and sweat that could harm the delicate down filling. Plus, it’s much easier to wash than the entire comforter.

Choosing quality duvet covers can extend the time between full-blown washes by years. Just remember to launder them regularly – ideally every week or two.

You might be asking: how does storing my comforter properly fit into this? Well, think about moisture or odor buildup over time – not pleasant at all. Storing in breathable cloth bags keeps things fresh while preventing damage from harsh environmental factors.

Spot Cleaning Stains

Sometimes spills happen before we even have time to react; however, with spot cleaning, you can tackle those stains head-on without needing an extensive washing process each time.

We recommend using ACTIVE Detergent mixed with warm water. Apply it directly on the stain using a soft brush or sponge (remembering to always check the care tags first) and gently rub until it lifts off then rinse out any soap residue with cold water.

Professional Cleaning vs. Home Washing

Deciding between having your down comforter professionally cleaned or washing it at home is a common dilemma. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Cost Factor

The cost of professional cleaning services can be steep, especially for large-sized comforters. On the other hand, washing at home using a quality laundry detergent from ACTIVE can save you money in the long run.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Dropping off your bedding at dry cleaners may seem convenient but remember to factor in travel time and waiting days for pick-up.

Maintaining the Quality of Your Down Comforter

activewear detergent 1Washing the comforters at home means that you have control over how gently or harshly the bed linens are handled.

If anything, the most important thing is to use a gentle laundry detergent, like the one by ACTIVE as it won’t harm the down material.

Ultimately, the choice between professional cleaning and home washing comes down to your comfort level with handling large bedding items and personal preference.

How to Wash a Down Comforter – FAQs

Can I put a down comforter in a home washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your down comforter in a washing machine. But make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the bulk of your comforter without squishing.

Can a down comforter be put in the dryer?

Absolutely. You can dry your down comforter using low heat. Tossing clean tennis balls or wool balls into the mix helps keep fluffiness intact.

How do you wash a down comforter without ruining it?

To avoid damage, use cold water and gentle detergent for washing. Opt for a delicate cycle on machine settings and never bleach or iron your down piece.

How do you fluff a down comforter after washing it?

Gently shake out clumps from washed-down items while still damp. When drying, add clean tennis balls or wool balls to help maintain loftiness and redistribute fill evenly.

Can you wash a down comforter with chlorine bleach?

No, chlorine bleach and other chemicals are not recommended as they can damage the down material.

Is dry cleaning necessary for down comforters?

If you can, take the comforter to a laundromat instead. Dry cleaning is generally not recommended as the harsh chemicals and solvents can cause damage to the down.

So now you know how to wash a down comforter! As you can see, it’s not as hard as you may think. If anything, you just need to make sure that the washing machine is big enough for the comforter.

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