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Washing Instructions for Homma Leggings

April 7, 2019

Amazon Marketplace has exploded in popularity over the past several years—and for good reason. They allow smaller businesses to catch the attention of millions of shoppers. What’s more is that the web giant will take care of most of the shipping, as long as you send the items to their warehouse.

Homma is a clothing brand that takes advantage of their services. Not only do they sell leggings, which are available in a wide array of colors, but they also sell yoga shorts, bike shorts, slimming pants, nursing brands, and more—all through Amazon. 

More About Homma 

Unfortunately, not much is known about the company, other than the fact that they primarily sell on Amazon. As far as we can tell, the brand does not have an official website. If anything, there’s barely any information about them on the internet.

ratings of homma leggings

Despite that, their activewear products are fairly popular online. On Amazon, most, if not all of their items have garnered hundreds of positive reviews (some even thousands). Surely, that must say something about the quality of their leggings and whatnot, right?

More About Homma Activewear

As mentioned earlier, Homma specializes in athletic clothing such as leggings, yoga pants, bike shorts, and running pants. They also sell garments for everyday wear such as fleece-lined tights, cropped pants, and thermal leggings. They even sell special bras for nursing mothers!

Why is the brand so popular? Price. Their clothing is super cheap compared to what you would see at department stores. For example, their workout yoga pants go for as low as $5.99—that’s cheaper than a meal at Mcdonald’s! Where else would you be able to grab a pair of leggings for under $10? Really, it’s no wonder that they have such high ratings on Amazon.

Taking Care of Homma Leggings and Activewear

Obviously, their quality won’t be the best that you’ve ever seen. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s bad, either. If anything, their leggings and activewear are quite well constructed, especially when you factor in its price.

homa yoga shorts black

Want them to last? If so, your best bet is to take good care of them—and by that, I mean don’t just throw them into the wash after taking them off! There are certain things that can cause premature damage to the clothing fibers. You definitely want to pay attention to how you wash them if you want to wear them for a long time.

How should you wash Homma leggings and activewear? We’ll be going over the best washing methods below. Before going into that, however, it’s important that we know what types of material they use for their products. Different fabrics have different washing instructions, after all.

Types of Fabrics Used in Homma Leggings

Homma makes use of different technical fibers in their leggings and other activewear. Let’s go over some of them.


Polyester is very commonly used in athletic clothing. A type of synthetic fabric, it is cheap, durable, strong, quick-drying, and resistant to abrasions. On top of all that, it also has moisture-wicking abilities. In other words, it keeps you cool by allowing sweat to evaporate on the surface.

Homma uses polyester for their leggings and yoga pants.


Spandex is an anagram of “expand”—and for good reason. It’s incredibly elastic! In fact, the fibers can be stretched up to five times their length! For this reason, it is often incorporated with other materials in activewear. It provides the “stretch” that allows you to move freely during a workout.

Homma’s stretchy leggings contain 15% spandex. The material is also used for their yoga pants, tights, bike shorts, and nursing bras.


Bamboo is a natural textile that is made from the pulp of the plant. Unlike other fabrics, it does not contain any chemicals; it is 100% organic. Soft and silky, it is quick-drying and moisture-absorbent. By nature, bamboo is also antibacterial, which means that bacteria will not be able to thrive on your clothing.

Homma uses bamboo fabric in their nursing bras.


Nylon is comparable to polyester in that it is strong, durable, and resistant to wear. Thin and lightweight, it is used in a variety of clothing from swimsuits to underwear. Known for its resilience, it does not wrinkle easily even with daily activities.

Homma uses nylon in their bike shorts yoga pants, nursing bras, and more.

Washing Instructions for Homma Leggings

Your Homma leggings can get dirty after a trip to the gym. Luckily, they’re quite straightforward to wash! Remember, though, it’s always a good idea to check the care instruction label first, before getting started.

best way to wash homma leggings

Washing Homma Leggings with the Washer

When it comes to washing leggings, you always want to flip it inside out. This will prevent the outside from rubbing against your other clothes; it will also make the dye last longer. If you want an extra layer of protection, you can put them in a laundry bag. A pillowcase works too.

Note: You can wash your Homma leggings with other clothing (ideally those that are also made from synthetic materials). Never mix light-colored pants with dark-colored garments and vice versa; the colors can bleed and ruin your clothes.

