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ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment



RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment – Liquifies Solid Waste & Deodorizes

  • Compatible with all black water tanks, gray water & galley tanks, and septic tanks
  • Digests and liquifies all solid waste, including toilet paper
  • Made with non-pathogenic probiotic bacteria and natural enzymes
  • Great for RV’s, campers, trailers, motor homes, 5th wheels, and boats

Size: 32 fl oz

Usage Amount: Up to 16 treatments (2oz per 40 gallons of tank volume)

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Reduce Clogs & Prevent RV Holding Tank Back-ups

Solid waste inside RV holding tanks can create clogs which eventually lead to back-ups. ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment helps break down solids to ensure the system functions properly.
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Maintains proper system functionality

Helps keep sensors clear and working as they should.


Powerful natural enzyme formula

Immediately begins digesting solid waste in the holding tank.


Decreases odors from the tank

Breaks down waste to deodorize between pumping sessions.


Helps prevent clogs and back-ups

Ensures smooth operation by liquifying waste contained in the tank.

Performance Benefits

Decrease Foul Odors To Maintain A Pleasant Atmosphere

Whether you’re in your RV, camper, or even a boat with an onboard toilet, the last thing you want to smell is the waste you’re carrying with you.

A Simple Solution For Smells

  • After you empty your holding tank, all you need to do is pour 2-4oz of treatment liquid into the toilet (for black water tanks) or down the drain (for gray water tanks).
  • ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment begins working right away to liquify waste as it enters the tank, helping keep your cabin area odor-free.
active rv holding tank digester treatment deodorizer


How to Treat Your RV Holding Tank With ACTIVE


Ensure your tank is empty

Whether you’re treating a black water or gray water holding tank (or both), ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment works best when added to an empty tank.

active rv holding tank digester treatment empty tank

Add The Treatment Liquid

2oz of ACTIVE treats a 40 gallon tank.

Black Water Tanks
Pour 2-4oz of treatment liquid directly into the toilet.

Gray Water Tanks
Pour 2-4oz of treatment liquid down the sink or shower drain.

active rv holding tank digester treatment pour toilet

Flush the Treatment Into The Tank

Black Water Tanks
Press the flush lever on the toilet for 10-15 seconds to fully flush the treatment into the tank.

Gray Water Tanks
Run 1-2 gallons of water through the sink or shower (wherever you added the treatment) to fully rinse it down the drain.

active rv holding tank digester treatment flush toilet

Enjoy Your RV Experience

All that’s left to do is enjoy your time in an odor-free and clog-free RV, camper or boat!

Just remember to add ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment next time you empty your tank.

active rv holding tank digester treatment finished

Why is active rv holding tank treatment better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other RV Holding Tank Treatments

active rv holding tank digester treatment liquid best

ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Treatment

other rv holding tank treatment liquid

Other RV Holding Tank Treatments

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Why ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment?

RV Black Tank Digester Treatment to Liquify Solid Waste


Works With All Types of Holding Tanks

Compatible with all types of waste holding tanks including black water tanks, gray water tanks, and galley tanks. It also safe to use as a pro-biotic treatment in septic tanks.


Natural Enzyme & Probiotic Bacteria Blend

Our holding tank treatment contains natural enzymes combined with non-pathogenic probiotic bacteria to work in overdrive digesting solid waste.


Reduces Odors From The Tank

Our digester treatment breaks down odor-causing solid waste, reducing bad smells for a more pleasant RV experience.


Helps Reduce Clogs & Prevent Backups

ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment liquifies the waste inside the tank which helps reduce clogs that can lead to nasty backups. It also helps keep the sensors clear and functioning properly.


Value Treatment Supply

Each 32oz bottle of our holding tank treatment can be used for up to 16 treatments. Just 2oz of digester liquid treats a 40 gallon tank size.

ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment FAQ

Frequently asked questions

The holding tanks in your RV, camper, or boat are not something you want to take chances on, so we understand you may have some questions about our digester treatment.

ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment is completely safe to use. The bacteria is non-pathogenic and cultivated here in the USA.

