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How to Wash Rothy’s Flats & Sneakers

December 23, 2023

Rothy’s is a direct-to-consumer shoe company that’s based in San Francisco. They offer a variety of footwear for women and children, all of which are made from recycled plastic.

A Closer Look at Rothy’s Shoes

what are rothy's made ofThe brand offers various types of shoes including flats, sneakers, loafers, and more. While their products are mainly for women, they do have a line of sneakers for children.

All of their shoes are also made from recycled water bottles.

The production process goes like this: they chip them into tiny flakes and press them into pellets with high pressure. These pellets are then made into spools of thread and knit into shoes.

Soles: Made from carbon-free, recycle rubber and TPU

Insoles: Consist of recycled foam that contains bio-based castor oil

Adhesives: Vegan and non-toxic; created with low environmental impact

How to Wash Rothys Flats – A Detailed Guide

Can You Machine Wash Your Rothys?

best detergent for rothy's shoesYes, you can – Rothy’s shoes are entirely machine washable.

The first thing that you want to do is to remove the recycled insoles; they’ll be a lot cleaner if you take them out and wash them separately. For the best results, place your shoes in a laundry bag.

While you can wash them with your clothes, it’s better not to. Instead, put in a few towels to help even up the load.

Choose a cold, delicate cycle and add in a bit of mild detergent. Avoid using a normal wash cycle with hot water – the latter will cause the shoes to shrink and lose their shape).

ACTIVE Detergent works great as it’s designed for synthetic fabrics such as the ones used by Rothy’s. Skip the bleach and fabric softener – you won’t need them when it comes to shoe cleaning.

Let the wash cycle finish before removing your shoes. Place them on a flat surface and allow them to air dry. Never place them in the dryer.

How to Wash Your Rothy’s By Hand

how to wash rothy's by handBefore you start, clap the shoes together – that will help to get rid of any dirt that might be embedded on the bottom. Next, remove the insoles or contoured footbed. As with machine washing, you want to wash them separately from the actual shoes.

Fill a tub or sink, whatever you prefer, with cool water (remember, never use warm or hot water).

Dissolve some ACTIVE Detergent and mix – you should get a soapy solution. Place your shoes into the mixture and let them sit for at least 30 minutes; that will allow the detergent to work at the grime.

Take the shoes out and rinse them thoroughly with water afterward. There shouldn’t be any detergent residue.

As far as the soles go, you might have to use a scrubbing brush if they are excessively dirty. Dip the bristles into the detergent solution and brush.

And there’s no need to be gentle as the sole, unlike the upper, is made from a durable material that’s capable of withstanding vigorous brushing. Rinse away the detergent afterward.

Once the shoes are dry, you can use a shoe tree – it will hold the shoes in place and help get rid of any remaining moisture.

Washing Instructions for Rothy’s Sneakers

Putting Rothy’s Sneakers in the Washing Machine

First things first, you want to begin by removing the insoles. Next, separate the midsole (the extra black piece that’s underneath) and place it aside; don’t put it in the washing machine.

Everything else, however, including the knit insole, can go into the washer. Remember, it’s always best to use a laundry bag for your washable shoes. Don’t forget to add in your towels as well.

Wash the sneakers with cold water on a gentle cycle. Don’t use hot or warm water; the heat can shrink out distort the recycled material.

Add in an appropriate amount of ACTIVE Detergent (a little will do if you’re just washing the shoes) and let the machine run. Skip the bleach and fabric conditioner.

Take your sneakers and insoles out of the washing machine once the cycle is finished. Place them in a well-ventilated area, where they can dry naturally.

Once the shoes have dried completely, you can anchor the black midsole piece back in place. Remember to cover it with the insole.

Best Way to Remove Stains From Rothy’s Shoes

how to remove stains from rothysStains should always be treated as soon as possible.

Start by creating a detergent solution. Add cold water (never hot water as that will only set in the stain) to a small bowl and add some ACTIVE Detergent.

Wet a soft-bristled brush with the soapy liquid and use it to saturate the stain on the shoe. Gently rub the area; don’t scrub as that can make the stain worse.

Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water until all of the detergent is removed. Allow it to air dry. Or if you want, you can proceed to wash the entire thing by putting it in the washing machine (or you can do it by hand).

Deodorizing Rothy’s Shoes

how to deodorize rothysHave an odor issue with your shoes? There are multiple things that you can do to get rid of the smell:

Add Baking Soda Inside the Shoe

Baking soda is a classic fix for smelly shoes. It’s easy too; all you have to do is sprinkle a tablespoon or two of baking soda into each of the shoe.

The powder will not only absorb the pungent odor, but it’ll also draw out moisture, which will prevent contaminants from thriving. Leave the powder in overnight (or for a few hours at least) before shaking it out.

Stuffing With Newspaper 

Simply bunch up the newspapers and put them inside your shoes. Leave them in for several hours.

The newpapers will draw moisture out from inside the shoe, leaving them smelling fresh. If you want, you can also add a couple of drops of essential oil to the newspaper.

Wipe With Rubbing Alcohol 

White vinegar (not apple cider vinegar) is excellent at eliminating odors.

Simply dampen a piece of cloth with vinegar and wipe the insides of the shoes. Allow them to air dry fully before wearing them again.

Cleaning Your Rothy’s Shoes – FAQs

Should you wash your Rothy’s with cold water or hot water?

It’s best to wash them with cold water as heat can damage the fabric over time.

What kind of mild detergent should I use for my Rothy’s?

ACTIVE Detergent is the best option for Rothy’s shoes. Not only is it powered by enzymes but it’s also plant-based and natural.

Can I put the shoes in the dryer or should I air dry them?

Never put your Rothy’s in the dryer. Allow them to air dry instead, ideally in a well-ventilated room. You can speed up the process by stuffing the shoes with newspapers.

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