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ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner



Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – Deep Cleans & Descales Espresso Makers

  • Works with all types of espresso machines including traditional and automatic
  • Powerful cleaning formula removes residue from hard water, minerals and oils
  • Helps improve lifespan of parts and maintains espresso machine performance
  • Supports better tasting espresso by keeping machine free from contaminants

Size: 120 tablets (2g tablet weight)

Usage Amount: 120 uses

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Maintain Espresso Machine Performance & Consistent Taste

ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner tablets provide a quick and easy solution for backflush cleaning. Stay on top of your machine’s cleanliness by removing residue build-up.

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Maintain functionality

Remove and prevent blockages with regular backflush cleaning.


Safe and effective

Specifically formulated with ingredients to provide a powerful clean while remaining safe.


Preserve espresso taste

Ensure each pour is free from contaminants that alter the taste of your espresso.


Maximum compatibility

Works with all traditional and automatic espresso machines. Not for Nespresso.

Performance Benefits

Remove Impurities & Enjoy Fresher Tasting Espresso

A little goes a long way when it comes to maintaining your espresso machine. Each 2 gram tablet contains a concentrated formula designed to remove grime from limescale, minerals and oils, keeping them out of your perfect pour.

Keep your espresso machine residue-free and operating as intended

  • The seemingly small residue that accumulates within your espresso machine can cause big problems if ignored for too long. Backflushing daily with ACTIVE helps ensure contaminants don’t get a foothold in your machine.
  • Great tasting espresso is important for most brewers but caring for your equipment should also be a priority. Luckily with ACTIVE, you can do both of those things with a single tablet.
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How to Clean Your Espresso Machine With ACTIVE


Fill the Water Reservoir

Fill the machine’s water reservoir tank with clean water. Ensure the drip tray is empty.

active espresso machine cleaner step 1

Insert a cleaning Tablet

Set up your portafilter with the rubber cleaner disc OR the blind backflush basket. Place 1 ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner tablet on top.

active espresso machine cleaner step 2

Run a Cleaning Cycle

Install the portafilter into the espresso machine. Run a cleaning cycle following your machine’s specific instructions.

active espresso machine cleaner step 3

Flush Out Remaining Water

Remove the portafilter after the cleaning cycle is complete. Run a large pour cycle to flush out any remaining water in the machine.

active espresso machine cleaner step 4

Why is ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other Espresso Machine Cleaners

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ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner

other espresso machine cleaner tablets

Other Espresso Machine Cleaners

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Why ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner Tablets?

Espresso Machine Cleaner to Descale and Remove Residue For Better Espresso Taste


Maintains Espresso Machine Performance

Keeping the internal areas of your espresso machine clean is essential to maintaining performance and consistency. Prevent clogging and premature wear by descaling regularly.


Safe Ingredients for Effective Descaling

Our espresso machine cleaning tablets are formulated in the USA and have undergone extensive testing. High quality ingredients for safe and effective cleaning.


Better Tasting Espresso

Contaminants left behind from coffee beans and hard water minerals can negatively affect the taste of your espresso. These tablets remove this residue for cleaner tasting espresso.


Supports Increased Machine Lifespan

Heavy residue creates more friction on internal parts and puts increased strain on pumps. Regular cleaning can help extend the usable life of your espresso machine and limit the need for repairs.


Great Value With 120 Uses

Every container of ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner contains enough tablets for 120 cleanings. Each tablet contains 2g of concentrated cleaning ingredients.

ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our espresso machine cleaner tablets. If the answer to your question isn’t listed here, just reach out and our customer service team will get back to you right away.

We recommend cleaning your espresso machine daily, or on the days that you use it. This helps prevent residue from building up and creating issues.

One tablet is enough for each cleaning session. 

ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner tablets are compatible with all traditional and automatic espresso machines from all brands.

Note: these tablets are not compatible with Nespresso and other pod-based machines. For pod-style espresso machines, we recommend using ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler Solution.

