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How to Wash Set Active Clothing

April 19, 2022

Set Active is an activewear company that offers apparel in monochrome tones. Not only that, but each piece is color-coordinated in matching sets. Aside from apparel, they also sell accessories such as tote bags, socks, fanny packs, and more.

More About Set Active

Set Activewear was founded by Lindsey Carter in 2018. Their mission is to provide women with comfortable and stylish activewear. One thing that sets them apart from other brands is that they offer different color collections- that way, you can match and coordinate your wardrobe.

set active active clothing

Like most newer brands, however, their products are available online only- they do not have any physical stores. Everything is conducted through their website.

What Kind of Activewear Do They Sell?

Set Active sells a variety of products including leggings, sports bras, tank tops, hoodies, sweatpants, bike shorts, and more. Not only that, but they offer undergarments for women as well.

As far as pricing goes, their products are comparable to that of other activewear brands. For example, you can get a sports bra for $40 and a pair of leggings for around $75. Shipping is also free within the U.S. if you order over $250 (otherwise, it’s $6.95). And for those who are wondering, they also offer international shipping for $20.

Taking Care of Set Active Apparel

You get what you pay for when it comes to their clothes. For one thing, the materials aren’t flimsy. If anything, they’ll provide you with the support you need during your workouts. That’s not to say that they won’t wear out, though, because they will, especially if you wear them regularly.

The good news is that there are steps that you can take to prevent that from happening. That’s right, you can extend their lifespan. How? By taking proper care of the items. This means putting them in the wash right away (after working out) and using the proper washing technique. Not sure what the right technique is? Don’t worry, we’ll be going over everything that you need to know below!

Fabrics Used by Set Active

Set Active mostly uses synthetic fabrics for their clothes, which makes sense given their properties. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


Luxform is their proprietary fabric. Not only is it super soft, but it’s also flexible and form-fitting. At the same time, it offers a little bit of compression. Sheerness may vary depending on the color.

Set Active offers Luxform leggings, sports bras, bike shorts, and more.


Polyester is a man-made fiber that’s lightweight, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. It also dries very quickly, which makes it ideal for jackets and other types of outerwear. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking. In other words, it’ll help you keep dry when you’re working out.

Set Active uses polyester for their leggings, tanks, shorts, sports bras, and more.


Spandex is durable, flexible, and comfortable. On top of that, it has excellent elasticity. Unlike other synthetic fibers, however, it can’t be woven by itself. Rather, it’s incorporated into other materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester.

Set Active uses spandex for their leggings, sports bras, bike shorts, and more.


Nylon, like most synthetic fabrics, is known for its durability. Highly versatile, it can be used for a variety of clothing from swimsuits to sports bras. On top of that, it’s highly elastic (it can stretch up to 33% of its length).

Set Active uses nylon for their sports bras, tops, shorts, undies, and more.

How to Wash Set Active Leggings

You can put your Set Active leggings in the washing or wash them by hand- the choice is yours. We’ll be going over both methods below.

how to wash set active leggings

Method 1: Machine Washing Set Active Leggings

Start by turning your Set Active leggings inside out. That’ll prevent them from fading so that they’ll look new for longer (the inner layer will take the abuse instead of the outside layer). Next, put them in a laundry bag. While it’s not necessary per se, it’s highly recommended as it’ll prevent your leggings from friction damage- this is especially important if you’re washing a mixed load.

Seal the laundry bag and add it to the washer along with your other garments (remember to separate lights from darks). Next, add your soap- one scoop of ACTIVE detergent to the drum/dispenser will suffice. Skip the fabric softener; it’ll cover your leggings in a waxy material, which will do more harm than good.

Once everything has been added, select your cycle. For leggings and other activewear in general, you want to use a delicate setting with minimal spin. Also, make sure to use cold water- hot water can and will damage the fabrics over time.

Retrieve your leggings once the washer is finished running. Spread them out on a drying rack and allow them to air dry away from sunlight. Do not tumble dry; the heat will compromise the integrity of the fabric.

