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Activewear Laundry Detergent

Active detergent is scientifically formulated to remove odor from technical fibers used in activewear clothing.

The active complex

Using Active detergent can extend the life of your workout clothes, increase their “performance”, and keep them free of sweaty and musty smells better than any traditional laundry detergent!


Scientifically Formulated

Engineered specifically for today’s activewear fabrics to remove odor-causing oil, sweat, and bacteria.


Super Concentrated

We don’t use wasteful fillers to make our product appear larger. Each bag of concentrated Active powder can clean 90 full loads.


All Natural Enzyme Blend

Made with a plant based triple enzyme blend to break down organic materials that get trapped in technical fibers. No harsh chemicals!


Designed For Activewear

Formulated to clean and remove odors in popular activewear, such as: LuLuLemon, Nike DriFit, Athleta, Under Armour, and more!

Compatible clothing

Thoroughly Cleans Athletic Wear and Synthetic Fabrics

Activewear detergent removes odors and keeps your favorite workout gear smelling fresh

  • Our powdered laundry detergent is scientifically formulated with all natural plant-based enzymes that remove and eliminate smells generated from sweat in fitness and gym clothes
  • Specialized laundry detergent for men’s or women’s athletic clothing compatible with your favorite brand’s activewear
  • Remove smells from workout shirts, shorts, bras, tank tops, leggings, yoga pants, uniforms, jerseys, compression underwear, jock strap, and socks



Gym Shorts

Synthetic Fibers


Sport Bras

Tried everything to get the smell out of your activewear clothing?

Your laundry detergent may be the problem. Here’s why…

Old School Fabrics

Loosely Woven Fabrics

Today's Athletic Apparel

Tightly Woven Fabrics

Clothing has changed from cotton to synthetic technical fibers.

These new technical fabrics commonly used in active wear offer increased breathability and comfort. However, the tightly woven fibers also lock in odor causing sweat, oils, and bacteria much more than traditional cotton fabrics. While fabrics have evolved, your laundry detergent has not. That’s where we come in.

The Smell Cycle of Activewear

The differences in fabrics results in something we refer to as “the activewear smell cycle”. You’ve tried washing your clothes but the smell keeps coming back. Is it time to replace your clothes? Not so fast!

If you wash your workout clothes with traditional detergent, you’re probably familiar with this cycle:

  • You work up a sweat while exercising
  • Your clothes are drenched with odor causing sweat, body oils, and bacteria
  • You wash your activewear with traditional detergent
  • Your clothes come out smelling “clean” but odors quickly return the next time you wear them (because you’ve actually just trapped the odor causing agents)
The cycle continues and the odors get worse over time.

Traditional Detergent vs Activewear Detergent

When you wash activewear with Normal Liquid detergent

Traditional detergents are packed with softeners and artificial fragrances to improve the smell of clothing. These detergents coat the fibers in activewear clothing and facilitate the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

When you wash activewear with Active detergent

Active detergent is free of any fragrances, softeners and fillers. It contains a plant-based enzyme blend designed to penetrate technical fibers, breaking down sweat and other oils. The result is truly clean activewear clothing. Click here to learn more.


How to Wash with Active Detergent

Add 1-2 scoops of Active Detergent into Empty Washing Machine

Pour a scoop of Active detergent directly into your washing machine drum. Do not put it in the detergent dispenser tray.


For large loads or heavily soiled clothing, use 2 scoops of detergent.

Put Clothes in the Washing Machine

Throw in any of your favorite workout clothes like leggings, sports bras, gym shorts, and more. Active detergent works great on towels too!


Note: we do not recommend using Active on any organic fabrics like leather.

Wash with cold or warm temperature water

Active detergent works great with any temperature of water and any washing mode.

Why Active

Active compared to other Detergents

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Active Detergent

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