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How to Wash HeyNuts Leggings

April 21, 2022

HeyNuts is an activewear brand that’s best known for their leggings. They also sell shorts, joggers, tank tops, and sports bras, all of which are available from their Amazon store. As far as we can tell, that’s the only place where you can find their products.

What Kind of Leggings Do They Sell?

They offer full-length yoga leggings, 7/8 leggings, and high-waisted leggings. Not only do they come in various colors, but they also come with an inner pocket for keys and other small items. They’re also seamless for maximal comfort. And there are six sizes to choose from: xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large.

heynut leggings pocket

As far as prices go, they range from $20 to $40 (including tax). Shipping is also free if you order above the minimum amount.

Caring For Your HeyNuts Leggings

Their leggings should be washed after each wear. Avoid leaving them on the floor or in the hamper for long periods as that can cause them to develop odors. If you don’t have time to wash them right away, at least air them out. That’ll help get rid of the excess moisture, which can attract bacteria.

It’s also important that you wash them properly. Check the garment label. Make sure that you understand how to wash them before throwing them in the washer.

What Materials Are HeyNuts Leggings Made Of?

Their leggings (as well as their other activewear) are made from man-made fabrics, which are more durable than natural fibers. They also have different washing requirements. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about them:


Spandex (aka elastane) is a synthetic fiber that’s made of polyurethane. Lightweight and comfortable, it has great elasticity, which makes it ideal for activewear and other form-fitting garments. Unlike other man-made fibers, it’s usually woven with other materials such as polyester or cotton; it’s never used by itself for clothing. 


Polyester is a a type of plastic that’s made by mixing ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. Like most synthetic materials, it’s strong and. lightweight. Not only that, but it’s also water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. On top of that, it’s quick-drying and wicks moisture away from the body. The only thing is that it’s prone to static buildup. It’s also less breathable compared to cotton and other natural fibers.


Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that’s derived from petroleum. Known for its elasticity, it can stretch up to 33% of its length and still retain its original shape. That’s not all, it’s also stain-resistant, which is great for when you accidentally spill something on your clothes. What’s more, is that it repels moisture—this makes it a great choice for swimsuits. However, it tends to trap heat and sweat against the skin. It’s also prone to pilling.

How Should You Wash Your HeyNuts Leggings?

The good news is that all of their leggings can be put in the washing machine. If you want, you can even wash them with your other clothes! There are just a few things that you want to do to prevent them from wearing out. Or if you want, you can choose to wash them by hand. It’ll take a bit more effort but it’ll be gentler on the item (ie. it won’t wear out as quickly).

about heynuts leggings

Instructions On How to Machine Wash Your HeyNuts Leggings

Empty the inner pockets. Check the side pockets as well if your leggings have them. Once you’ve double-checked that they’re empty, turn the pants inside out. That’ll preserve the color and prevent the outer layer of the fabric from pilling. It’ll also expose the inner layer (where the sweat and oils are) to the detergent, which will help with the cleaning process.

Place the leggings in a laundry bag. While you don’t have to, it’s highly recommended as it’ll prevent them from rubbing against your other clothes.

Close the zipper; make sure that it’s zipped all the way up and throw the bag in the washer. Add the rest of your dirty clothes (you can wash HeyNuts leggings with other similarly-colored activewear such as tank tops, shorts, etc). Take out your Active Detergent and measure one scoop of powder. Add it directly to the drum or to the dispenser.

Tip: Skip the softener—it’ll do more harm than good to your leggings. For one thing, it’ll coat the fabric with a waxy substance, which will hinder its moisture-wicking abilities. Not just that, but the chemicals can also irritate your skin. If necessary, use white vinegar instead. It’ll soften the fabric and get rid of any smells. Just add 1/2 a cup during the rinse cycle.

Select a delicate wash cycle (minimal spin is key if you want your leggings to look new for longer) and be sure to use cold water. Wait for the cycle to finish before taking out your leggings. Don’t tumble dry. What you want to do instead is let them air dry in a well-ventilated area. For instance, you can place them on a drying rack. A hanger or clothesline works as well, as long as you’re not leaving it out in the sun (that can cause the colors to fade over time).

Insturctions On How to Hand Wash Your HeyNuts Leggings

Bring your leggings to a sink. Fill the latter with cool water and add 1/2 a scoop of Active detergent. Swish the water back and forth to dissolve the powder.

Make sure nothing is left in the pockets and turn the leggings inside out. Place them in the sink so that they’re fully covered by the detergent mixture. Gently massage them with your hands to loosen any debris; it’ll also help work in the soap suds. Leave them in the sink for about 20-30 minutes (any longer and the colors may bleed).

soap suds in sink 1

Get rid of the dirty water and refill the sink with fresh water from the tap (avoid hot water as it can stretch out the fabric). Use it to rinse out the leggings. For example, you can wave them through the water. Holding them directly under a stream of water works as well. Whichever method you choose, you want to continue to rinse the leggings until all of the soap suds are gone. The water should run clear.

Transfer the leggings onto a clean towel. Roll it up with the pants inside to remove some of the excess water. You can also press the fabric against the edge of the pink. Once you’ve done that, hang them up to dry, preferably on a laundry rack or clothesline. You can also lay them flat to dry. Just don’t use the clothes dryer or leave them out in the sun.

Getting Stains Out of Your HeyNuts Leggings

Using Active Detergent For Stains

The easiest way to remove stains is to spot treat the area with detergent. Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a bit of Active detergent. Using your finger, mix the solution. Continue until the powder is fully dissolved.

Identify the stain and apply a liberal amount of the mixture onto the area. Gently rub it in with a soft-bristled brush (a toothbrush works well). For the best results, use small circular motions. Avoid scrubbing too hard as that can damage the fabric.

Leave the detergent on the stain for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse the garment with cold water afterward. We recommend holding it under the faucet. Continue to rinse until all of the soap suds are gone. Check to see if the stain is still visible. If it is, repeat the above steps. If it’s gone, you can wash the leggings as normal, according to the instructions above.

Using White Vinegar For Stains

White vinegar is great in that it has many uses. Not only is it great for removing odors, but you can use it for stains as well.

benefits of white vinegar

Start by creating a solution. In a small bowl, mix the vinegar with water (use a one-to-one ratio). Apply the mixture liberally to the stain and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. That’ll give the vinegar time to work out the stain. Once you’ve done that, give it a good rinse.

Using a White Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture For Stains

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda in a small bowl. You should end up with a thick paste. Using your fingers (or a soft-bristled brush), apply it onto the stain. Make sure to cover the entire area. Gently rub it in with small circular motions.

Leave the paste on the leggings for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Repeat the steps again if the stain is still visible.

The Best Laundry Detergent For HeyNuts Leggings

Active Detergent is the best option for HeyNuts leggings. How is it different from regular detergents? It’s specifically formulated for synthetic fabrics such as polyester and spandex. In other words, your leggings will come out much cleaner. For one thing, it contains enzymes, which are capable of breaking down sweat, oils, and other impurities.

active detergent for activewear 1

It’s also all-natural so you won’t be exposing yourself to any potential chemicals!

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