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How to Clean an LG Washing Machine

November 23, 2023

Your washing machine may wash your clothes but did you know that it also needs to be cleaned? For example, it’s not uncommon for minerals to build up over time.

Soap scum can also accumulate and that can cause a funky odor that can easily transfer onto your clothes.

Don’t worry, though – cleaning a washing machine is easier than you think.

Did you recently get an LG washing machine? Wondering how you should clean it? If so, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

Keep reading to learn more about how to clean your LG washing machine!

More About LG Washing Machines

about lg washing machinesWhen it comes to LG washing machines, there are several models to choose from. Here’s what you need to know.

Different Types and Models of LG Washers

LG offers a variety of washers, each of which comes with a number of features for optimal performance.

For example, the classic top-loader is perfect if bending over while loading your clothes isn’t your thing. Front-load washers, on the other hand, use less water and energy but require more care in terms of cleaning to prevent unpleasant odors.

In addition to that, there are washing machine-dryer combos for those who are short on space.

Why Should You Clean Your LG Washing Machine?

Cleaning your washing machine isn’t just about keeping it shiny; it’s crucial for its overall health too.

For example, a dirty drum can lead to detergent buildup, which may affect the performance of your washing machine down the line. In some cases, it can also even lead to foul odors or worse yet – breakdowns.

How to Clean Top Loading LG Washing Machines

With the right cleaning routine and a little help from ACTIVE’s cleaning products, your top loader LG washing machine will continue to deliver optimal performance.

Using the ‘Clean Cycle’ Setting

Make sure your washer drum is empty and add one ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner tablet. It’s specifically designed to clean the tub and remove any detergent build-up and residue.

Once the tablet is inside, run a clean wash cycle.

For the best results, repeat every month.

Cleaning the Dispenser Drawer

cleaning lg dispenser drawerGently remove the dispenser drawer from the washing machine, using needle-nose pliers if needed. Soak the part in warm soapy water, then wipe down with a soft cloth before putting back into place.

Cleaning the Drain Pump Filter

Cleaning the drain pump regularly will prevent damage to your washing machine over time.

Start by placing a bucket beneath the drain pump filter – that’ll catch any excess water. Once that’s in place, you can remove the buildup with a damp cloth.

With this all-inclusive strategy, your washing machine will not only sparkle but also run at its best.

How to Clean LG Front Loading Washing Machines

Keeping your LG front loading washing machine clean isn’t just about making it look good. It’s about keeping it working at its best and prolonging its life.

Cleaning the Rubber Gasket and Door Seal

Your washing machine door is a prime spot for buildup of grime and leftover laundry detergent. Start by wiping down the rubber gasket with a damp cloth. For tougher grime, use warm water mixed with baking soda to make an effective cleaning solution.

An old toothbrush can also help you reach into those tight spots in the seal. Once cleaned, wipe again using a soft cloth soaked in clean water then leave the door open to allow excess moisture to evaporate.

Cleaning the Detergent Dispenser

The dispenser drawer on your LG washing machine may get sticky over time due to soap residue. Remove this tray completely from the washing machine before giving it a deep clean under soapy water.

Cleaning the Washing Machine Drain Pump

To access this part of your washing machine, which usually traps items like coins or lint from clothing, you’ll need needle-nose pliers or something similar to remove the debris.

Cleaning with ACTIVE Washing Machine Tablets

using active washing machine tabletsIf hard-to-reach areas are still dirty after all these steps have been completed though, consider using ACTIVE’s Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets as they are designed specifically for tackling stubborn dirt deposits found within washing machines such as yours.

They will penetrate into every nook and cranny of your LG wash drum (top loading or front loading), attacking residue from laundry detergent and softeners, hard water deposits, and any lurking odors.

Not only will they power through grime in the washing machine tub but they will also clean the inlet filters and valves, ensuring unobstructed water supply.

How to Use ACTIVE Washing Machine Tablets

Simply drop one tablet into your machine’s drum and run the longest cycle with hot water. The bubbling action will help to dislodge any remaining residue for a truly deep clean.

Remember to perform this cleaning routine monthly or whenever you notice a musty smell inside your washer.

Benefits of Using ACTIVE Washing Machine Tablets

active washing machine cleaner mainUsing ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner tablet comes with several benefits.

No Elbow Greased Required

Just pop one tablet into an empty washing machine once per month or when needed depending on usage patterns

Compatible with All Washing Machines

The tablets are packed with high-quality ingredients that are compatible with all types of washing machines, including our star performer – LG washing machines

They Can Help Prevent Problems

Using the tablets can help cut down on maintenance efforts by preventing washing machine damage caused by buildups.

Routine Maintenance Tips for LG Washers

Keeping your LG washing machine in tip-top shape isn’t a chore, it’s an investment. Not only will it prolong the life of your appliance but it will also keep your clothes smelling fresh and looking their best.

Maintaining a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Your first line of defense against dirt and grime is maintaining a regular cleaning schedule.

By cleaning once every month, you’ll get optimal performance from your washer.

If there’s a musty smell creeping out from inside, don’t panic. Keep the tub clean by running a hot water cycle once per week for three consecutive weeks – that should kick the odor to the curb.

Cleaning The Control Panel And Exterior

cleaning exterior of washing machineThe exterior of your machine needs some love too. We recommend using a soft cloth – one that’s lightly dampened with warm water. If anything, it will do wonders for wiping down the control panel and outer casing.

Remember: Less is more when dealing with electronics so avoid over-saturating or using abrasive cleaners on these parts.

How to Clean an LG Washing Machine – FAQs

How do I clean my LG top loader washing machine?

To get your LG washer sparkling clean, start a tub clean cycle after emptying the drum. Don’t forget to scrub out the detergent dispenser and drain pump filter too.

How do I clean the smell out of my LG washer?

Banish funky odors by running a tub clean cycle weekly for three straight weeks. Using ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner tablets will also keep smells at bay.

How do I clean the filter on my LG washing machine?

Cleaning your washer’s filter is simple: locate it (usually near the bottom), remove it gently, rinse under warm water, then reinsert. Do this monthly for best results.

How often do you need to clean the filter on an LG machine?

Ideally, you want to clean the drain pump filter in your washing machine once every month. That will keep leaks away and performance high.

What’s the best thing to use for tub cleaning?

ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner tablets are ideal if you want to clean the tub of your washer. They will not only get rid of detergent residue but will also remove any lingering smells inside the machine.

So there’s some helpful tips on how to keep your LG washing machine clean! As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward. If anything, you just need to remember to clean all the parts – including the tub, detergent dispenser, and control panel.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to clean your other laundry accessories as well!

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