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How to Wash No Nonsense Activewear

April 24, 2022

No Nonsense is a brand that specializes in intimate wear. Aside from tights, they also sell leggings, hosiery, socks, and more. While most of their products are geared toward women, they do offer a small selection for men on their website.

More About No Nonsense

No Nonsense was founded by Kayser-Roth in 1973. Based in North Carolina, they’re the first brands of hosiery to be sold in drugstores and supermarkets. Nowadays, you can find them at many retailers including Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.

no nonsense logo

One thing that sets them apart from other companies is that they’re continuously taking steps toward a greener planet. Not only do their products come with eco-friendly packaging but their factories themselves are eco-friendly as well. On top of that, they actively seek out partners who support their eco-conscious efforts.

What Kind of Leggings Do They Offer?

No Nonsense offers a wide variety of leggings. For example, they have cotton leggings, denim leggings, sports leggings, seamless leggings, and Capri leggings. Besides that, they also sell shorts that are made from the same type of close-fitting material.

Seeing as how their products are sold in drugstores, it’s not surprising to know that their prices aren’t that high. Of course, it depends on the exact style that you’re getting but you can generally get a pair of No Nonsense leggings for about $15. As for their tights, they’re even cheaper at under $10.

Taking Care of No Nonsense Leggings

For budget leggings, the quality of their products is pretty decent. Having said that, the fabric will pill and wear out with time. While that’s inevitable, there are things that you can do to extend the lifespan of the item. For one thing, it’s always best to put them in the wash as soon as possible. Yes, it might be a hassle, but it’ll prevent the sweat and oils on the fabric from damaging the leggings.

Remember, though, there’s a certain way to wash these garments—that is, they’re not something that you want to throw blindly into the washing machine. Sure, they might come out clean but it’ll be at the expense of the leggings.

Looking for a washing guide that’ll tell you what to do? If so, you’re on the right page. We’ll be going over the step-by-step instructions on how to wash No Nonsense leggings below. Before that, however, there’s just one thing that we have to go over first.

Fabrics Used By No Nonsense

We mentioned this earlier but No Nonsense is known for their wide variety of leggings. Put it simply, they’re all made from different fabrics, some of which include:

polyester fabric


Polyester is a fabric that you often see being used in activewear. Highly durable (much more so than cotton and other natural fibers), it’s resistant to both abrasions and stains. Plus, it has a moisture-wicking finish, which means that perspiration will be able to escape from your skin. The only thing is that it’s not very flexible. For this reason, it’s sometimes mixed with other textiles such as cotton or spandex.


Spandex is unique in that it’s extremely elastic. In fact, its name is an anagram of the word “expands.” For this reason, it’s a popular choice for activewear. Aside from leggings, it’s also used for other skin-tight garments such as swimsuits, sports bras, etc. Keep in mind, though, that it’s never used by itself—it’s always blended with something else.


Denim is a material that’s made from sturdy cotton. Tightly woven, the yarns have a very strong twist that makes them super durable. One drawback, however, is that the fabric tends to be quite heavy. Still, it can be quite comfortable, especially if it’s mixed with cotton or polyester (which is the case for their denim leggings).


Cotton fabric has many advantages. For one thing, it’s breathable. It’s also soft and absorbent, which makes it suitable for a variety of clothing, including leggings. One disadvantage, however, is that it tends to shrink if exposed to heat. In addition to that, it can lose its color with regular washing.

How Do You Wash No Nonsense Sports Leggings

Their sports leggings are made from a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend. Generally speaking, there are two ways that you can wash them:

how to wash no nonsense sports leggings

Method No. 1: Use the Washing Machine 

Their sports leggings are 100% machine washable. Before you load them into the washer, though, turn them inside out so that the inner layer is on the outside. From there, it’s highly recommended that you put them in a mesh garment bag—it’ll protect them from the tossing and agitation that comes with running a wash cycle.

Note: Other activewear can be put in the same laundry load as long as you’re not mixing darks with lights. Avoid putting denim items with your leggings as snagging can occur.

Open the door and put in your garment bags. Once everything is loaded in, add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Try not to overdo the soap as you might not be able to rinse it all out during the cycle. Next, choose your wash settings—that is, you want to set it to a cold, gentle cycle. You do not want to use hot water as it can shrink the cotton in the leggings; it can also compromise the polyester and spandex components.

