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How to Wash Faybox Headbands

April 9, 2022

Faybox is an Amazon brand. In other words, you can only find their products on the site. In fact, they only sell one thing—headbands. Perhaps they’ll extend their collection in the future but for now, that’s all their known for.

More About Faybox

Faybox has been selling headbands on the site since 2017. Like most small brands, their items are manufactured in China. Despite that, they seem to be fairly popular with nearly 1,500 reviews, most of which are positive. Shipping is also free since they ship from Amazon.

What Kind of Headbands Do They Sell?

Their headbands are designed for running, skiing, hiking, fishing, riding, and other sports. With that said, you can also use them as a handkerchief, armband, or wristband—it all depends on how you wear it. Speaking of which, there are different ways to wear them on your head as well. For example, you can wear it as a headband or as a mask to protect your face from the wind, dust, or sun. Made of 100% polyester, it will also pull sweat away from your skin.

different faybox headbands

As far as design goes, they offer various patterns from stars to flowers. Solid colors are also available.

Taking Care of Your Faybox Headband

It doesn’t matter how you wear their headbands, they will get dirty eventually. Not just with sweat, but with dust, dirt, and other debris. That’s why it’s recommended that you wash them with water and soap after each wear. The last thing that you want to do is to re-wear the headband without washing it in between. Depending on how you wear the item, the soiled fabric can easily irritate your skin. Not to mention that the sweat and oils can also compromise the polyester fabric.

Considering that, it’s important that you put them in the wash. If anything, just treat it like the rest of your clothes and you’re set to go. In fact, you can even wash them together. There are just a few things that you have to keep in mind and we’ll be going over them below.

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What Are Their Headbands Made Of?

faybox headband fabric

Faybox headbands are made of 100% polyester. Seamless and lightweight, they also offer UV protection. Here’s what you need to know about the fabric itself:


Polyester is a durable manmade fiber that’s often used for activewear such as tanks and leggings. As it is, this is partly due to its moisture-wicking properties. Put it simply, the fabric has the ability to pull sweat and moisture away from the skin. In other words, you won’t be left with a wet feeling while you’re moving around.

Aside from that, polyester is also quick drying. This is one of the reasons why it’s a popular choice for outdoor gear; even if it gets wet in the rain, it’ll dry quickly. Of course, that means that it’ll also dry fast after washing, which as you can imagine comes in handy when the item has to be washed after each wear (this is the case with Faybox headbands).

Two Easy Methods to Wash and Clean Your Faybox Headbands

ways to clean faybox headbands

While their headbands are able to pull sweat away from the skin you still have to wash the sweat off. This is especially true if you wear it around your head or your face as a mask. Given how close-fitting the item is, it will get soiled after a few hours of wear, as mentioned earlier.

The good news is that there’s more than one way to wash these headbands and they’re both very straightforward. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and they’ll be clean before you know it!

Method 1: Tossing the Headband in the Washer

You’ll be happy to know that their headbands are safe to put in the washing machine. This isn’t surprising given that they’re made from polyester—the same material that used for many types of clothes. If anything, it’s probably the simplest way to clean the item.

Before putting the headband in the washer, place it in a mesh laundry bag. In doing so, it will prevent the fabric from being rubbed against your other items, which can cause snags. Ensure that the bag is closed properly and load it into the machine.

laundry bag for headband

Note: As we said earlier, you can wash Faybax headbands with other items. For example, you can put them together with tanks, leggings, tops, etc. The only requirement is that they have to be like colors.

The next step, once you’ve finished putting everything in, is to add detergent. More specifically, you want to pour in one scoop of ACTIVE detergent into the drum. Try not to use more than you need as it can actually make your items attract more dirt. Do not use bleach or fabric conditioners (the latter can compromise the sweat-wicking finish).

Run the washing machine on a cold water cycle; make sure that you use a delicate setting, otherwise, you risk damaging the headband and your other items. Allow it to run fully before taking out everything and hanging them up to dry. Do not use the dryer for these headbands.

Pro-tip: Consider pre-treating your headband if it’s excessively dirty with sweat, dirt, or oils. Basically, it involves soaking the item in water and detergent before transferring it to the washer. You can do this using a bucket or sink—as long as you can fully submerge the headband in the solution.

Method 2: Washing the Headband By Hand

The other way to clean them is to wash them by hand. If anything, it’s just a tad more tedious than using the machine. Start by taking your headband to a sink; you can also use a bucket or container of sorts. Fill it with cool or lukewarm water and add in half a scoop or so of ACTIVE detergent. You should end up with a soapy solution once the powder is dissolved.

Place your headband in the water and rub it gently with your hand—you want to loosen any sweat or dirt that’s on the fabric. Afterward, leave it alone to soak for about 20 minutes; this lets the detergent penetrate deep into the fibers so that it can dissolve and break down the gunk. The next step is to rinse away the detergent with clean water.

Continue to rinse (by putting the headband under the tap) until it’s obvious that there’s no more detergent remaining. It may take up to a minute or so, depending on how much you used. You can press on the polyester fabric gently to squeeze out some of the detergent that the item has absorbed.

Use a clean towel to pat the excess water out of the headband. Lay it flat on a table or similar surface to dry. Again, you do not want to use the dryer for these items.

Getting the Musky Smell Out of Your Faybox Headbands

Your Faybox headband will probably stink after a while, especially if you’ve been doing some sort of intense exercise. Sometimes, just putting it through the wash will get rid of the smell but in some cases, it may require a few extra steps. Here are a few things that you can do to remove the smell.

Soak it in Vinegar and Water 

White vinegar goes a long way when you’re trying to remove smells. Most of us probably already have it in the house too! As far as how to use it, you want to first dilute it with water in a bucket or sink. Once the two things are mixed, put your Faybox headband in. You don’t have to add any detergent—just the vinegar will do. Allow the fabric to soak completely for about 20 minutes. You can then proceed to wash it with one of the above two steps.

Note: You can also add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle if you’re machine washing—it’ll work the same way. As an added plus, it will also help to soften the fabric as a natural softener.

Soak it in Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is another great remedy for smells. As with the previous method, you want to first mix it with water in a container or sink. It’s important that the powder is completely dissolved before you put the headband in. Let it soak for around 20 minutes or so—that will give the powder ample time to absorb any odors. Afterward, you can proceed to wash the headband by hand or by machine.

Choosing the Best Laundry Detergent For Faybox Headbands

If you want your Faybox headband to be clean it’s important that you choose the right detergent. Given that it’s made of polyester, you want a product that’s specifically made for that kind of fabric—and ACTIVE detergent fits the bill perfectly. Designed for synthetic textiles, it features enzymes that are able to dive deep into the fibers to remove embedded oils, dirt, and other impurities. As it is, regular detergents just don’t have this kind of power. After all, they’re not designed for these types of fabrics.

Active packaging

In fact, you can also use ACTIVE detergent for your other activewear (e.g. leggings, shorts, tanks, etc). If anything, it’s the best option for those kinds of garments. You won’t have to worry about exposing yourself to chemicals either since it’s an all-natural formula. For one thing, there are no fragrances; it’s also hypoallergenic. That’s why it’s recommended for those with sensitivities. Plus, it’s also better for the environment since you won’t be releasing chemicals into the waterways!

Considering all that, wouldn’t you say that it’s worth a try?

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