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Washing Machine Agitators VS Impellers

August 2, 2023

Nowadays, there are many types of washing machines. For example, you can get top load washer with an agitator or one with an impeller.

They’re both effective at washing your clothes – they just work a little differently, that’s all.

Which type of washer should you get? Are agitators better or impellers better when it comes to caring for your garments?

For the answers, be sure to keep reading. We’ll be going over the answers in our washing machine agitator vs impeller guide below!

The Evolution of Washing Machines

washing machine agitators vs impellersWashing machines have come a long way over the years. Nowadays, we have the top loading washing machine, front load washers, as well as high-efficiency models to choose from.

Still, the early models were effective; they utilized an agitator mechanism for moving clothes in soapy water, which allowed it to dislodge dirt and grime.

At the end of the day, it’s this agitator that eliminated manual hand-washing and allowed for automated wash cycles.

Modern Top Load Washers and Front Load Washers

Washer technology has advanced heaps in recent years. From touch screens allowing easy programming to sensors that adjust water usage based on load size or soil level, washers have become highly advanced.

Some even have Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling remote control via smartphone apps.

The Mechanics Behind Washing Machines

When it comes to top-loading washing machines, the mechanics can be broken down into two primary categories: agitator washers and impeller washers.

Each type has its unique way of ensuring your clothes come out clean after each cycle.

How Does an Agitator Washer Work?

An agitator washer cleans clothes using a central post that twists back and forth during the wash cycle. This movement generates friction against the materials, helping break apart stains.

Traditional top-load washing machines generally incorporate this mechanism.

How Does an Impeller Washer Work?

Impeller washers, on the other hand, are typically gentler compared to agitator washers.

Instead of using an oscillating central post, they have a low-profile cone or disc at the bottom of the drum, which spins and rotates during the wash cycle.

This cone gently rub clothes rather than vigorously rubbing them together like an agitator would do.

Cleaning Performance – Agitators vs Impellers

Agitating mechanisms are known for being more forceful, which makes them ideal if you’re dealing with heavily soiled items made from robust materials such as denim jeans or cotton towels.

Due to the rigorous movements, however, there’s always a risk that it will damage delicate clothing.

Impellers, on the other hand, provide a softer yet efficient cleaning method by gently circulating your clothes inside the drum instead of subjecting them to high levels of pressure via twisting motions.

While their less harsh nature might preserve the integrity of sensitive textiles for longer periods compared to older model alternatives, some users find that they don’t always deliver the same level of cleanliness, especially when you’re dealing with tough stains.

Selecting Top-Load Washer Models with Agitators

washing machine agitatorsThere are several things that you want to consider when you’re getting a top load washer with an agitator.

Prioritize load capacity: Consider how much laundry you typically need to do at once before deciding on any specific model

Evaluate energy efficiency rates: More efficient models will lead to lower utility costs over time

Noise levels matter too: Some appliance brands operate more quietly than others. For example, you can get a Maytag top load washer if you’re sensitive to sounds – they’re known for being relatively quiet while operating

Selecting a Front Load Washing Machine With An Impeller

There are several factors that you should consider before making your decision.

Size: Ensure the appliance fits into the allocated space without causing inconvenience

Energy Consumption Rates: Choose energy-efficient models to reduce electricity bills

Budget Constraints: Consider affordability along with the features offered

Agitator vs Impeller Washers – Which Should You Get?

Remember, the washer cleaning styles differ. At the end of the day, it all depends on your specific laundry needs.

Cleaning Power

An agitator’s movement generates friction that is highly effective at eliminating stubborn stains. The vigorous motion of the central post assists in breaking down soils, which will give you clean clothes each time.

In contrast, impellers provide a gentle cleaning by moving clothes around the wash basket with a rotating disc or cone. While they may not be as efficient at removing stains, many homeowners find them adequate for routine laundry tasks.

Gentleness on Fabrics

washing machine impellersImpeller washing machines are known for being gentler on fabrics due to their less abrasive cleaning method. This makes them ideal if you frequently launder delicate items or if you prefer a more cautious approach to cleaning your clothes.

While agitators can handle sturdy materials like denim and heavy cotton effectively, however, they may cause wear and tear on delicate fabrics due to their rigorous action during the wash cycle.

If your wardrobe consists mainly of sturdy materials that need rigorous cleaning, then an agitator washer might just fit the bill.

However, if delicate items make up most of your laundry list, this aggressive action could cause potential harm.

Load Capacity

An impeller washing machine generally offers larger load capacities, thanks to their low-profile design that leaves more room in the drum compared to traditional models with agitation mechanisms.

If you often do large loads of dirty laundry or need flexibility when it comes to bulky articles such as comforters or rugs, an impelling washer could prove advantageous.

Evaluate Your Regular Washing Habits

Do you prefer shorter or longer cycles? Are energy efficiency and water conservation important considerations?

When it comes down to brass tacks, determining the right pick for your household needs may hinge on factors such as the type of clothing material, frequency of usage, etc.

Top Load Washers vs Front Load Washers

Impellers and agitators can both be found in top load washers. You can tell by looking inside the wash basket – if there’s a large spindle in the center, you have a washing machine agitator.

With a front load washing machine, however, you’re limited to an impeller. This makes them a better choice if you care more about preserving the integrity of your clothes than getting out stains.

Aside from the whole agitator vs impeller debate, there are other pros and cons too. For example, top load washers allow you to add laundry mid-cycle.

A front loading washing machine, on the other hand, can’t be opened once the cycle has been started. However, they are generally more efficient at washing your clothes.

Agitator vs Impeller Washer – FAQs

Is my white top load washer an agitator or impeller washer?

If your washer has a spiral piece in the center, it uses an agitator.

Are impeller washers or agitator washers better?

washing machine agitators vs impellers best delicate washingThe choice between an impeller washer and an agitator washer depends on your laundry needs. Agitators offer deep cleaning, while impellers are gentler on fabrics.

Is it better to have an agitator in a top load washer?

An agitator can provide a thorough clean for heavily soiled clothes but may be harsher on delicate fabrics compared to machines with impellers.

Is it better to get an impeller washer if I wash delicate garments regularly?

Yes, an impeller washing machine would be gentler on your clothes compared to a top load washer with an agitator as the movement won’t be as vigorous.

What is the difference between an agitator and an impeller?

A top load washer with an agitator creates friction against clothes for cleaning, while an impeller washing machine rubs clothes against each other using its low-profile cone or disc that spins or rotates.

Are impeller washing machines more expensive than a washing machine with an agitator?

Impeller washers are generally more expensive. However, you’ll likely save money in the long run as they’re more efficient.

You can also look around for top load washer deals.

Choosing Between an Agitator and Impeller Washers

You’re now equipped with knowledge on how agitator washing machines are different from front load washers with an impeller.

While they’re both effective at cleaning your clothes, they work differently; agitators use a large spiral-like post in the wash basket to generate friction while impellers have low-profile discs or cones that spin or rotate your garments.

As for whether you should get a front-loading washing machine or a top load washing machine – it all depends on your personal preference. Both come in agitator and impeller models so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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