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Washing Instructions for Omkagi Activewear

May 15, 2022

Omkagi is a clothing brand that specializes in women’s activewear. Some of their products include leggings, bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cover-ups. As far as we can tell, their items are only available on Amazon; they do not have an official website.

More About Their Products

Omkagi is perhaps best known for their seamless leggings, which are available in various colors and designs. They’re made from a four-way stretch material and come with a supportive waistband to prevent slipping. There are five sizes to choose from: x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large.

about omkagi

Aside from that, they also offer swimsuits from bikinis to one-pieces. Dresses and bandeaus are available as well.

And everything is reasonably priced. Take their leggings, for example, some you can get for under $6. Shipping from Amazon is also free if you order at least $25 of eligible items.

Caring For Omkagi Activewear

Their activewear will last a while as long as you take good care of them. This means checking the care tag label and washing everything properly. Avoid leaving the clothes in a pile on the floor or in the hamper as that’ll only lead to odors. If you don’t have time to do the laundry right away, at least air out the items; that’ll help get rid of some of the excess moisture, which can attract bacteria.

Looking for more information on how to wash their activewear? If so, be sure to keep scrolling! We’ll be going over the instructions step-by-step below.

What Fabrics Are Their Clothes Made Of?

omkagi fabrics

All of their activewear is made from synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. Here are some important points about these materials:


Polyester is a synthetic woven material that’s derived from petroleum. A type of plastic, it’s known for being durable and is relatively cheap to produce. It’s also lightweight, flexible, and resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. Not to mention that it’s very easy to clean. For one thing, it dries very quickly. It’s also resistant to stains. However, it has limited breathability, which can make you feel sticky and clammy in humid weather.


Spandex is known for its elasticity and can stretch 5-8 times its original length. Soft and lightweight, it’s often combined with other fibers to make stretchable garments such as swimsuits and leggings. Like most man-made fabrics, however, it tends to stick to your body. Also, it’s sensitive to heat.


Nylon is a thermoplastic material that has a silk-like texture. Made from petrochemicals, it’s exceptionally strong and has great elasticity. It’s also easy to wash and can be dyed a variety of colors. Not to mention that it has excellent abrasion resistance, which makes it suitable for sportswear. However, it does not absorb moisture from the skin.

How to Wash Omkagi Leggings So That They’ll Last a Long Time

washing omkagi leggings

Their seamless leggings are machine washable. If you want, you can even wash them with other items (more on this later). Another option is to wash them by hand. We’ll be going over both methods below:

Throwing Your Omkagi Leggings In the Washer

Some of their leggings have pockets. Make sure to empty them before washing. Once you’ve done that, turn them inside out; that’ll keep the outer layer from wearing out. We highly recommend using a laundry bag as well. It’ll prevent the pants from rubbing against your other items, which can damage the fabric. Consider using a pillowcase if you don’t have a mesh bag.

Tip: Stains should be spot treated before washing the leggings. You can do this by applying a bit of detergent (dissolved in water) onto the area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with water.

Zip up the bag so that the leggings are secure inside and throw them in the washer. Put in the rest of your laundry. For example, you can wash them with tank tops, tights, shorts, or undershirts. The only requirement is that they must be of similar colors (otherwise the dyes may bleed).

Take out your Active detergent and measure one scoop of powder. Add it to the dispenser/drum. Never use fabric softener when you’re washing leggings (and other activewear for that matter). It’ll leave a layer of wax-like residue on the fabric, which will trap in sweat and dirt. Not to mention that it can also cause allergies.

Select a gentle setting (minimal spin is key if you want your leggings to last) and run a cold water wash. Don’t use hot water; the heat can warp and damage the spandex fibers.

Press the start button and let the washing machine run. Wait for the cycle to finish before opening the door to get your leggings. Instead of using the dryer, hang them up on a clothesline or laundry rack to dry. Don’t leave them outside, though. You don’t want to expose them to direct sunlight as that can cause the colors to fade.

Manually Washing Your Omkagi Leggings By Hand

Take everything out of the pockets (if any) and turn the leggings inside out. Set them aside and fill a sink with cool water. Measure half a scoop of Active detergent and pour it in. Swish the water back and forth a few times to help it dissolve.

Place the leggings in the sink once the water is sudsy. Wave them through the liquid a few times to work in the soap suds and let them sit for 15-20 minutes. Make sure that the item is completely immersed in the detergent solution—this is key if you want it to be clean.

Rinse the soap off the leggings by running them under a stream of water. You can also rinse them in the sink (you’ll have to refill it with fresh water). Continue to rinse until there are no more soap bubbles and the water runs clear. This can take a minute or two.

Press the leggings against the edge of the sink to remove some of the excess water. Another option is to roll them up in a towel—that’ll help get rid of some of the moisture as well. Once you’ve done all that, hang them up so that they can dry naturally. Once again, you don’t want to use the clothes dryer. Also, don’t leave them outside in the sun.

Washing Omkagi Bikinis and One-Piece Swimsuits the Right Way

washing omkagi swimsuits

Swimsuits, in general, are delicate. Ideally, you want to hand-wash them as the fabric can stretch out if you put them in the washer. With that said, you can use the machine in a pinch. If anything, you just have to be more careful.

Hand Washing Your Omkagi Bikinis and Swimsuits

Rinse your bikini/one-piece with cold water as soon as you’ve taken it off. If you can soak it in water for 20-30 minutes—that’ll help get rid of any oil, salt, or sand that can damage the fabric.

Drain and refill the sink (assuming that you’ve soaked the garment) with cold water. Add half a scoop of Active detergent and swish the water with your hands to help it dissolve. Turn your bikini/one-piece inside out and submerge it in the soapy solution. Swish it through the water a few times to work in the detergent.

Active TM front

Let it sit in the soapy mixture for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the bathing suit from the sink afterward and gently squeeze out the excess water. Don’t twist or wring the fabric as that can cause it to stretch out.

Place your bikini/one-piece on a flat surface and allow it to air dry, away from direct sunlight (the sun’s UV rays can break down the elastic fibers). Never tumble dry.

Wait until the bikini/one-piece is completely dry before putting it away (moisture may result in the growth of mold and mildew).

Putting Your Omkagi Bikinis and One-Pieces Into the Washing Machine

Turn the bikini/one-piece inside out and place it in a mesh garment bag. Not only will it keep the swimsuit together, but it’ll also protect it from friction damage. In fact, you should never put a bikini or one-piece directly in a washing machine without using a laundry bag.

Add a few towels to balance the load. We don’t recommend washing your swimsuits with other garments as they’re quite delicate.

Measure half a scoop of Active detergent (or less- it depends on how many swimsuits you’re washing) and add it to the washer. Skip the fabric conditioner/softener. You can add 1/2 a cup of distilled white vinegar during the rinse cycle instead—that’ll help get rid of any odors.

Set the machine to a gentle/delicate setting. You don’t want to machine wash your swimsuits on a normal setting as there will be too much agitation, which can damage the fabric. And make sure to run a cold water cycle. Hot water will stretch out the spandex and nylon fibers.

Take your bikini/one-piece out of the washer once they’re clean and lay them flat to dry. It’s best not to hang them up by their straps as that can cause them to stretch out. Don’t leave them outside in the sun and don’t tumble dry.

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