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ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner

Easily clean and descale your washing machine to remove pesky odors and grime.


Refresh Your Washing Machine

ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner thoroughly cleans inside your machine and removes residue. Scrubs the internal areas you can’t see!


Penetrates Residue and Grime

ACTIVE enzymes target and break down grime buildup left by dirt and detergents.


Removes Stubborn Musty Odors

A stinky washing machine can transfer those odors onto your clothing.


Maintains Machine Performance

Cleaning the internal parts of your machine helps ensure it keeps running smoothly.


Compatible With All Machines

Works on any style of washing machine including top load, front load and HE.


A Clean Washer Results in Cleaner Clothing

Over time, your washing machine can develop odors from grime buildup. This can lead to musty-smelling clothes and decrease your machine’s performance.

ACTIVE's powerful, concentrated formula attacks built-up residue inside the washing machine.

  • Eliminates unwanted odors and refreshes
    your washing machine.
  • Helps maintain machine performance by
    keeping moving parts clean.

ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner is safe for all machines:

  • Front Load
  • Top Load
  • High Efficiency (HE)

It’s also safe for household’s with septic systems.

Compatible with:

& More

ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner Instructions

How to Clean Your Washing Machine with ACTIVE

Ensure washing machine is empty

ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner should be used by itself in an empty washer. Do not add clothing or other cleaning products.

Add 1 tablet directly into the washer drum

Remove the wrapper and place the tablet into the washer drum. Do not put the tablet into the detergent dispenser tray.

Run the washing machine on Normal cycle with hot water

We recommend using hot water on “normal” mode to fully clean the machine. If your machine has an option for load size, choose “large” or the highest available setting.

For washers with a “clean washer” setting, use that mode.

After cycle is finished, use a towel to wipe the seal

For front load washers, some of the grime may accumulate in the door seal. Wipe it off after the clean cycle is finished.

Leave washer door open to air it out.

Why Is ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner Better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other Washing Machine Cleaners

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ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner

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Other Washing Machine Cleaners