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Washing Instructions for Zeeshy Activewear

May 20, 2022

Zeeshy is a small brand that sells various items on Amazon. As far as clothing goes, they mostly sell leggings and sports bras, the latter of which is their best-selling product. On top of that, they also sell nail polish products.

More About Zeeshy

Not much is known about Zeeshy, other than the fact that they started selling on Amazon earlier this year. Despite that, their sports bras already have a 4.5-star rating on the site (with over 1,200 reviews). And while their leggings aren’t as popular per se, their overall rating is still high.

about zeeshy

What’s interesting, though, is that they have a much bigger selection on Alibaba. Aside from activewear, which seems to be their main focus, they also offer boxing equipment, punching bags, wallets, and more.

What Kind of Leggings and Sports Bras Do They Sell?

Zeeshy is best known for their yoga tank tops, which come with a built-in sports bra. Not only is the padding removable for easy washing, but the fabric itself is also soft and wrinkle-resistant. There are several colors to choose from as well from black to pink.

The same goes for their workout leggings. There are many colors to choose from and they all feature a high-waisted design, which provides excellent tummy control. There’s also a pocket on the side for your phone or ID.

Another great thing about their products is their price; they’re all quite affordable. Take their sports bras, for example, they usually go for $9.99 (though they’re currently sold out at the moment).

Caring For Zeeshy Activewear

The quality of their products may not be as high as some established brands, but it’s still decent for the amount that you’re paying. Care for them properly and chances are, they’ll last you several months, if not more. This means washing the leggings and sports bras after each wear and not letting them sit in a pile on the floor. It’s also important to use the right settings when you’re putting them in the wash. For one thing, you should never tumble dry their products.

blue zeeshy tank top

Need more help? We’ll be going over the washing process step-by-step below. Keep reading to learn more!

What Materials Are Their Clothes Made Of?

It’s no surprise that their activewear is made of synthetic fabrics. Not only are they stronger, but they’re also more durable than natural fibers such as cotton. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about the materials:


Nylon is one of the most popular fabrics used for activewear. Not only is it cheap to make, but it’s also lightweight, durable, and strong. Plus, it’s water-resistant, which makes it great for jackets and other outerwear. The only minus is that it tends to trap sweat against the skin, which is fairly common among synthetic fabrics.


Spandex is similar to nylon in that it’s manmade and has a plastic base. Known for its elastic properties, it’s often used in activewear as it contours to the shape of the body and allows for easy movement. And unlike other fibers, it’s always present as some sort of blend (e.g. polyester-spandex, nylon-spandex); it’s never used by itself.


Polyester is a petroleum-based plastic fiber that’s known for its strength, toughness, and durability. On top of that, it’s soft, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant. Not to mention that it dries quickly, which makes doing the laundry a breeze. That being said, it does have limited breathability.

Two Ways to Wash Your Zeeshy Leggings

how to wash zeeshy leggings

Their yoga/workout leggings are safe to put in the washing machine. Another option is to hand-wash them (with or without other clothes) in a sink. We’ll be outlining both methods below.

Using the Washing Machine

Make sure there’s nothing in the side pocket and turn the leggings inside out—that’ll prevent the outer layer from fading and pilling. While you can put them directly in the washer, it’s highly recommended that you use a mesh bag. It’ll keep the pants from rubbing against your other clothes while they’re being washed so that they won’t get damaged.

Zip up the bag (if you’re using one) and throw it in the washing machine. Add the rest of your laundry (you can wash the pants with other things such as shorts, tees, and tank tops as long as you’re not mixing colors).

Pour in the detergent once everything is in. We recommend using one scoop of ACTIVE detergent (assuming that you’re washing a small to medium-sized load). Avoid softening products; they’ll leave a layer of waxy residue on the fabric, which will trap in dirt and sweat.

Active TM front

Tip: White vinegar is a great alternative to fabric softener. Not only is it all-natural, but it’s also fantastic at softening and deodorizing clothes. Simply add1/2 to 1 cup during the final rinse. Don’t worry, it won’t leave a vinegar scent.

Run a gentle wash cycle; you want to minimize agitation so that your leggings will look new for longer. And make sure to use cold water—hot water will wear out the fabric much quicker.

Do not tumble dry the leggings. Lay them flat to dry instead on a clean surface such as a dry towel or table. You can also hang them on a clothesline or drape them across a drying rack. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight, though—the UV rays can cause the colors to fade prematurely.

Hand Washing Your Zeeshy Leggings

Plug in the sink and fill it 3/4 full with cool water (you can also use a bucket or container—just make sure that it’s large enough to fit your leggings). Once the water is in, add half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Agitate the water with your hands to dissolve the powder and create a soapy solution.

Check the pockets; make sure there’s nothing left inside and submerge the leggings (turned inside out) in the water. Swish them around a few times to loosen any dirt, oil, or debris; the pants should be completely saturated. Let them soak for up to 20 minutes afterward—that’ll give the soap suds time to work into the fibers.

Unplug and drain the sink. Refill it with clean water and rinse the leggings thoroughly. Gently massage the fabric to loosen any detergent. Repeat until there’s no soap residue left on the leggings. Give it one final rinse under the faucet and remove it from the sink. Press the excess water out gently with your hands and lay it flat on a clean towel to dry.

Tip: You can use a couple of towels to remove excess water from the leggings. Place the pants in between them and press down on the top towel. You can also roll them up inside.

You can also use a hanger or clothesline to air dry the leggings. Do not use the dryer.

Two Ways to Wash Your Zeeshy Sports Bras/Tank Tops

washing zeeshy sports bras

Using the Washing Machine

Take out the removable padding and hand wash them separately. As for the bra, turn it inside out and place it in a lingerie bag. Not only will that keep the elastic from stretching out, but it’ll also prevent it from rubbing against your other clothes.

Make sure that the bag is zipped closed and throw it in the washing machine. Add the rest of your clothes (we recommend washing their sports bras with other activewear) and pour in the detergent. One scoop of ACTIVE detergent will suffice for a small to medium-sized load. Avoid softening products as they’ll prevent your sports bra from cleaning properly.

Choose your wash settings once everything is in. Run a delicate wash cycle with cold water (hot water will damage the elastic in the bra).

Take the sports bra out of the washing machine once it’s finished washing and lay it flat to dry. A clothesline, hanger, or drying rack can also be used—just don’t leave the item out in the sun. And as always, you want to skip the dryer.

Tip: Don’t leave your wet clothes in the washer for prolonged periods of time after washing. The dark, damp environment can and will breed mold (and possibly bacteria), and if that happens, you’ll have to wash everything all over again.

Washing their Tank Tops/Sports Bras By Hand

Fill a large bucket or sink with water so that it’s 3/4 full. Pour in 1/2 a scoop of ACTIVE detergent and mix well to dissolve the powder (you may have to swish the water a bit with your hands).

Take the removable pads out of the sports bra and place them in the sink so that they’re completely immersed in the water. Do the same thing with the bra itself after turning it inside out. Also, consider swirling it around a few times—that’ll help loosen any dirt or oils.

Rinse the bra under cold, running water until the water runs clear. You can also rinse it in the bucket or sink after refilling it with water. Continue until there are no more visible soap suds on the fabric.

And make sure not to twist the bra—gently press the excess water out instead. Once you’ve done that, you can hang it up to dry. Or if necessary, you can always use a towel to remove more moisture. Just don’t throw it in the dryer.

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