Do not use fabric softeners for No Nonsense sports leggings; it will affect the garment’s moisture-wicking finish. Distilled vinegar is a much better alternative—it’ll even get rid of odors.

Run the cycle and wait for it to end before taking out your laundry items. As far as drying your leggings go, it’s best to lay them flat so that they can air dry. However, a drying rack or clothesline will also do. Avoid the dryer.

Method No. 2: Wash By Hand

Washing their sports leggings by hand is very straightforward. Start by bringing them to the sink. Fill it with cold water and add half a scoop of ACTIVE detergent; you may need to swish the water with your hand to help it dissolve. Once it turns bubbly, add your leggings. It’s important that they’re fully saturated so press down on them if you have them—you don’t want them to be floating on the surface.

Give the leggings 20-30 minutes to soak in the solution. Afterward, you can gently rub the material against itself to loosen debris and oils. Twisting and scrubbing motions should be avoided as they can compromise the fibers.

Once you’re sure they’re clean, rinse the soap away. Continue to rinse until there are no soap bubbles and the water is clear. Then you can absorb the excess water with a towel before laying them flat to dry. Like we mentioned above, you do not want to expose it to heat by putting it in the dryer.

Washing No Nonsense Denim Leggings

Their denim leggings aren’t made from 100% cotton; they also contain polyester and spandex, which gives them flexibility and durability. Given that, you can wash them in a similar fashion as their sports leggings.

washing no nonsense denim leggings

Method No. 1: Washing Their Denim Leggings with the Washer

As with their sports leggings, their denim leggings should also be flipped inside out before being put in the machine. Also, you want to use a laundry bag so that they won’t be exposed to as much friction—this is especially important if you’re washing them with other garments. You want to do whatever you can to prevent snags.

Once you’ve loaded the denim leggings into the bag, put it into the washer. Next, take out your ACTIVE detergent and put in one scoop of powder. Remember not do add too much otherwise it’ll have the reverse effect on your leggings (i.e. they’ll end up even dirtier). Do not use fabric softeners.

The next step is to set it to a cold, delicate cycle. This is important because you don’t want to expose your leggings to heat—it can cause the cotton to shrink. From there, allow the washer to do its thing. Remove your items afterward and lay them flat to dry or use a clothesline. Make sure you don’t put your denim leggings in the dryer as they’re 60% cotton aka they can easily shrink!

Method No. 2: Hand Washing Their Denim Leggings

Bring the denim leggings to the sink. Fill it with water and put a scoop of ACTIVE detergent in. Mix the water until the powder is completely dissolved before dunking your leggings in. You may need to press down on them to prevent them from floating to the surface. The goal is to get the fabric completely saturated with the soapy water.

Swish them around a few times. Afterward, leave them alone for 20-30 minutes so that they can soak. Once the time is up, rub the material against itself gently to loosen any remaining debris. Remember not to scrub or twist the item as motions like that can easily compromise the fibers.

The final step, after washing, is to rinse away the ACTIVE detergent. One of the simplest ways to do this is to just hold the item under running water. However, you can also drain the sink and refill it with clean water. Whatever method you choose, continue to rinse your leggings until there are no more signs of soap (e.g. no more bubbles). You may have to do this for 1-2 minutes.

Finally, allow them to air dry (lay them flat if possible). Avoid the dryer.

Best Laundry Detergent For No Nonsense Leggings

Most, if not all of their leggings contain polyester and spandex. In other words, you want to use a laundry detergent that’s designed for those types of fibers—and ACTIVE detergent fits the bill. In fact, it’s engineered specifically for sportswear.

Active TM front

What sets it apart from other detergents is its enzyme content. That is, the formula contains three types of enzymes whose job is to break down oil, sweat, etc, that are embedded in synthetic fibers. As it is, regular detergents aren’t capable of doing this. It’s also worth mentioning that ACTIVE detergent is hypoallergenic so that makes it a suitable option if you have skin allergies. It does not contain any parabens or other harmful chemicals either so it’s also a better option for those who are eco-conscious.

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