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Why is an ACTIVE Power Soak So Important?

Think about it this way, after feasting on brownies and donuts for the last 6 months, no one is surprised that going to the gym once isn’t gonna make you fit. It’s a process of getting fit and then maintaining your physique. In the same way, a single ACTIVE wash isn’t going to make all your stink problems go away. Unless your athletic wear is brand new, ACTIVE is going to have to do some catching up and breaking down of all the layers of sweat, dirt, oily body soil, and old detergent that are already gunked up on your athletic wear from previous use and the gruesome fabric softeners used in traditional detergents.

So, just like you’d join a boot camp if you want to quickly get into shape, a quick ACTIVE power soak will get your stinky athletic wear shaped up fast.

The Magic of ACTIVE Enzymes

Our detergent is packed with plant-based enzymes (we call them the ACTIVE enzymes), which break down those gunky layers of sweat, oil, grime, and old detergent. Even with all their power, if you have athletic wear that’s already stinky (which is probably why you bought ACTIVE Detergent), you’re going to want to start with an ACTIVE power soak to help break the bond between the body soil, residue, and the fabric that’s resulting in the recurring, lingering smell. Starting with an ACTIVE power soak gets your technical fibers back to a manageable state for future washes.

active detergent enzyme soak

How To Do An ACTIVE Power Soak

Note: Our formula is best suited for technical athletic fibers – it’s best to avoid prolonged soaks of organic materials, such as cotton

What you will need:

  • Dirty Clothes
  • ACTIVE Detergent
  • A tub of cool/room temp water (size depends on what’s handy/the amount of clothes you are soaking)
laundry detergent for athletic clothing


Step 1: Prepare to Presoak


Add 1 scoop of powder to the cool / room temp water. (To retain fiber integrity and color, we don’t recommend hot water when soaking)




Step 2:  Add Athletic Wear & ACTIVE Detergent


Add the gunky clothing to the tub of warm water then agitate the water and rub the brine into your gym clothes to make sure the enzyme solution is worked into the fibers.




Step 3: Let it Soak!


Let it soak for 15-20 minutes. Occasionally stir and agitate the clothing. During this time, the ACTIVE enzymes go to work and start breaking down the layers of gunk that have built up over time.




Remove Your Clothing and Do a Normal Wash Cycle


After your soak cycle, the built-up gunk and grime should be adequately broken down. Now, you can resume a standard wash cycle using ACTIVE to keep your clothes fresh and free from re-occurring odors.