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Washing Instructions for Stax Clothing

May 21, 2022

Stax is an activewear brand that offers fashion-focused activewear for both performance and lifestyle purposes. Aside from apparel, they also sell various accessories such as visors, headbands, tote bags, crew socks, face masks, and more.

More About Stax

Stax was founded by Don Robertson and Matilda Murray in 2015. Based in Australia, the company blends fitness with fashion and offers premium activewear at affordable prices. While they don’t have any physical stores, they do ship their products worldwide from their site. In fact, it’s free for orders over $150AUD (otherwise, it’s $19.95).

stax clothing founders

For more information, you can visit their official website.

What Kind of Activewear Do They Sell?

Stax offers a variety of activewear for women including crop tops, tights, jackets, joggers, jumpers, and more. Not only that, but they have a men’s collection as well, which consists of jumpers, tops, and bottoms.

As far as prices go, they’re quite reasonable. You can get a pair of leggings for about $60 and a pair of joggers for $70. They also offer payment plans, where you can pay for your purchase weekly with zero interest. And if you’re located in Australia, you can get express shipping for just $4.95.

Taking Care of Stax Clothing

All clothing can wear out and theirs is no exception. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take that’ll keep them looking new longer. For one thing, it’s highly recommended that you wash your clothes right away after working out. The longer you let them soak in your sweat, the worse off your items will be. Not only will they smell, but perspiration can also damage the fibers.

And when it comes to washing your clothes, there are certain things that you want to keep in mind. Need some tips? Then you’re on the right page because we’ll be going over everything that you need to know below!

Fabrics Used By Stax

Before we dive into the washing instructions, however, let’s take a look at some of the textiles that are used for their apparel. After all, that’s what dictates how an item should be washed!


Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s known for its durability and elasticity. Not only is it difficult to tear, but it also has great moisture and abrasion resistance and it’s quick drying. Because of this, it’s often used for clothing, especially activewear.


Spandex is lightweight, comfortable, and resistant to sweat. It’s also stretchable and body conforming, which makes it suitable for athletic wear. Unlike other synthetic fabrics, however, it’s rarely used on its own; it’s woven with other fibers such as cotton or polyester instead.


Polyester is a synthetic cloth material that offers great wrinkle resistance, durability, and insulation. On top of that, it dries very quickly and retains its shape well- this makes it ideal for outerwear.


Cotton is a natural fabric that’s soft, comfortable, and breathable. Unlike synthetic fibers, it’s also absorbent. That is, it’ll absorb the sweat from your body and allow it to evaporate away, leaving you cool and dry.

The Best Way to Wash Your Stax Tights

how to wash stax tights

Stax tights are made from a nylon and spandex blend. In other words, it’s perfectly fine to toss them in the washing machine or if you want, you can wash them by hand- either way works!

Option 1: Machine Washing Your Stax Tights

Turn your Stax tights inside out. That way, the inner layer will take the abuse instead of outer layer, which will keep them looking new longer. We also recommend using a laundry bag for the tights- it’ll prevent them from rubbing against your other garments so that you won’t have to worry about friction damage.

Put your tights into the bag, seal it, and place it into the washing machine. Add the rest of your clothes (you can wash their tights with other activewear as long as you separate lights from dark). Next, put in a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Depending on your washer, you’ll either want to add it to the drum or dispenser. Skip the fabric conditioner- you won’t need it.

Select the gentle/delicate setting (little to minimal spin) and wash with cold water. Avoid hot water as it can damage/warp the nylon blend. Wait for the washer to complete the cycle before retrieving your tights. Don’t leave them inside for longer than necessary, otherwise, you might have to wash them all over again!

Don’t tumble dry. Instead, hang the tights up in a well-ventilated room and let them dry naturally.

Option 2: Hand Washing Your Stax Tights

Bring your tights to the sink. Fill it half-way with warm tepid water and put in half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Swish the water gently to dissolve the powder- it should be completely combined by the time you put in the tights. Make sure that the item is completely immersed in the sink and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes.

Rinse the tights thoroughly with water afterward. We recommend holding and rinsing it under the faucet, however, you can also refill the sink with clean water and do it that way. Either way, you want to gently rub and massage the fabric to loosen any debris. Continue to rinse until there’s no more soap residue.

Place the tights on a clean towel and roll it up inside to get rid of the excess water. Afterward, hang it up indoors so that it can air dry. Never wring the bottoms like a towel or rag as that can stretch out the fabric permanently. Also, never tumble dry.

Washing Your Stax Tops the Right Way

washing your stax tanks

Generally speaking, their tops can be washed in a similar fashion. In fact, you can even put wash them together with their tights- just make sure to separate the items based on color.

Option 1: Putting Your Stax Tops in the Washing Machine

Turn the tops inside out- that will protect the outer later. Also, if you can, put the item in a laundry bag; that will protect them further from the agitation of the wash cycle. Once you’ve done that, place the item in the washing machine.

Put in the rest of your garments and add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent- you’ll either want to put it in the drum or in the dispenser. Next, select your cycle. For their tops (and most activewear in general), you want to wash with cold water on a gentle setting. Remember not to use any fabric softener.

Let the machine do its magic. Retrieve your tops once the cycle is complete and allow them to air dry on a hanger or drying rack. Do not tumble dry- the dryer’s heat will likely ruin the fabric.

Option 2: Washing Your Stax Tops In the Sink By Hand

Fill a small tub or sink with water (cool or tepid water works best). Next add your soap- half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent will suffice unless you’re washing many items at once. Gently mix the solution afterward to prepare the bath. Submerge the top and use your hands to agitate the soapy water. Make sure that the item is completely immersed and soak for up to 20 minutes.

Use gentle movements to swish the top through the detergent water. Drain the tub or sink afterward and refill it with cool water. Push the garment up and down to remove the soap. Repeat until there’s no detergent left on the fabric (when in doubt, you can give it a sniff).

Gently squeeze the excess water from the top. Remember, you never want to wring or twist the garment as it can ruin the fabric. Place the top on a clean bath towel and roll it up with the item inside- that’ll absorb some of the excess moisture. Allow the top to air dry afterward.

How to Wash Stax Face Masks Properly

washing your stax cloth face masks

With the pandemic, the company has also started to sell cloth face masks. Here’s how you can wash them properly.

Option 1: Machine Washing the Face Masks With the Rest of Your Clothes

Their cloth masks are made of polyester. In other words, it’s perfectly fine to put them in the washing machine. Just make sure to protect them by using a lingerie bag. Once you’ve done that, you can put the mask in the washer.

Add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent (assuming that you’re washing the masks with other items) and select a warm water setting (hot water is more effective at killing germs). Don’t use any fabric softener. Let the washer run. Retrieve your masks afterward and lay them flat to air dry. Or if you want, you can dry them on the highest heat setting.

Option 2: Hand Washing Your Face Masks

Fill a small sink with hot water. Pour in 1/2 scoop of ACTIVE detergent and swish the water to combine the powder. Submerge your face mask afterward and scrub it for at least 20 seconds. Next, let it soak for 15-20 minutes. From there, rinse it clean with water- you can do this by holding the mask under the tap. Continue this process until the water runs clear and there’s no more soap on the fabric.

Transfer the mask to the dryer and dry with high heat.

Tip: Remember to store your face masks in a clean place if you’re not using them.

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