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Washing Instructions for A AGROSTE Yoga Pants & Leggings

November 29, 2020

A Agroste is one of those clothing brands that you can find on Amazon. While their catalog isn’t particularly big, they do offer multiple types of tights and leggings. On top of that, they sell yoga tank tops for women, though they don’t seem to be as popular based on the number of reviews on the site.

More About A Agroste

A Agroste is a brand that specializes in leggings as we said above. While their products aren’t top-sellers on the site by any means, they have garnered a consumer number of positive reviews on Amazon (mostly for their tights).

It’s worth mentioning that aside from Amazon, they also sell their products on Walmart, eBay, and various other sites. Having said that, all of their sales seem to be online only—that is, they’re not sold at any brick and mortar stores, as least not as far as we can tell.

What Kind of Yoga Pants and Leggings Do They Sell?

The brand offers multiple styles of leggings, all of which are seamless. On top of that, they come with a thick waistband that offers tummy control. As far as the different varieties go, some are textured while others are “push up.”

yoga pants sold by a agroste

Like most online clothing brands, their products are priced very reasonably. Take their textured leggings, for example, they retail for $20.80 on Amazon. If anything, all of their items are priced at around the $20 mark, including their tank tops. Keep in mind, however, that shipping is only free if you purchase more than $25.

Caring For Your A Agroste Yoga Pants and Leggings

This goes without saying but it’s important to care for your yoga pants and leggings if you want them to last. If anything, this applies to all clothing, but it’s especially important for activewear. Why? Because they tend to come into contact with sweat, oils, and dirt.

Leave your leggings in the hamper for days on end after working out and the sweat and oils will eventually start to break down the fabric. You might not notice it as the process is gradual but it’ll definitely happen. Aside from that, it’ll also emit a foul odor.

What should you do instead with your leggings? Wash them with water and detergent as soon as you can. The quicker you remove the “gunk”, the better. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it and that’s what we’ll be addressing in this post.

What Materials Are A Agroste Yoga Pants Made Of?

material of a agroste yoga pants

Before going to the next section, which will have the washing instructions, let’s take a few minutes to go over the materials that they use for their yoga pants and leggings—polyamide and spandex. To be more specific, they use a 92% polyamide and 8% spandex blend.


Polyamide, aka nylon, is a synthetic fabric that was originally created to replace silk. Strong and abrasion, it’s often compared to polyester in terms of durability. However, it tends to have a better feel—it being softer and more flexible. Easy to care for, the fabric can be machine washed without losing shape. Due to its moisture-resistant properties, it’s often used for raincoats, jackets, and other types of apparel.


Spandex is almost always used for leggings. Why? Because it provides stretch. Without it, the pants wouldn’t be nearly as flexible. In other words, you won’t get a full range of motion. Similar to polyamide, it’s also synthetic. This makes it more durable than natural textiles such as cotton. It’s worth mentioning, however, that spandex is usually blended with other textiles as part of the manufacturing process.

Compared to other leggings, most of which are made of a polyester and spandex blend, the ones sold by A Agroste are a little softer due to their polyamide content.

How to Wash A Agroste Yoga Pants

There are two basic ways to wash yoga pants such as the ones sold by A Agroste. We’ll be describing them in detail below:

1st Method: Put Them in the Washing Machine

Both polyamide and spandex are machine-washable fabrics. In other words, it’s perfectly fine to put the yoga pants into the washer. Before you do that, though, take a few seconds to flip them inside out—this will make them last longer since the outside layer will be protected by friction.

machine washing a agroste yoga pants

Pro-tip: Feel free to wash your A Agroste yoga pants with other clothes—it will be fine as long as you’re not mixing light-colored items with dark-colored items.

Once the item is flipped inside out, put them in a mesh bag. They will protect your yoga pants from damage while letting detergent in to wash the fabric. If anything, you just want to make sure that they’re sealed properly—it’d do you no good if the pants suddenly come out in the middle of the cycle.

Next, add detergent. For A Agroste yoga pants, ACTIVE detergent is a great choice (more on this layer); add one scoop to the machine and set it the cycle to gentle. Proceed to run it with cold water. Do not use hot water as it can compromise the polyamide and spandex material. Do not use fabric conditioners to soften the leggings. Put it simply, they will ruin the sweat-wicking finish. White vinegar is a much better alternative and it’s just as effective.

After the washing is complete, line-dry the yoga pants on a flat surface (e.g. table lined with a clean towel). Drying racks or clotheslines can also be used but do not put them in the dryer.

Note: In some cases, you may wish to pre-soak the item before putting it in the machine. For example, it may be a good option if the pants are heavily soiled. It’ll help to get rid of the surface dirt, etc, so that they’ll come out cleaner afterward.

2nd Method: Do It By Hand

Their yoga pants can also be washed by hand. It might be more tedious in that you have to do more work but it’s actually better for the fabric. For one thing, it won’t be exposed to the same amount of friction.

For this method, you’ll need a sink, tub, or container. Fill it up with water (do not use hot water) and put in half a scoop or so of ACTIVE detergent. Wait for it to dissolve before putting in your yoga pants, which should be flipped inside out. Gently massage the fabric with your hands to saturate the item with water and detergent.

sink for hand washing

Leave the yoga pants in the container for at least 20 minutes. This gives the soap time to remove the oils and dirt that are embedded in the fibers. Once that’s done, the next step is to rinse the item clean of detergent—simply holding it under the faucet will do (once again, make sure to use cold water). Consider using your hands to squeeze out some of the water and soap.

All that’s left then is to line-dry the item. Remember, the clothes dryer is not a good option; the last thing that you want to do is to expose the yoga pants to high temperatures (it can cause the polyamide and spandex to warp or deform).

Ways to Remove Stains from A Agroste Yoga Pants

Don’t worry if accidentally stained your A Agroste yoga pants, there are ways to get them clean again.

Start by dissolving half a scoop or less of ACTIVE detergent in a bowl (the amount of powder depends on the amount of water that you use). You don’t want the mixture to be too watery. Once the detergent is fully dissolved, saturate a toothbrush or similar brush with the solution and use it to scrub the stained spot.

As a general rule, you always want to scrub from the outside to the center—that minimizes the chance of the stain spreading. For the best results, scrub in a circular manner. Once you’re done, rinse that part of the pants under running water to remove the detergent. Double-check the spot afterward.

Is the stain still present on the fabric? If it is, you may have to continue scrubbing with the detergent mixture. If it’s gone, you can proceed to wash it with one of the two methods described above.

The Best Laundry Detergent For A Agroste Yoga Pants

Remember, their yoga pants are made of polyamide and spandex—two synthetic materials. This is important because it determines the type of laundry detergent that you should use. In this case, you want to use a product that has a formula specifically engineered for manmade fibers—something like ACTIVE detergent.

Active packaging

If anything, it’s one of the best if not the best options that you can use for A Agroste clothes. The way it’s designed, the formula contains plant-derived enzymes that have the ability to physically break down and dissolve whatever it is that’s trapped within the fibers (e.g. sweat, dirt, etc). In doing so, your yoga pants will come out fresh and clean after being washed.

The benefits of ACTIVE detergent don’t stop there. As it turns out, it’s also hypoallergenic and all-natural. This already puts it miles ahead of other detergents, which are often a cocktail of chemicals.

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