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ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner Tablets

Backflush cleaning tablets for traditional and automatic espresso machines.

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Maintain Espresso Machine Performance & Consistent Taste

ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner tablets provide a quick and easy solution for backflush cleaning. Stay on top of your machine’s cleanliness by removing residue build-up.

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Maintain functionality

Remove and prevent blockages with regular backflush cleaning.


Safe and effective

Specifically formulated with ingredients to provide a powerful clean while remaining safe.


Preserve espresso taste

Ensure each pour is free from contaminants that alter the taste of your espresso.


Maximum compatibility

Works with all traditional and automatic espresso machines. Not for Nespresso.

Performance Benefits

Remove Impurities & Enjoy Fresher Tasting Espresso

A little goes a long way when it comes to maintaining your espresso machine. Each 2 gram tablet contains a concentrated formula designed to remove grime from limescale, minerals and oils, keeping them out of your perfect pour.

Keep your espresso machine residue-free and operating as intended

  • The seemingly small residue that accumulates within your espresso machine can cause big problems if ignored for too long. Backflushing daily with ACTIVE helps ensure contaminants don’t get a foothold in your machine.
  • Great tasting espresso is important for most brewers but caring for your equipment should also be a priority. Luckily with ACTIVE, you can do both of those things with a single tablet.
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How to Clean Your Espresso Machine With ACTIVE


Fill the Water Reservoir

Fill the machine’s water reservoir tank with clean water. Ensure the drip tray is empty.

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Insert a cleaning Tablet

Set up your portafilter with the rubber cleaner disc OR the blind backflush basket. Place 1 ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner tablet on top.

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Run a Cleaning Cycle

Install the portafilter into the espresso machine. Run a cleaning cycle following your machine’s specific instructions.

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Flush Out Remaining Water

Remove the portafilter after the cleaning cycle is complete. Run a large pour cycle to flush out any remaining water in the machine.

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Why is ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other Espresso Machine Cleaners


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