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active dishwasher cleaner

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner

Remove limescale and hard water spots to restore your dishwasher’s shine.

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Remove Dishwasher Odors & Stains

Refresh Your Dishwasher

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner thoroughly cleans limescale, hard water spots, and other residue. Scrubs visible surfaces and internal areas.

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Penetrates Residue and Grime

ACTIVE’s enzyme formula removes residue created by detergents and food waste.


Removes Odors

Cleans the internal areas of the dishwasher where odors can develop.


Eliminates Limescale

Removes limescale and other mineral deposits left by hard water.


Maintains Dishwasher Performance

Keeps moving parts operating freely by removing grime buildup.

Improve Dish Cleanliness From Your Dishwasher

A Clean Dishwasher Results in Cleaner Dishes

Hard water and food residue leave mineral buildup and unsightly stains inside your dishwasher. This can lead to odors and a decrease in cleaning performance.

ACTIVE’s concentrated formula restores your dishwasher’s shine.

  • Eliminates limescale residue and hard water stains.
  • Helps ensure dishes come out sparkling clean.
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ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner is safe for all brands and styles of dishwashers:

  • Compatible with any interior color
  • Remove hard water spots from stainless dishwashers
  • Brighten a dirty white dishwasher interior


Safe for households with septic systems.

Compatible with:

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& More

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Instructions

How to Clean Your Dishwasher With ACTIVE


Ensure Dishwasher is empty

ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner should be used alone in an empty dishwasher.

Do not use this product with dishes in the machine.


Add 1 tablet In the Detergent Dispenser Tray

Remove the tablet from the wrapper and place it in the detergent dispenser tray.

Do not add detergent or other cleaners. Use only one tablet at a time.


Run the Dishwasher on a “normal” Wash Cycle

For dishwashers with a “clean” option, use that setting.


Open the dishwasher door and let it air-dry

Repeat this process twice a month to keep your dishwasher clean and fresh.

Note, for the first cleaning or extra dirty dishwashers, you may need to repeat the steps above to achieve a full clean.


Why is ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Better?

ACTIVE Compared to Other Dishwasher Cleaners

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ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner

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