The recommended usage amount depends on the size of your tank. Simply follow the ratio below for treatment usage:

2oz of ACTIVE Holding Tank Treatment per 40 gallons of tank size.

A 60 gallon holding tank would require 3oz of treatment liquid, 80 gallon tanks require 4oz of treatment, and so on.

We recommend adding the digester treatment liquid to an empty tank for best results. This way, the treatment is at the bottom of the tank and can treat any waste that gets added on top of it.

Yes, you can add our digester treatment at any time. However, adding the treatment to a holding tank that already has waste in it will yield less effective results.

Why is this? When the treatment is added on top of existing waste, it’s difficult for it to permeate and treat the waste below it – especially in black tanks that contain solid waste. That’s why we recommend adding it to an empty tank so it mixes with the waste as it enters the tank.

This product is not intended for cleaning or sterilizing holding tanks – it is designed to liquify and digest the waste inside of the tank.

ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment Usage Guide

Treating Your RV Holding Tank With ACTIVE

So what exactly is RV holding tank treatment, and why should it matter to you as an RV owner or enthusiast?

active rv black water tank treatment digester liquidPicture this – you’re on the open road, embracing freedom. The last thing on your mind should be tank odors coming from your RV toilet bowl. That’s where we come in.

Below, we’ll cover everything from understanding different types of tanks and treatments to debunking myths about toxic elements like formaldehyde.

We will also weigh up DIY methods versus our ready-to-use solution – ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Digester Treatment. We’re here to help make sure those ‘hold-your-nose’ moments are history!

Understanding RV Holding Tank Treatment

When it comes to maintaining your recreational vehicle (RV), holding tank treatments play a crucial role. But what is RV holding tank digester treatment? It’s a specially formulated solution designed to control odor, break down waste, and clean sensors in your RV’s wastewater tanks.

The purpose of these treatments goes beyond merely managing unpleasant smells. They help maintain the overall health of your waste system by facilitating the breakdown of organic and inorganic matter which can lead to clogs. Note that even septic-safe toilet paper alone isn’t enough of a prevention method.

Without proper treatment, you could face serious issues like malfunctioning tank sensors or blockages that can lead to costly backups and repairs.

Put simply, regular use of quality holding tank treatments can save you from significant headaches down the line.

The Necessity for Proper Solid Waste Treatment

Relying solely on standard plumbing methods won’t cut it when dealing with unique challenges posed by an RV lifestyle – limited water usage being one among many others.

active rv holding tank treatment digester liquid empty black tankYou might ask why we need specialized RV holding tank treatments for this task? One major reason is unlike home sewer systems, in an RV or camper you are carrying the waste along with you wherever you go – and access to a legal waste disposal location can sometimes be days away.

So having a black tank treatment on hand will not only help control odors, but also liquefy waste so it doesn’t cause a stubborn holding tank issue that requires your attention.

Potential Issues From Not Using A Tank Treatment

Apart from holding tank odors turning pleasant journeys into nightmarish experiences; untreated solid waste may also lead to stubborn deposits (like toilet paper) sticking onto the tank walls causing malfunctions with level sensors or worse – an RV toilet backup.

Different Types of RV Holding Tanks

Every RV adventurer needs to understand their rig’s plumbing system. At the heart of this system, you’ll find three types of holding tanks – each with a unique role and specific maintenance needs.

The Role and Maintenance Needs of Each Holding Tank

Your Fresh Water Tank is your personal water supply tank on wheels. It holds clean water for drinking, cooking, and showering while on the road. Regular cleaning keeps it free from algae or bacteria build-up.

active rv holding tank treatment digester liquid empty gray tank wasteThe second type is the Gray Tank. After washing dishes or taking a shower in your RV, where does all that used water go? You guessed it – straight down the sewer hose into the gray tank. To avoid nasty smells or clogs, regular tank treatment with effective products like ACTIVE helps keep things flowing smoothly.

Last but certainly not least comes the notorious Black Holding Tank. The black tank holds everything flushed down your RV toilet bowl: solid waste, toilet paper, liquids, etc. These wastes can cause strong odors and harden over time if left untreated. So RV black tank treatment is essential, above treating the other aforementioned tanks.

