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Disposal Cleaner Questions & Answers

Yes, ACTIVE garbage disposal tablets contain a fresh citrus fragrance.

Depending on your sink setup, you may not see visible foam coming up from the drain when using these tablets. But don’t worry, the tablet is still working to clean the internal areas of the disposal!

There are a couple things that affect the amount of foam that comes out of the disposal and drain:

  • Water flow from faucet – if the faucet is turned up too high, it will wash the foam down before it can come up into the sink.

  • Sink setup – double sinks will often have less foam that comes up from the disposal side. The disposal pulls the water and foam downward which causes it to come up on the non-disposal side of the sink.

  • If more foam is desired, you can run two cleaning tablets at the same time.

Yes, ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner is formulated to work with any type of kitchen garbage disposal.

For a regular cleaning schedule, we recommend using a cleaning tablet twice a month. You can also run a cleaning tablet whenever you smell odors coming from the disposal.

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner is not designed to clear or unclog pipes. It should only be used on drains that are functioning properly.

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