Instructions may vary between different styles of espresso machines. Refer to your owners manual for more detailed instructions for the cleaning process.

The general steps for cleaning using these tablets is:

  1. Fill the water reservoir with clean water and make sure the drip tray is empty.
  2. Install your blind backflush basket or rubber cleaning disc into your portafilter and place 1 cleaning tablet on top.
  3. Insert the portafilter into your espresso machine and run a cleaning cycle following your machine’s instructions.
  4. Remove the portafilter after the cleaning cycle and run a large pour cycle to flush out any remaining water.

Even if your machine looks ok on the outside and your espresso tastes good, your machine still needs to be cleaned. The oil from coffee beans and the minerals from the water you brew with can stick inside the machine and lead to problems down the road.

So even if you don’t notice any issues with taste or performance yet, you can help prevent those problems by keeping your machine clean.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler Usage Guide

Cleaning Your Espresso or Coffee Machine With ACTIVE

Ever had a cup of espresso that tasted off, not quite the rich, full-bodied experience you were expecting? More often than not, it’s due to a dirty machine.

The key to great espresso is its freshness – both in terms of beans and cleanliness. A quality espresso machine cleaner ensures each brew is as good as the first and can make all the difference when brewing a delicious espresso.

With every pull we make on our beloved machines – whether it’s a group head or a kitchen steam wand – tiny particles stick around. They can subtly change the taste over time if they’re allowed to build up without intervention.

Cleaning should be viewed as an essential step towards achieving a delicious cup of coffee, not just a tiresome task. Removing impurities from hard water and other contaminants is sometimes the secret ingredient to java heaven. A clean machine produces cleaner tasting espresso, simple as that.

Why Should You Clean Your Espresso Machine?

why should you clean espresso machineYour espresso machine is more than just an appliance —it’s the key to that perfect cup of coffee you crave each morning. But, like any other appliance, it needs some love and care too. Regular cleaning with an effective descaling solution like ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner isn’t just good for your machine; it also ensures that every brew tastes as amazing as the last.

Coffee residue left behind from brewing can build up over time in various parts of espresso machines such as the group head and steam wand. This not only clogs openings but also corrodes parts which could lead to equipment failure or even worse—a subpar cup of joe.

Proper Ingredient Formulation is Key

Cleaners for espresso machines come in many different formats like powder, liquid, or tablets. All of which are designed to keep your espresso makers spotless while ensuring top-notch performance during each brewing process. However, not all espresso cleaning products are created equally and ensuring they have the correct combination of ingredients is important.

No one likes their espresso tasting bitter or flat due to soil residues—so in order to get the best results, we’ve formulated our cleaner for espresso machines to eliminate all those undesirable flavors giving you consistent taste sip after sip. Adding this to your everyday upkeep regimen will help ensure that things stay running without sacrificing flavor.

Benefits of Keeping Your Espresso Machine Clean

Cleaning your espresso machine isn’t just about keeping it shiny; it has tangible benefits that can enhance your espresso brewing experience. The main advantage? Improved taste.

The Impact on Espresso Taste

clean espresso machine better tasteKeeping your espresso machine clean is key to brewing a perfect cup of espresso. It eliminates residual oils and other impurities from coffee grounds and hard water that could taint the flavor profile of your freshly brewed drink. Daily maintenance is crucial in ensuring every sip tastes exactly how you want it.

Leftover particles from previous brews may stick around if not cleaned, creating an unpleasant bitter or sour aftertaste over time. By descaling regularly with ACTIVE cleaning tablets, these unwanted remnants are easily washed away.

You might ask: does cleaning really make a difference? In short, yes it does. Aside from the beans themselves, regular cleaning and frequent maintenance are arguably the most meaningful things you can do to produce great results.

Regular cleaning: Espresso machine descaling regularly keeps the taste quality high – with every batch tasting as good as the first one. Often times a bitter or dry aftertaste is caused by a dirty machine.