Method 2: Hand Washing Set Active Leggings

All you need is a sink or tub. Fill it 1/2 way with warm water and dissolve half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent- you can do this by gently swishing the water with your hand. Once it’s combined, submerge your leggings. Make sure that all of the fabric is under the water.

Leave it in the sink or tub for at least 15 minutes- that’ll give the detergent time to get into the fabric. From there, drain the dirty water. Refill the basin with clean water and rinse the leggings. Gently massage the fabric to work out the detergent. Continue to rinse until there’s no more soap residue (the water should run clear).

Lay a clean towel on a flat surface and place your leggings on top of it. Slowly roll it up inside the towel- that’ll help get rid of the excess water and moisture. When you’re done, you can spread it out on a drying rack to dry. Remember never to wring your leggings like a rag as that’ll stretch out the synthetic fibers, which can affect their fit. And like we said earlier, don’t use the dryer.

Proper Way to Wash Set Active Sports Bras

washing set active sports bras

Sports bras are more delicate than leggings. With that said, you can still put them in the washing machine. In fact, you can even wash them together with your leggings- here’s how.

Option 1: Machine Washing Your Set Active Sports Bras

Make sure all clasps are closed and turn the sports bra inside out- that’ll keep them looking new even with multiple washes. Once you’ve done that, put them in a lingerie bag. That’ll prevent the bras from being tangled with other items in the same wash. Not only that, but it’ll help them keep their shape.

Place the lingerie bag into the washing machine and add the rest of your laundry (remember to separate them based on colors). Next, pour in a school of ACTIVE detergent. From there, start a gentle, cold water cycle. Remember, fabric softener is a no-no.

active give

Wait for the washing machine to finish before retrieving your lingerie bag. Take out your sports bra and allow it to air dry on a drying rack. Avoid hanging them by their straps as that can cause them to stretch. Also, you don’t want to use the clothes dryer.

Option 2: Machine Washing Your Set Active Sports Bras

Bring your Set Active sports bras to a sink. Fill it 1/2 way with cool or warm water and mix in 1/2 a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Swish the water with your hand to dissolve the powder. Once it’s fully dissolved, place your sports bra in.

Note: You can hand wash their sports bras with other activewear (e.g. leggings) as long as they’re of similar colors.

Let the sports bra sit in the soapy water for at least 15 minutes- that way, detergent will be able to work its way into the fabric. Afterward, rinse the bra with clean water. Gently massage the fabric to get rid of any debris. Continue until the water runs clear and there’s no more soap residue.

Softly squeeze the sports bra to get rid of the excess water. As with all activewear, you never want to twist or wring the item as that’ll compromise the fabrics. Instead, roll the sports bra up in a clean towel. Once you’ve removed the excess moisture, place it on a drying rack so that it can air dry. Never tumble dry.

Washing Set Active Tank Tops

set active tank washing guide

Their tank tops can be machine washed or hand washed.

Option 1: Throwing Set Active Tank Tops in the Washing Machine

Turn the tanks inside out to prevent them from fading. Next, place them in a laundry bag (ideally, each tank should be in their own bag). Once you’ve done that, put it in the washing machine. Add the rest of your laundry and pour in a scoop of ACTIVE detergent into the dispenser or drum.

Run a cold water cycle on a delicate setting with minimal spin. Once the cycle is complete, hang the tanks up to dry. Depending on the material, you might also be able to tumble dry the items (always check the care tag label first).

Option 2: Hand Washing Set Active Tank Tops

Fill a washbasin or sink with cool water. Pour in half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent (feel free to use more if you’re washing multiple items) and allow it to dissolve- you may have to swish the water with your hand a few times.

Place your tanks into the sink so that the items are fully immersed in the water. Leave them there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, rinse them clean- you want to continue until the water runs clear. From there, you can dry the tanks by hanging them up or by putting them in the dryer (if the material allows).

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