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Dishwasher Cleaner Questions & Answers

Yes, these tablets have a fresh lemon citrus fragrance.

Yes, ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets are safe to use in any dishwasher – household or commercial. They work great with any brand or interior color of machine.

No. The dishwasher should be completely empty before using this cleaner.


Place 1 tablet into the detergent dispenser tray before running a wash cycle.

Ensure that your dishwasher is empty and place 1 tablet in the detergent tray. Then simply run the dishwasher on a normal wash cycle. When the cycle is complete, leave the dishwasher door open to let it air-dry.

Use ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner 2 times per month or whenever stains or odors are noticeable.

Yes! The combination of our cleaning formula with citric acid is designed to target and remove stains from limescale, hard water and other residue.

If your dishwasher is very dirty or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it may take a couple cleaning cycles to get the job done. Stuck-on grime and residue can take time to loosen and remove.


Try running a second cleaning cycle if your dishwasher isn’t fully clean after the first try. Only use 1 tablet at a time, do not use 2 tablets in a single cleaning cycle.

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets contain an enzyme blend designed to remove odors and get rid of staining caused by hard water and minerals.

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