Frequent maintenance: Keeping up with general maintenance on machines is another important step to enjoying consistently delicious cups day in and day out.

To conclude, cleanliness impacts more than just aesthetics when we’re talking about our beloved espresso machines; it affects everything from machine performance to durability and most importantly—the flavor profile of each brew.

Problems Caused by Neglecting Espresso Machine Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your espresso machine is more than just a matter of taste, it’s also about the longevity and functionality of your beloved coffee companion. If you don’t take care of this appliance, difficulties will arise.

active espresso machine cleaning tablets bestThe main culprit? Residues that find their way into every nook and cranny. From the group head to the steam wand or even inside the brew group, these pesky particles can cause a number of significant issues such as clogged openings and corroded parts.

Even if you use the best filtered water, residual minerals can accumulate inside of the machine. This affects not only our morning cup but also can damage key components within our machines such as the filters. The result is often an underwhelming espresso experience marred by inconsistent flavors and weakened performance from our trusted espresso machine or coffee maker.

In fact, one study showed that neglecting regular cleaning led to 60% less effective brewing processes compared with those who maintained clean machines – talk about a bad buzz.

To prevent and avoid this unnecessary hassle (and to continue enjoying delicious espresso and coffee) make sure you’re regularly taking care of all areas in the machine – especially those tricky spots where grime loves to hide. Remember: cleanliness equals quality when it comes to brewing excellent espresso.

How to Clean an Espresso Machine with ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner

Cleaning your espresso machine doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right product like our descaling tablets, it becomes as easy as brewing your favorite cup of joe.

The Process of Back-Flushing with ACTIVE

To start, you’ll need to fill the water tank reservoir, ideally with clean, filtered water. Next, take one ACTIVE cleaning tablet and place it on top of the blind filter basket for back-flushing. You can also use a rubber cleaning disc in your normal portafilter if you have one.

how to clean espresso machine activeAfter you’ve added the tablet to your portafilter or backflush basket, insert it into the group head. Now run a cleaning cycle according to your machine’s instructions.

For Machines Without a Cleaning Cycle

If your espresso machine doesn’t have a dedicated clean cycle, you can run a normal brew cycle but stop it before water starts flowing out – this lets our cleaner work its magic inside. This process eliminates coffee residue from hard-to-reach areas in the brew group, ensuring top-notch performance every time you use your espresso machine.

Wait about 5 seconds then release the hot water by turning on your steam wand for another 5 seconds. Repeat this process until all of the water is used up.

Finally, remove the portafilter and rinse off any remaining residue from both portafilter and blind filter wash basket surfaces using warm running water. A damp cloth can be useful for getting any stubborn spots off. Dry the portafilter and other removable parts before reusing.

This simple routine will not only ensure that each part is thoroughly cleaned but also can prolong their life span. Repeat this process daily to maintain machine performance and high quality espresso taste.

Why ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner is the Best Solution

The world of espresso machine cleaning can be a complex one. As mentioned earlier, cleaning and descaling solutions come in many varieties. ACTIVE Espresso Cleaner stands apart from the rest thanks to its cleaning performance and overall value.

best espresso machine cleaning tablets activeOur espresso machine cleaning tablets bring together efficiency and effectiveness like no other. One of the standout features is its ability to not only clean your espresso machine, but also help protect the internal components, extending their lifespan.

Ease of use was also at the forefront of our minds when formulating this espresso machine cleaning solution. A single pre-measured tablet is all you need to clean and descale the brew group, steam wand and other components of the machine.

Did we mention that one container can be used for 120 cleaning cycles?

It’s also compatible with any brand or style of espresso machine on the market. So whether you have a Breville, De’Longhi, or even a coveted Jura machine, ACTIVE can help you clean and maintain it.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution that will help keep your beloved espresso maker at peak performance while ensuring longevity – the answer is clear – ACTIVE has you covered.

