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Best Unscented Laundry Detergents in 2024

January 31, 2024

Scented laundry detergents might smell nice but they’re not the best choice for those with sensitivities. For example, they can cause itchy skin or allergies to flare up.

Fortunately, there are unscented options to choose from. Not only are they a good choice for those with sensitive skin but it also means you won’t be exposing yourself to artificial chemicals.

Interested? Want to know what the best unscented laundry detergents are? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be going over some of the best options in 2024 below. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Making A Healthier Choice With Unscented Laundry Detergents

benefits of unscented laundry detergents

When it comes to unscented laundry detergents, less is indeed more. They may lack the fragrance that fills your home after a load of washing but they make up for it by being gentle on your skin and safe for everyone in the family.

Benefits of Using Unscented Laundry Detergent

Fragrance-free laundry detergents have become increasingly popular for those with sensitive skin. For example, the National Eczema Association recommends unscented, dye free detergents for those with eczema.

A good hypoallergenic laundry detergent will clean your clothes effectively without causing any discomfort from strong chemical smells left on the fabric after washing.

The Drawbacks of Scented Laundry Detergents

Scented laundry detergents may contain substances that can be harsh on your skin and potentially provoke an allergic reaction.

Not only that but you’ll also be exposing you and your family to harmful chemicals.

Different Types of Unscented Detergent

Unscented detergents come in all types of formulations. For example, you can get detergent sheets or a gentle liquid laundry detergent that’s fragrance-free.

Liquid Detergents – A Gentle and Effective Option

Fragrance-free liquid laundry detergent is popular because it’s easy to use. For one thing, it dissolves quickly in both hot and cold water temperatures, making it effective at stain removal even in cold washes.

Some examples include: Persil Laundry Detergent Liquid, Loni Bio Laundry Detergent, and Attitude Laundry Detergent.

Laundry Detergent Sheets – Convenient and Eco-Friendly

The latest addition to the world of unscented laundry detergents comes in the form of sheets. These eco-friendly detergents are particularly handy when traveling as they’re lightweight and mess-free compared to their liquid counterparts.

Some examples include those create by us – ACTIVE Laundry Detergent Sheets! Available in fragrance free scent, these sheets are a convenient, unscented option at home or when you’re on the go.

unscented laundry detergent pods

Laundry Detergent Pods – Easy and Mess-Free

If convenience tops your list while doing laundry, consider using pods. They contain pre-measured amounts of laundry detergent so there’s no guesswork involved which makes them easy on busy days.

The catch? Make sure to keep them out of reach from children as they can be mistaken for candy.

Laundry Detergent Powder – Versatile and Powerful

Unscented laundry detergent powders are powerful cleaners and typically more budget-friendly than liquid detergents or pods. They’re also great for tough stains.

Plus, their packaging is often recyclable which makes it an environmentally conscious choice too.

The Best Unscented Laundry Detergent In 2024

Here are some of the best fragrance-free laundry detergent options that you can get today.

Best Powder Product – ACTIVE Detergent

best unscented powder laundry detergent

ACTIVE Detergent is an effective laundry detergent that’s designed specifically for workout gear. It’s tough on stains but gentle on fabrics, ensuring your activewear stays in great shape wash after wash.

Another notable feature of this laundry detergent is its hypoallergenic formulation.

Hypoallergenic laundry detergents aren’t regulated by the FDA, but they generally exclude fragrances, dyes, chlorine, and common irritants, which can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. So not only will it get your clothes clean, but it will it also keep allergies at bay.

The laundry detergent even comes with its own scoop so you can easily measure the powder each time you’re doing the laundry.

Best Sheet Product – ACTIVE Detergent Laundry Sheets

best unscented laundry detergent sheets

ACTIVE Detergent Laundry Sheets are a game changer. Don’t be fooled by their small size, they will get your clothes sparkly clean with minimal effort on your part. Not only that but they’re also handy to transport, which makes them a great option for traveling or camping.

They don’t contain any artificial or potentially damaging odors either so you won’t have to worry about exposing yourself to any chemicals.

And they’re super easy to use – just place the sheet into the detergent dispenser tray if you have a front load machine or directly to the washer drum if you have a top-load machine, add your laundry, and run a normal wash cycle.

The laundry detergent sheets will automatically dissolve and work their magic, ensuring that your clothes come out clean.

Best Liquid Product – Persil Laundry Detergent Liquid

Persil offers a gentle liquid laundry detergent that’s gentle on the skin yet powerful on stains. Dermatologist-tested, it features a perfume-free formula that’s compatible with all washing machines, including HE models.

Choosing the Best Unscented Laundry Detergent

There are several things that you want to consider when you’re looking for the best unscented laundry detergent.

Cleaning Power

best fragrance free laundry detergent liquid

The first thing you want from any laundry detergent is the ability to get your clothes clean. One good example is ACTIVE Laundry Detergent – it offers superior stain removal without any harsh chemicals or artificial brighteners that might cause skin irritation.

You may ask yourself whether or not a hypoallergenic laundry detergent like ACTIVE would have enough strength against tough stains, but rest assured, it does.

Remember, the best-unscented detergents are formulated without dyes and perfumes yet still possess powerful cleaning abilities.

Compatibility With Washing Machines

Not all detergents are compatible with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines. If you use the wrong type, it could lead to less efficient washes or even damage your machine over time.

To avoid these issues, look for products that are explicitly designed for use in different types of machines.

Take Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10x Free Liquid Laundry Detergent, for example, it’s free of fragrances and dyes and is compatible with various washing machine models – making it an ideal choice whether you own a top-loader or front-loading model.

Suitability For Cold Water Washes

unscented detergent for cold water

Many of us prefer cold water washes to save energy and protect our clothes. However, not all detergents dissolve well in cold water.

Given that, you want to make sure the laundry detergent you choose will be able to dissolve effectively in different water temperatures.

The Best Unscented Laundry Detergent – FAQs

Is it worth it getting an unscented laundry detergent?

Yes, using an unscented laundry detergent will be better for your health, this is especially true if you have skin sensitivities or allergies.

While it won’t give your clothes a strong scent like a regular laundry detergent, it will clean them effectively.

What’s the best unscented laundry detergent?

ACTIVE Detergent is a top pick due to its strong cleaning power and hypoallergenic formula.

Is fragrance free laundry detergent better?

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, then yes – you want to choose a gentle detergent that’s free of perfumes.

The reason is simple; unscented laundry detergents do not contain any artificial fragrances that can cause irritation.

What are the best fragrance free laundry detergent sheets?

ACTIVE Laundry Detergent sheets are a great choice as they’re effective, easy to use, and eco-friendly. And like all fragrance free laundry detergent products, they are great for those with sensitive skin.

Clearalif laundry detergent sheets are another suitable option.

What’s the best fragrance free Laundry Detergent Liquid For Sensitive Skin?

Persil Laundry Detergent and Lioni Bio Laundry detergent are great options if you’re looking for fragrance free laundry detergents in liquid form.

What is the best smelling long lasting natural laundry detergent?

Natural options like ACTIVE Laundry Detergent Powder or Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent offer subtle, naturally-derived scents that last long without irritating chemicals.

Using Fragrance Free Laundry Detergents

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an fragrance free laundry detergent. Not only is it better for those with sensitive skin but they’re also free from synthetic chemicals.

And just like any other laundry detergent, they’ll give you fresh clothes every time. You can even choose which formulation you want – from a liquid laundry detergent to fragrance free laundry detergent sheets.

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