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How to Safely Wash Marmot Outerwear

September 21, 2020

Marmot is a well-known brand that sells a variety of outdoor apparel. Not only that, but they sell sporting goods as well such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and more. If anything, they’re one of the most highly respected companies when it comes to technical equipment.

More About Marmot

Marmot was founded in 1974 by Tom Boyce, Eric Reynolds, and David Huntley, all of whom shared a common interest in mountaineering. Prior to that, they had spent several years making prototype gear. Since then, the brand has grown quite a bit. One thing hasn’t changed, though—their commitment to designing the best performance products.

Nowadays, they have distributors in multiple countries worldwide including New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Chile.

More About Marmot Outerwear

Marmot sells a variety of outdoor clothing for men, women, and children. If anything, they’re most known for their jackets, most of which are filled with down. Aside from that, they also offer windbreakers, vests, softshells, fleece sweaters, sweatshirts, base layers and more.

marmot store

Price-wise, their items are quite reasonable given the quality that you get. Take their jackets, for example—they range from $180 to $400+ depending on the model that you get. Other items such as their shirts and bottoms are a bit cheaper. It’s also worth noting that they offer regular discounts on their merchandise. Just check out the sale section on their website!

Taking Care of Marmot Outerwear

Like all clothes, their products require regular washing. This is especially true if you wear them outdoors on a regular basis. Not only is there the issue of sweat, which can penetrate deep into the fibers, but dirt and mud can also find their way onto the item. The longer you let them sit on your jacket, the harder it’ll be to remove later!

But wait, you don’t want to just stuff their items into the washer with everything else. There are certain things that you want to do to ensure their longevity. Remember, it’s super easy to ruin a jacket or shirt in the washer! Surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your Marmot garments?

Fabrics Used By Marmot

Marmot uses various synthetic fabrics for their clothing. We’ll be going over a few of them below. Why’s this important? The way you wash an item depends on the material it’s made out of! For example, you wouldn’t wash denim with something that’s made from cotton.

marmot fabrics


Polyester is a plastic-based fabric that’s often used for outerwear. Compared to cotton, it’s both stronger and more durable. Not only that, but it doesn’t absorb perspiration. In other words, you won’t be left with a moist, clammy feel. However, it’s not considered sustainable, nor is it biodegradable.

Marmot uses polyester for their vests, down jackets, sweaters, ski pants, and more.


Nylon is a silky material that’s used to make a variety of apparel. Not only is it stronger than polyester, but it’s also more elastic. On top of that, it’s resistant to abrasion and easy to wash. It does have some drawbacks, however. For one thing, it can easily melt if exposed to direct heat.

Marmot uses nylon for their vests, windbreakers, shorts, and more.


Elastane aka Lycra, is a man-made fiber that’s known for its elasticity. That is, it can be stretched over 500% without breaking. For this reason, it’s often incorporated in clothes to provide flexibility. Generally speaking, it’s mixed with other fabrics such as polyester or cotton.

Marmot uses elastane for their shorts, sweaters, shirts, and more.

Washing Instructions for Marmot Jackets

Marmot offers a wide variety of jackets. Some are filled with down whereas others are featherless. At the end of the day, however, you can wash them with the same methods. Here’s how.

washing marmot jackets

Can You Put Marmot Jackets In the Washing Machine?

Have a jacket that’s in dire need of a wash? You’ll be happy to know that it’s machine washable. Before you place it in, though, there are a couple of things that you want to do. First things first, check the pockets. Remove any coins or objects that might be inside unless you want to wash them too! Once you’ve done that, close the zippers. That will prevent it form scratching against other garments in the wash (trust me, it does happen).

Note: You can wash your Marmot jacket with other clothes as long as you’ve sorted the colors and separated them with laundry bags. Having said that, it’s best not to put them together with other jackets, especially if they’re made from coarse materials.