Cleaning Espresso Machines FAQ

What can I use to clean my espresso machine?

To get your espresso machine spotless, you should opt for a specially formulated cleaner solution like ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner tablets.

Can I use vinegar for espresso machine descaling?

Vinegar isn’t recommended. Although it’s great at descaling, the strong smell and taste might linger in your brews. Using designated cleaning products is the best option.

Should you clean an espresso machine?

Absolutely. Cleaning maintains optimal flavor and extends your espresso maker’s lifespan. It’s not just about hygiene but also quality of espresso.

Can you use CLR to clean an espresso machine?

No, CLR is too harsh for delicate components inside the device. Stick with cleaners made specifically for espresso machines like ACTIVE.

Maintaining your espresso machine is an art form, requiring attention to detail. With every brew cycle comes residues that stick around, altering the taste of your coffee subtly but surely.

An espresso machine cleaner is your silent partner in this journey towards java bliss. It ensures each cup you pull from your espresso machine group head or steam wand tastes as fresh and rich as the first one.

The right cleaning solution can prevent clogging and corrosion, extending the lifespan of your espresso maker while maintaining optimal flavor. Regular cleaning with products like ACTIVE Espresso Machine Cleaner is not just efficient; its also necessary for performance and safe usage.

Treat cleanliness as an ingredient to brewing coffee or espresso with perfection because great espresso deserves nothing less!

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  1. Jennifer

    Easy peasy


    The cleaning tabs for my Breville Barista Express are a game-changer. No need to measure, just drop a tab in with water. They made descaling a breeze and improved my coffee pulls instantly.

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  2. R. Knauss

    Dissolves well

    R. Knauss

    Have used these tablets on my Jura S8 and they perform just as well as the brand-name ones but are much more affordable. They dissolve well without leaving any residue or taste. Highly recommend.

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  3. Samuel

    Espresso Machine Cleaner


    Used two tablets on my Breville Bambino and was impressed with the gunk it removed. Even without a cleaning alert, the tablets proved their worth. Following the instructions seems over the top, but for those who are meticulous, it’s an affordable option.

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  4. Mary Smith

    Helps with clogs

    Mary Smith

    Living in New York with hard water, I’ve noticed my Keurig loses pressure if not cleaned regularly. These tablets are the easiest solution I’ve found, and they work on my electric percolator too. Might even try them in my toilet tank, as I’ve heard they’re effective there as well.

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  5. Computer Ace

    Affordable cleaner

    Computer Ace

    The Active Espresso Cleaning Tablets are an affordable alternative for keeping my Breville Oracle clean. Regular cleaning is key for smooth operation and excellent espresso. The pack should last quite a while.

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  6. L. Johnson

    Backflush Tablets

    L. Johnson

    Initially bought these tablets for a back flush clean, but ended up dissolving two in the water tank and running several cycles. The difference in my espresso’s smoothness was noticeable right away. Not sure if daily use is necessary, but they’re great for quality espresso.

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  7. ericpeter

    Removes residues


    This product is great for keeping my espresso machine clean and running smoothly. It’s easy to use and really effective at getting rid of coffee residues, ensuring my coffee tastes amazing every time.

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  8. Raymond

    Easy to use


    My espresso machine is pretty new, didn’t really need a clean yet, but I tested these tablets out. They’re super easy to use and don’t leave any bad aftertaste. Will definitely use again for a proper clean.

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  9. Dave B.

    No Chemical Smell

    Dave B.

    These cleaning tablets really do the trick for my espresso machine, leaving no residue. Plus, they don’t have that strong chemical smell, which makes cleaning less of a hassle.

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  10. Forest Explorer

    So far so good

    Forest Explorer

    Been facing issues with my one touch machine after four years, probably due to clogging. So, I’ve started using these cleaning tablets every other day with the big bottle I got. Sometimes the tablet doesn’t dissolve completely, but so far, so good.

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