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Washing Instructions for Lingswallow Yoga Pants

November 14, 2020

Have you ever bought clothes from Amazon? As it turns out, there are many companies that sell exclusively on the site. Why? For one thing, it lets them reach a lot of people. Assuming that they send their products to an Amazon warehouse, they won’t have to deal with shipping either.

Lingswallow is one of these brands. They don’t have a store nor a site—their products are solely available on Amazon.

More About Lingswallow

Unfortunately, not much is known about Lingswallow—other than the fact that they sell various types of pants. That hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the best-selling leggings brands on Amazon, though. For one thing, they have over 3,600 reviews on the site, most of which are four or five stars. That has to say something about the quality of their products, right?

What Kinds of Pants Do They Sell?

Lingswallow offers several types of yoga pants, all of which come with pockets. For example, they have ones that offer tummy control. Not only is the fabric non-seethrough but it’s also available in many colors from navy to lilac pink! It’s worth mentioning that they offer a wide range of sizes as well.

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Their most attractive point? Price. That is, their yoga pants are a lot cheaper than what you’re used to paying. It depends on the exact style, but you can easily snag a pair for under $20 and that includes free shipping. Returns are free as well if you decide they’re not for you.

Importance of Taking Care of Your Lingswallow Yoga Pants

As far as quality goes, it’s comparable to your average pair of yoga pants. In other words, they will break down eventually with regular wear. The good news, though, is that there are a couple of things that you can do to prolong their life:

1) Make sure that you wash them ASAP after each wear—this prevents sweat and body oils from degrading the fabric.

2) Air them out if you can’t wash them right away—this prevents bacteria from multiplying and growing, which can lead to odors.

Aside from that, it’s also important that you wash them correctly. Don’t throw them blindly into the laundry basket with the rest of your clothes; there’s a certain way to do it…and we’ll be going over it in this post. So make sure to keep reading, otherwise, you’ll miss out on all of our tips!

What Material Are Lingswallow Leggings Made Out Of?

Lingswallow yoga pants are made from a polyester and spandex blend. Here’s what you need to know about the two fabrics:


Polyester is known for its strong fibers. Not only is it resistant to shrinking and wrinkles, but it’s also flexible. Unlike cotton, it also dries quickly, which makes it suitable for sports. Plus, it has moisture-wicking properties. In other words, the fabric won’t stick to your skin due to your sweat. While polyester can be used for clothes by itself, it’s typically mixed with other textiles such as spandex, which is the case for Lingswallows yoga pants.

lingswallow pants fabric


Spandex is also referred to as elastane or Lycra. Unlike polyester, it is extremely stretchy. What’s more, is that it’s resistant to wear and tear caused by body oils and sweat. Used for clothing, it’ll also prevent sagging of the material. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why it’s often used for workout clothes. Keep in mind, however, it’s almost never used by itself. Instead, it’s blended with another type of textile—such as polyester.

Seeing as how their yoga pants are made from the two fabrics, they’ll retain properties of both textiles.

Washing Instructions for Lingswallow Yoga Pants – 2 Methods

lingswallow pants

Yoga pants are meant to be close-fitting—that way, they won’t hinder your movements. Keep in mind, however, that it also means that they’ll get sweaty easily. Fortunately, they’re rather easy to wash. In fact, there are two different ways that you can do it:

Method 1: Use the Washing Machine For Your Lingswallow Yoga Pants

Both polyester and spandex do well with water. Given that, it’s not surprising that you can put their leggings in the washing machine. Like we said earlier, though, there are a few precautions that you want to take if you want them to last.

Step 1- Use your hands to turn the yoga pants inside out. That way, any wear on the material will occur on the inside, where you can’t see it. At the same time, the outer surface will be left intact.