All three tanks play crucial roles in keeping your home-on-wheels functional and comfortable during travels. Yet they have different requirements when it comes to upkeep due to their varied contents.

Types and Benefits of RV Holding Tank Treatments

Taking care of your RV means paying attention to every detail, including the less glamorous ones. This includes using an RV holding tank treatment. These treatments are like superheroes for your waste tanks – they help with odor elimination, break down waste efficiently, prevent clogs and extend the lifespan of an RV’s holding tank and sensors too.

Let’s talk about waste breakdown with treatment. Imagine a small army inside your black water tank breaking down solid wastes into liquid form – that’s exactly what these treatments do. By accelerating decomposition processes in the tank, they keep everything in the RV black tank flowing smoothly while preventing any unwanted waste buildup from toilet paper and other culprits.

Enzyme vs Chemical vs Probiotic Treatments

The battle lines are drawn between enzyme-based tank treatment, chemical solutions and probiotic options; each has its pros and cons.

rv septic safe toilet paper digester treatment activeA solely enzyme-based tank treatment uses natural enzymes to break down waste but may struggle against tougher, non-organic materials like toilet paper. On the other hand, chemical solutions work fast but can be harsh on mobile septic systems over time. Meanwhile, probiotics balance efficiency with eco-friendliness by promoting beneficial bacteria growth within the waste tank itself.

Different forms come into play too: liquids require measuring but the contents mix into the black tank easier; powders can offer powerful odor control and elimination capacities while digesting waste effectively; pods and tablets provide convenience as long as you don’t puncture or break them before usage.

The Dangers of Formaldehyde in RV Holding Tank Treatments

Formaldehyde, a common ingredient found in many black water holding tank treatments, poses serious health risks. Although it’s effective at breaking down waste and controlling odors, the toxic effects of formaldehyde can’t be ignored.

active formaldehyde free rv holding tank treatment digesterBreathing in formaldehyde fumes may cause respiratory issues or skin irritation. Continued exposure may even lead to cancer over time. Therefore, safety should always come first when choosing an RV holding tank treatment.

Choosing Safer Alternatives: Formaldehyde-Free Treatments

Moving towards safer alternatives like formaldehyde-free RV black tank treatments, is a step worth taking for your health and the environment. They are just as effective without any nasty side-effects.

You might wonder if these products work well at reducing odors and breaking down waste solids without the use of harsh chemicals? Rest assured; they do. Our years and miles on the road have showed us that safe treatments are viable options for the job.

About ACTIVE Holding Tank Digester Treatment

active best rv holding tank digester treatmentIf you’re looking for a good holding tank treatment that can effectively manage your waste tank, then you’ve found the right product: ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Treatment. This powerhouse liquid treatment combines the benefits of enzymes and probiotics for an all-encompassing holding tank treatment.

ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Treatment stands out among other products for its exceptional performance with a safe formula. It not only works to digest waste but also keeps the waste buildup and odor causing bacteria at bay. But it doesn’t stop there; this digester also helps maintain sensor performance and can extend the system’s lifespan by preventing clogs.

Features of ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Treatment

Whether you’re full time rv living or just taking occasional camping trips, here’s why ACTIVE is the best RV holding tank treatment solution:

  • Natural Enzyme & Probiotic-Based Formulation: Uses nature’s own decomposition method to tackle black tank or gray tank waste without causing harm to you or the environment.
  • Clog Prevention: Keeps your system running smoothly by preventing toilet paper and other waste build-ups from forming in the first place.
  • Sensor Lifespan Extension: Helps maintain accuracy of sensors within holding tanks, leading to fewer maintenance needs over time.

Our Customers Are Happy Campers

We aren’t just boasting when we talk our holding tank treatment – our users love it too! Odor elimination, ease-of-use, and effective black tank solid waste management are all praises we hear about ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Treatment.

active rv holding tank digester treatment finishedTo use it effectively, simply follow instructions on packaging, calculating the amount needed based on the size of your holding tank – then just add directly into your black water tank or gray tank after the tank has been emptied. Regular usage can help ensure a smooth and trouble-free RV experience.

