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Deep Cleaning House Checklist – Full Guide

November 29, 2023

Deep cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a chore. For one thing, you can break things down so that it’ll become more manageable.

From cleaning the laundry room to removing soap scum from the sink, everything can be done in an efficient way.

Interested? Looking for some deep house cleaning tips? If so, you’re at the right place. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

Following a Deep Cleaning Checklist

deep cleaning house checklistA comprehensive checklist does more than keep you organized; it’ll ensure that nothing gets overlooked in the process.

You know how easy it is to forget those light fixtures or burner grates – but with everything laid out clearly on your list—be it wiping walls or dusting off ceiling fan blades—you can ensure that all tasks are tackled efficiently.

The words “spring cleaning” often bring visions of warmer weather and open windows, letting fresh air into our homes. But spring isn’t the only time for deep cleans; these should be undertaken periodically throughout the year too.

Ideally, your daily cleanup should involve simple tasks like doing the dishes or sweeping the floors. For a deep clean, however, you want to think bigger.

Think about scrubbing the stove grates until they sparkle, ensuring the shower curtains are free from mildew, and even going through items stored in cupboards – yes, including that weird jar at the back.

ACTIVE Cleaning Products Recommendations

Your deep cleaning task is a war against dirt, and your weapons are as crucial as your strategy. With ACTIVE’s range of powerful cleaners, however, you’ll be equipped to fight off even the most stubborn grime.

Aside from ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner, there are also ACTIVE Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets and ACTIVE Toilet Bowl Cleaner, the latter of which will clean your toilet with each flush.

That’s not all, there’s also ACTIVE Laundry Detergent, which you can use for a variety of things, from your workout clothes to throw pillow covers.

Room-by-Room Deep Cleaning Guide

Living Room Deep Clean Tasks

deep cleaning house checklistYour living room is where you relax and entertain guests, so of course, it deserves special attention.

Start with your ceiling fans and light fixtures; dust tends to accumulate on the surfaces over time. You can clean them by using a damp microfiber cloth.

If you have high ceilings, consider getting an extension pole for easier reach.

Clean windows inside out using a good glass cleaner or vinegar-water mixture followed by a clean cloth for streak-free shine.

Kitchen Deep Clean Tasks

The kitchen is often a magnet for grime and grease. Let’s start with the burner grates – pull them out from your stove and give them a proper scrubbing session until they’re sparkling clean again.

You also want to clean the garbage disposal as food debris can accumulate in the unit over time. For example, you can use baking soda and white vinegar.

If that doesn’t work, give ACTIVE Garbage Disposal Cleaner a try. It’s specifically formulated to clean and deodorize the unit.

Don’t forget about the fridge as well. Give the inside a thorough wipe-down with warm soapy water and toss any expired food into the trash can.

To keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and running efficiently, use a cleaner designed specifically for refrigerators on door frames or any stubborn spots inside.

Bathroom Deep Clean Tasks

The bathroom definitely deserves a deep cleaning routine given how humid it gets. Take the shower curtain, for example, it can easily become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

To prevent that, you want to wash curtains regularly.

There’s also the toilet, which you can clean with ACTIVE Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Ideally, you want everything to be spotless – from the light fixtures to the floor tiles’ clean grout lines at foot level because details matter when creating sanitary spaces.

Essential Supplies for Effective Deep Cleaning

There are several products that you’ll need, from baking soda to dish soap. Here’s a brief overview.

Glass Cleaner

deep cleaning house checklistA high-quality glass cleaner will not only make your mirrors sparkle but will also work wonders on other shiny surfaces like stainless steel appliances.

Floor Cleaner

Floors cover such vast areas within our homes that they often become ‘invisible’. But don’t underestimate their impact; nothing says “deep cleaned” quite like freshly mopped floors.

A quality floor cleaner is designed to tackle a range of surfaces from hardwood and tiles, right through to carpets.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and can be used to clean various things in the house – from your sink to window sills.

Simply sprinkle baking soda on the surface and it will neutralize any odor that’s present.

Deep Cleaning Tips For Appliances

Household appliances are integral to our daily lives and need regular care in order for them to remain operating at optimal levels.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine Effectively

Your washing machine works hard, so it’s important we give it some care too. For example, dirt, detergent residue, and hard water deposits can build up in your washer over time, which can lead to odors that transfer can onto your clothes.

deep cleaning house checklistThe good news is there are specially designed products, like ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner, which is made for this exact task.

Start by emptying the washer. Set it on the hottest cycle with the highest water level setting and add one tablet directly into the drum.

Once the cycle has finished, open the door and allow any residual moisture to air out for a period of time. And don’t forget to keep a clean lint trap.

Cleaning Tips For Your Dishwasher

A clean dishwasher not only smells fresh but will also perform better.

Much like your washer, grime can build up over time, impacting efficiency.

To start off, make sure you have emptied out all dishes from your dishwasher. Then pull out the lower dish rack, exposing the drain area at the bottom where food debris accumulates most often.

Inspect carefully if necessary, and remove anything found obstructing the flow towards the pump below.

Cleanse the filter thoroughly under hot tap water using a soft toothbrush, scrubbing away stubborn dirt particles until clear again before reassembling it properly inside the appliance.

Finally, place a dishwasher cleaner in the detergent dispenser and run it on a hot water cycle. This will get rid of any leftover food particles or soap residue.

Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Home Post Deep Cleaning

After you’ve finished deep cleaning the entire house, you want to maintain that level of cleanliness.

Take ceiling fans, for example, keeping them clean will not only improve air quality but will also extend their lifespan. But remember, before wiping down those blades with microfiber cloths, make sure to turn off the fan. Safety first.

Deep Cleaning House Checklist – FAQs

How do I deep clean my house checklist?

To deep clean your house, you need a cleaning schedule and a detailed checklist. Start by dividing tasks room-by-room and include everything from ceiling fans to baseboards.

For those who don’t have time to do it themselves, there’s also the option of hiring a professional house cleaning service.

How do you clean your house like a professional?

Cleaning like a pro requires the right tools, efficient techniques, and careful planning. Remember to work top-to-bottom and left-to-right in each room.

How do you deep clean a whole house in a day?

Cleaning an entire house deeply in one day is tough but possible with focus. Begin early, follow your checklist strictly, take short breaks, and keep supplies handy.

How can I deep clean my house in 7 days?

Aim to tackle one area daily – that will allow for thoroughness without being overwhelming or exhausting.

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