Step 2- Stuff the Lingswallow yoga pants into a mesh bag—the ones meant for laundry. By doing that, they’ll be much less likely to get damaged. This is especially true if you’re washing them with other items*

Note* The yoga pants can be put in the same load as other garments as long as they’re of the same color type. In other words, lights should be with lights and darks should be with darks.

Step 3- Make sure that the mesh bag is closed and put it into the washing machine.

Step 4- Take out your ACTIVE detergent and add one scoop to the drum or drawer. Remember, you can always adjust the amount based on what it is you’re washing. For example, you can add more if you’re washing a large load.

Step 5- Use the buttons or dials on the machine to set it to a gentle cycle. A normal cycle won’t do as there will be far too much agitation for the yoga pants.

Step 6- Ensure that it’s a cold water cycle. Hot water may be better for sanitizing purposes but the heat can also damage the polyester and spandex blend

Step 7- Run the cold wash cycle. Remove your Lingswallow yoga pants from the bags and allow them to air dry. Don’t use the clothes dryer as you shouldn’t expose them to direct heat.

Method 2: Washing Your Lingswallow Yoga Pants By Hand

Hand washing, in general, is much gentler on the fabric. Consider this method if you want to extend the lifespan of your yoga pants.

Step 1- The first step is the same as machine washing in that you want to turn the yoga pants inside out. We’ve already outlined the benefits earlier.

Step 2- Put the garment aside. Fill a sink with water—try not to add too much, otherwise, the water might splash out later when you’re actually washing the item.

Step 3- Dissolve a scoop of ACTIVE detergent in the water. You can speed things up by putting your hand in the sink and agitating the water.

Step 4- Dunk your Lingswallow yoga pants in once the detergent is fully dissolved (you’ll know as there will be tons of soap bubbles).

Step 5- Press down on the yoga pants. That way, the entire item will be submerged in the soap solution. You can also give it a few swishes with your hand.

Step 6- Step away; let the yoga pants soak in the sink for at least 20 minutes. You want to give it ample time to rid the fabric of oils, sweat, etc.

Step 7- Rinse the pants with clean water. The simplest way to do that is to hold it under the faucet. Continue to rinse the fabric with water until all of the soap film is gone. Consider giving the item a few squeezes to remove the excess.

Step 8- Roll the yoga pants up in a towel—that’s an effective way of removing the extra water. Then you can proceed to line dry the item. Like we said above, don’t use the dryer, even on the lowest setting.

How to Remove Stains from Lingswallow Leggings

As far as stains go, you want to take them out before putting the yoga pants in the washing machine. It’s just one extra step that you have to do to ensure that their cleanliness. Start by filling a small bowl with water. Mix in enough ACTIVE detergent to create a soapy paste.

spot cleaning lingswallow leggings

Dab an old toothbrush (or any soft-bristled brush, really) into the bowl so that it’s saturated with detergent. From there, use it to clean the stained area; gentle, circular motions are best. To prevent the stain from spreading, work from the outside toward the inside.

Rinse the area with water after a couple of minutes of scrubbing. Repeat the above steps if the stain is still visible on the fabric. Once it’s gone, you can proceed to wash it as normal (refer to the two methods we outlined above).

The Best Laundry Detergent For Lingswallow Leggings

Traditional detergents aka most of the ones that you see in stores won’t be enough for your yoga pants. Why? They’re not made for synthetic fabrics; they won’t be able to remove the gunk that’s embedded in the fibers.

For that, you have to use something that’s specifically geared toward activewear—like ACTIVE detergent (it even has the word “active” in its name!). How it works is that it contains enzymes that are capable of breaking down and dissolving the dirt, oils, and sweat in the item. As it is, you won’t be able to accomplish this with your run of the mill detergent.

active give

Other benefits of using ACTIVE detergent:

  • You won’t be exposing yourself to nasty chemicals as it’s all-natural
  • It does not contain any fragrances
  • One pack will be enough for many washes
  • It’s a good option for those with skin sensitivities as it’s hypoallergenic
  • Better for the environment
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