So, next time you’re out exploring the open road in your RV, make sure to take ACTIVE Holding Tank Digester Treatment along for the ride.

DIY vs Commercial RV Holding Tank Treatments

The choice between homemade and pre-mixed treatments like ACTIVE for your RV holding tank can feel like a tough one. Don’t fret, we’ll break down the info you need to weigh up to determine if a homemade black tank treatment is worth the time and effort compared to our specially formulated options.

Pros and Cons of DIY Holding Tank Treatments

Making your own RV holding tank treatment at home has its perks. You get to control what goes into them, which is great if you have specific environmental or health concerns. You might be able to save a few bucks too, if you don’t count your time spent researching and mixing the different ingredients.

But there’s a catch – they might not be as effective in dissolving solid waste, particularly contents of the black tank like toilet paper. This could lead to clogs over time, leading to difficulties with waste passing through the black tank valve or even malfunction of the tank sensors.

  • Dissolve Solids: ACTIVE RV Holding Tank Treatment contains a scientifically formulated enzyme and probiotic blend to digest waste inside the black tank – a difficult recipe to imitate with a DIY mixture.
  • Odor Control: If your goal is to eliminate odors to keep your RV smelling fresh, you may find that DIY concoctions fall short in this area. While you may be able to mask certain odors with scent additives, our holding tank treatment eliminates odors from the source by digesting the waste instead of just covering it up.
  • Safety Considerations: While it may be tempting to add harsh chemicals to enhance the effectiveness of a DIY black tank treatment blend, you may be putting your health and safety at risk. ACTIVE offers a formaldehyde-free option which is much safer for use in confined spaces like an RV, while still being highly effective for managing waste.

rv toilet odors black tank smell solution holding treatmentIn contrast with their homemade counterparts, pre-made RV holding tank treatments like ACTIVE’s offer professional-grade treatment power coupled with safety and ease of use.

So, when you’re out there enjoying the open road in your RV, don’t let holding tank issues ruin the fun. Weigh up these pros and cons to decide whether DIY treatments are worth your time and effort – or if you’d rather spend your time adventuring and let ACTIVE manage your RV black tanks and gray tanks for you.

RV Holding Tank Treatment FAQ

What does the treatment for holding tanks do?

Treatment for RV holding tanks involves using special products like powder or liquid treatments that break down waste, eliminate odors, and prevent clogs. It’s a key part of maintaining your RV sanitation system and keeping that dreaded sewer smell at bay.

What is chemical treatment for holding tanks?

Chemical treatments are potent solutions used to manage waste in RV holding tanks. They can quickly dissolve solids but might be harmful to the environment and mobile septic systems over time.

What is the best RV holding tank treatment?

The best treatment depends on personal preference and environmental considerations. Enzyme or probiotic-based treatments are often preferred as they’re eco-friendly while effectively managing waste in the RV black tank or gray tank.

What can I put in my RV holding tank to make it smell better?

The most powerful odor control involves addressing black tank odors at the source. ACTIVE Holding Tank Digester Treatment breaks down waste and prevents residual buildup of unpleasant odors from developing in the entire tank.

Packing Up & Hitting The Road

Well, folks! You’ve come a long way in understanding the ins and outs of RV holding tank treatments. Let’s wrap it up!

active best rv holding tank digester treatment 2We’ve answered the question, just what is RV holding tank treatment? It’s essential for managing waste, eliminating odors, preventing clogs and extending sensor lifespan. Whether you’re living the full time RV life or a weekend warrior, proper treatment of the holding tanks is crucial.

We delved into different types of holding tanks – fresh water tanks, gray water tanks and of course black water tanks. Each of these holding tanks have unique requirements that need specific attention.

You discovered benefits offered by various forms like liquid, powder or pod treatments – each having their own pros and cons.

The dangers of formaldehyde were brought to light; with the recommendation of safer options like our ACTIVE Holding Tank Digester Treatment. We also highlighted store-bought vs DIY solutions for treating holding tanks, giving you more knowledge to make an informed decision.

Remember these nuggets as they’ll guide your journey to a worry-free adventure on wheels. And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

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