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active septic tank treatment pods

Septic Tank Treatment Pods

Supplements the bacteria inside your septic system to ensure proper functionality.

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Maintain a Healthy Septic Tank Balance

Septic tanks require the right balance of bacteria to function properly. ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment Pods help keep your system operating smoothly.

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Maintains healthy septic tank balance

Supplements bacteria with over 1 billion colony forming units.


All natural ingredients

Contains natural live bacteria, just like the existing colonies in your tank.


Easy to use dissolvable packets

No measuring required and no mess. Just flush 1 pod per month!


Helps prevent septic backups and repairs

Breaks down waste like protein, paper, grease & oils to prevent blockages.

Performance Benefits

Helps Prevent Expensive Backups and Other Costly Repairs

Each septic tank treatment pod contains over 1 billion colony forming units of bacteria per gram. They immediately go to work helping your septic system digest waste.

Nearly Effortless Maintenance

  • Simply flush one treatment pod down the toilet each month to help maintain your system’s bacteria balance.
  • Ensuring your system is running efficiently helps to reduce odors and can increase time between pumping.
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How to Treat Your Septic Tank With ACTIVE


Place one pod into toilet and flush

It’s as easy as that! Just flush it down and let ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment do the rest.

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Repeat once per month

Keep track of your treatment schedule by marking the calendar on the back of the package.

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Store the bag in a cool. dry place between uses

Ensure bag is sealed and kept away from sources of heat.

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Why is active septic tank treatment better?

ACTIVE Compared To Other Septic Tank Treatments


ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment

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