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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Powerlifters in 2024

July 1, 2022

Powerlifting is an intense sport that’s often compared to bodybuilding. That’s not surprising—after all, they both require a bit of mental preparation. The ultimate test of physical strength, powerlifting consists of three lifts—the deadlift, squat, and bench press. It’s not to be confused with Olympic weightlifting, a sport in which an individual attempts a single barbell lift.

There are several benefits to powerlifting:

  • It strengthens the muscle of your upper body, legs, and back
  • It burns a considerable amount of calories
  • It will help to boost your self-confidence
  • It will make your bones stronger

As with most sports, there’s a certain attire that’s expected of powerlifters. For one thing, you’ll need a pair of powerlifting shoes—these types of specialized footwear will allow you to deliver force more efficiently. They will also help to prevent injury. 

Aside from shoes, you’ll also need a powerlifting belt, which will help to build abdominal pressure, knee sleeves, wrist straps, squat briefs, and a bench shirt.

Looking For a Gift?

Do you know someone who’s into powerlifting? Perhaps your best buddy at work is into the sport? Is his birthday coming up? Need some gift ideas?

If so, you’re at the right place—we’ve put together a list of products that your powerlifting friend might just like. Keep reading to find out what they are! Surely, there will be one that he will like?

Top 10 Great Gifts For Powerlifters 2024

Check out some of these items. Which one do you think your friend will prefer?

1. Inzer Powerlifting Belt

inzer powerlifting belt

Belts are essential when it comes to powerlifting. When was the last time that you saw someone deadlift without a belt on? Not only do they allow you to pull more weight, but they help to support the spine indirectly.

How? A high-quality belt will increase the pressure in your abdomen, which in turn will stabilize your spine—this is crucial when you’re lifting heavy weights!

Inzer offers a variety of powerlifting belts that are made from genuine leather. Finished with high-grade suede, they come with a non-slip surface that’s not cobbled in layers like some of the cheaper alternatives on the market. If anything, they won’t come apart anytime soon! Extremely easy to use, all you have to do is tighten and lock it in place with the lever. 

They come in a number of colors too—which one would your buddy want? Blue, red, purple, grey, or black?

2. Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Chances are, your buddy will need a pair of high-quality lifting straps for deadlifting. What are they for? They allow you to tie the bar to your hands so that you won’t have to worry about grip strength limitations.

There are various kinds of lifting straps out there—the single loop, standard lasso, and Figure 8. Out of those, the Figure 8 variety is the most popularity. Why? They’re easier to put on and they’re more durable. Plus, they’re better suited for bigger hands!

Don’t worry if your friend already has a pair of lifting straps—you can never have too many! After all, the ones that they’re using now will eventually degrade.

3. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

foam roller

Sore muscles are inevitable when you’re a powerlifter. Even with the right techniques, you can strain your back or your legs. After all, you’re putting a lot of weight on yourself! Considering this, you might want to give your friend something that can help with this issue. You know, something like a foam roller.

Foam rollers are typically made from plastic or foam. Don’t be fooled by their simplistic design; they are great for relieving muscle tension. All you have to do is roll over the problem area—that will help to soothe your sore muscles. By stimulating blood flow, you’ll increase the amount of oxygen to the muscle fibers, which will ultimately reduce recovery time.

Trigger Point makes a fantastic foam roller that’s available in different sizes. Constructed from high-grade materials, it won’t lose shape or break down even with repeated use. The way it’s designed, there’s a multi-density exterior and a rigid, hollow core, which makes it easy for rolling. 

It’s definitely worth the money if you ask me!

4. An A7 Bar Grip Shirt

Powerlifters often run into two issues—the bar will slide down their back on squats or there back will slip during a bench press. To combat this, most people will use chalk. Why? It helps them keep their grip.

As it turns out, there’s a better solution for these issues—the A7 Bar Grip Shirt. Really, it’s one of the best pieces of gym wear that you can get. After all, they’re not just a shirt, they’re a practical piece of accessory. Confused? Allow me to explain.

A7 Bar Grip Shirts are unique in that they contain special “sticky grips” on the back of the shirt. This not only prevents the bar from sliding down but it also stops your back from slipping during a bench press. Essentially, it kills two birds with one stone!