Load the jacket into the machine and fill it with cold water. Never use hot water as it can cause the fabric to shrink and warp. Next, measure out one scoop of ACTIVE detergent and put it into the washer. Fabric softeners should be avoided as they’re not made for these types of clothes; they’ll strip your jacket of its moisture-wicking finish. Use vinegar instead if you wish to soften your clothes.

Press the start button and run the cycle. Remove your jacket from the machine as soon as it’s finished. It’s important that you do this promptly, otherwise, it can lead to contaminants forming (this is especially true for down jackets). If the jacket is a windbreaker or soft shell, you can hang it up and let it air dry. For down jackets, however, you want to put it in the dryer on “low”.

The heat will dry the down and fluff it back up. Do not let it air dry; moisture will be trapped inside, which can lead to odors.

Washing Marmot Jackets By Hand 

You can also wash Marmot jackets by hand—you just need a tub or container big enough to fit the item. Fill it with lukewarm water and mix in a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Once it’s fully dissolved, place the jacket in (remember to empty the pockets beforehand) so that it’s fully submerged in the liquid. Press up and down a few times with your hands to work in the detergent. Allow it to soak for at least 20 minutes.

Empty the container and refill it with clean water. Using your hands, press as much of the soapy solution out of the jacket as possible. Proceed to rinse until there are no more soap suds. Chances are, it’ll take a good few minutes. Once it’s clean, gently squeeze out the excess water from the jacket. Do not twist or wring it as that’ll likely damage the item (it’ll also make the down clump together if you’re washing a down jacket).

Allow the item to air dry on a hanger if it’s a windbreaker or softshell. If it’s a down jacket, put it into the dryer and dry on low heat. The tumbling motion will help to fluff it out. Take it out once it’s fully dry.

Note: You can use the same methods to wash Marmot vests and parkas

How to Wash Marmot Tights

Aside from jackets, they also sell tights as part of their baselayers collection. Here’s how to wash them once they get dirty.

how to clean marmot tights

Putting Marmot Tights Into the Washer

Turn your tights inside out before putting them in the washing machine. That way, the “wrong side” will take most of the abuse caused by the agitator. In doing so, your tights will last longer. Want to be extra careful? Put them in a laundry bag. That will protect them even further against your other clothes. A pillowcase is a great alternative if you don’t have a laundry bag.

Load the item into the machine and add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Set the cycle to “gentle” and fill the washer with cool water (do not use hot water). Fabric conditioners and bleach should be avoided as they’re not meant to be used with the tights. Vinegar is an acceptable alternative if you want to soften your garments.

Start the washer. Wait for the cycle to finish before opening the door and taking out your tights. Hang them up on a clothesline so that they can air dry. It’s highly recommended that you don’t put them in the dryer as the high heat can cause shrinking. There’s also a chance that it’ll warp the material.

Washing Marmot Tights In the Sink 

Bring your tights to the sink. Fill it with water so that it’s half-full. Next, add in a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. You’ll have to swish the water a few times with your hand to get the powder to dissolve. Once it is, place your tights in. The goal is to submerge them fully so that they’re completely saturated with the detergent solution. From there, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes (longer if they’re excessively soiled).

Massage the fabric between your fingers a few times to remove any remaining debris. Rinse off all the detergent with clean water when you’re done. You’ll know it’s clean when the water comes out clear. From there, roll the tights in a towel—that will remove most of the excess moisture. Wringing should be avoided at all costs as it’ll stretch out the fabric.

The final step is to let them air dry. Remember not to put them in the dryer.

Note: You can wash their shirts, tops, shorts the same way

Best Laundry Detergent For Marmot Outerwear

Active TM front

ACTIVE detergent is highly recommended for Marmot outerwear. Why? Its formula is specific for synthetic fabrics—the very materials that the brand uses for their clothes. Compared to traditional detergents, it’s much more capable of removing sweat, dirt, and body oils. The reason is simple—it penetrates the fibers much better. As if that wasn’t great enough, the ingredients are also plant-based. In other words, you won’t be exposing yourself to any harsh chemicals. Don’t forget, that benefits the environment as well!

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