Put one scoop of ACTIVE detergent in your washer’s soap dispenser. Load the leggings in and choose a delicate cycle. Wash everything with cold water. Hot water tends to deteriorate the fabric quickly. Do not use fabric softener for their leggings—or any athletic clothing for that matter; they will layer the outside with a wax-like substance that will prevent the material from allowing sweat to evaporate.

Pro-tip: If you really want to soften your leggings, you can try adding a cup of white vinegar instead. It also helps to eliminate smells!

Remove the items from the machine once you know that the cycle is done. Do not procrastinate and leave them in—your laundry will get smelly! Take them out as soon as possible and hang them up to dry. Avoid putting Homma leggings in the dryer; they’re not made to withstand extreme heat. The fabric is quick-drying, anyway.

Washing Homma Leggings by Hand

You can also wash your Homma leggings in a bucket or in the sink. Fill it up with clean water and add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Mix the two things together with your hands. Once that’s done, put the items in. Be careful not to overload it or you’ll have to deal with spills.

Pro-tip: Trying to get rid of a stain? ACTIVE detergent can help with that as well. Use a toothbrush to apply some of the detergent solution onto the spot—you want the entire area to be saturated. If you need to, apply it onto the fabric from both the inside and the outside. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes before soaking the garment as described below. Depending on how stubborn your stain is, you might have to repeat this a few times.

Press down lightly on the leggings to make sure that they’re properly submerged. Let them sit and soak for 15 to 30 minutes. In the meantime, why not read a book?

Take your Homma leggings out of the sink and wash them by rubbing the material between your fingers; you can also massage it with your hands—there should be lots of bubbles. When you’re done, rinse them away under the faucet. Continue rinsing until the water is no longer soapy—it might take up to a minute.

Put the leggings on a clean towel. You can roll it up with the towel to remove some of the dampness; pressing down on it works nicely too. Hang the items up on a clothesline once they’re no longer dripping. Do not put them in the dryer.

How to Wash Homma Nursing Bras

As mentioned earlier, the brand also offers special bras for nursing mothers. They’re quite straightforward to wash as well.

how to clean homma nursing bra

Are Homma Nursing Bras Machine Washable?

Yes, they are mainly made from bamboo fabric, which is machine washable. As with all delicate, however, you probably want to put them in a lingerie bag. You can wash them with other garments as long as you avoid items such as denim, jeans, and jackets. Also, you want to be careful about mixing light and dark-colored garments.

Prep the machine by adding one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Load the nursing bras in and close the door. Select a gentle cycle and wash with cold water. Never use hot water as that will reduce its life. Similarly, avoid bleach products. Fabric softeners should also be avoided as they will damage the bra’s sweat-wicking finish.

Once the cycle is done, take out the bras. Remove them from the laundry bags and drape them on a drying rack to dry; you can also line them dry. While bamboo can be put in the dryer (on the lowest setting), it’s highly recommended that you air dry them instead. As you can probably guess, the heat is no good for the fabric.

Washing Homma Nursing Bras by Hand

It’s also easy to clean them by hand. Fill a container or sink with cold water and add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Stir it gently with your hand to mix. Once it’s combined, you can put your Homma bras in. Lightly press down on them—this will help to submerge all of the fabric in the liquid. Swirl it in the solution a couple of times before letting it sit for 15 to 30 minutes.

The next step is to wash them with your hands. Pick the nursing bras up and clean the fabric by rubbing it between your fingers. Repeat until all areas the washed. Rinse away the detergent and suds by putting the item under the faucet; continue until the water is no longer soapy.

Transfer it onto a clean surface—be careful of dripping water. You can use a clean towel to remove some of the wetness. Once it’s no longer dripping, you can hang it up on put it on a rack to dry. As mentioned earlier, you want to avoid putting them in the dryer whenever possible.

Best Laundry Detergent for Homma Leggings and Clothing

ACTIVE detergent is one of the best things that you can use for activewear—that includes the ones sold by Homma. Put together specifically for athletic clothing, it contains three different types of plant-based enzymes that work to dissolve bacteria, body oils, and sweat from within the fibers. In other words, your garments will come out of the washer smelling nice and fresh! They’ll likely last longer, too.

why you should use active detergent 1

That’s not all—ACTIVE detergent is also much better for the environment. Unlike conventional detergents, many of which are a cocktail of chemicals, our formula is all-natural and organic. Hypoallergenic, it will not cause any issues for those with sensitive skin. There are no fillers, no fragrances, no chemicals!

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