Why is it better than chalk? For one thing, the shirt is not messy. You just need to put it on; you won’t have to keep reapplying as you would with chalk. Second of all, it’s much more effective and convenientThey’re not that expensive either!

5. Donnie Thompson’s Formal Bowtie

donnie thompson bowtie

Powerlifters are notorious for their posture—due to all the lifting, their shoulders tend to be rolled forward. As you can imagine, this can be made worse by things like sitting in front of the computer or television.

Fortunately, there’s something that you can get that will help them with that! The Donnie Thompson’s Formal Bowtie. Yes, it’s a bowtie, but it’s not just any bowtie—it will help to pull their shoulders back into place. By stretching the shoulder muscles, it will encourage them to go back into their proper position.

The Formal Bowtie is incredibly versatile—it can be worn for mobility drills, warmups, and during heavy lifts! If you want, you can even use it throughout the day. In fact, many people prefer the stronger pulling force when it’s worn for multiple hours at a time. In any case, you can count of it to keep your upper torso and shoulders in proper position.

There are several sizes available—from small to 4XL. You’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the appropriate one for your friend (it goes according to body weight). For more information, you can check out their official website!

6. Active Detergent

active detergent for activewear 1

Powerlifting is an intense form of strength training, there’s no doubt about it. After all, you’re lifting hundreds of pounds of weight! It only makes sense that that would cause you to break a sweat! Given that, it’s a good idea to wash your powerlifting gear on a regular basis. The last thing that you’d want is to have everything wet and smelly!

Here’s a practical gift that can help—Active Detergent. Add a scoop to your gear and voila, everything will be fresh and clean—no more sweat, oils, dirt, and grime! Hypoallergenic, the product can also be used for other activewear. This makes it the perfect product for those who engage in other sports! If anything, your friend will definitely thank you for it!

7. Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are something that any powerlifter can use. For those who don’t know, they enhance wrist support on overhead press or bench press exercises. Basically, they prevent the wrist from bending too far backward, which would lead to injury. The last thing that any athlete would want is to accidentally drop the bar because of their wrists!

It’s probably worth mentioning, however, that these should only be given to intermediate powerlifters. Beginners should ideally build up some strength in their wrist and forearms first before using these wraps (unless they’re working around a minor wrist injury, of course). Considering this, you might want to ask about your friend’s powerlifting level—are they a beginner or are they more experienced in the sport?

Wondering what kind of wrist wrap to get? Inzer makes a great product that’s ideal for powerlifting. It comes with wide elastic thumb loops and velcro straps for maximum grip strength. Each wrap is interchangeable too—you won’t have to worry about mixing up the left with the right!

8. A Pair of Powerlifting Shoes

powerlifting shoes

Who wouldn’t want a nice pair of shoes as a gift? As mentioned earlier, powerlifting shoes are important for the sport. Unlike running shoes, their soles are rock hard—this not only helps to stabilize the feet, but it also allows you to push harder during the lift. That’s not all; the heel is also slightly elevated. This puts the ankle in a favourable position, which makes it easier for you to squat.

For this gift to work, however, you’d obviously need to know your friend’s shoe size. Maybe just bring it up casually in a conversation?

9. Fractional Plates

Did your friend mention that he’s upping his lifts? If so, fractional plates might be a good gift. Essentially, they’re mini plates that allow you to add small increments to the lifts. What’s great is that they typically come in 0.25 lb increments. In other words, you’ll be able to up your lifts a little at a time! After all, it’s hard to increase by 5 lb increments. These plates will ensure steady process in your friend’s training.

Despite how helpful they are, they can actually be quite difficult to find in stores. Fortunately, you can find them easily online! On Amazon, you can easily grab a pair for just a few bucks. What’s better than an inexpensive yet practical gift, right? 

10. Lifting Chalk

lifting chalk

Lifting chalk is a must-have for those with sweaty hands. It will help you grip the bar tighter so that you can be more efficient in your training. Seeing as how they’re disposable, your friend will definitely need more at some point! In other words, you can’t go wrong with chalk.

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