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How to Wash Justice Leggings & Activewear

April 19, 2022

Justice sells a variety of clothes that are targeted towards the tween girl market. Not only that, but they sell other items as well such as accessories and personal care products. Aside from their online shop, they also operate in shopping centers and malls.

More About Justice

Justice began as Limited Too in 1987. By the mid-90s, the brand has expanded to nearly 300 retail locations across the United States. Several years later, the company also began to rebrand their Limited Too stores under the “Justice” brand.

justice store

Fast forward to today and there are over 1000 retail stores worldwide. While they’re mainly located in the United States and Canada, they also have a few locations in Asia, Central America, South America, Mexico, and the Middle East.

What Kinds of Clothes Do They Offer?

Justice sells a wide range of activewear for tween girls. For example, you can get leggings, sports bras, tanks, tops, and more. On top of that, they also offer swimwear, as mentioned earlier.

Known for their low prices, the brand is one of the more affordable options when it comes to tween clothing. In fact, that’s what they’re known for. Take their sports bras, for example, you can easily get one for under $20—perhaps even less if you get it on clearance (assuming that you’re a JC member*). Not only that, but they also offer “Justice Cash” three times a year, where customers can get a certain amount off per purchase.

*Note: Justice has a membership program that allows you to unlock various rewards. How does it work? You earn points as you shop. From there, you can use them for your future purchases. In some cases, you also get access to special sales.

Taking Care of Justice Activewear

Their apparel isn’t the most durable, which isn’t surprising given their price but you can get your money’s worth by taking care of the items. In other words, don’t stuff your leggings into a bag and forget about them. The sweat that’s on the item can and will break the fabric down over time. Not to mention that it’ll attract bacteria, which will give your garment an icky smell!

taking care of justice activewear

What should you do instead? Wash them as soon as possible after each wear. If that means putting everything in the washing machine once you get home, so be it. Just make sure that you use the right settings, etc. You don’t want to ruin your item by washing it incorrectly!

What Fabrics Are Their Activewear Made Of?

Before we dive into how to wash their garments, let’s take a look at what their leggings and activewear are made of—material wise. If anything, that will give us a better idea of how to care for each item.


Polyester is commonly used for activewear and for good reason. For one thing, it’s durable—much more so than cotton and other natural fibers. Not only that, but it has moisture-wicking properties. Basically, what this means, is that the fabric will pull sweat away from your skin. In doing so, you’ll feel dry and comfortable during your workout.

Justice uses polyester for their sports bras, bottoms, tops, swimsuits, leotards, and more.


Viscose is a type of rayon that’s derived from wood pulp. Semi-synthetic, it has a smooth feel, which isn’t surprising given that it was originally made as artificial silk. Property-wise, it’s absorbent, lightweight, and breathable. It can also be blended with other textiles, such as elastane to add stretch.

Justice uses viscose for their leggings, bottoms, cardigans, etc.


Spandex aka elastane is different from other materials in that it’s extremely stretchy. For this reason, it’s often blended with other textiles, especially when it comes to activewear. That way, you’re able to move freely in the garment.

Justice uses spandex/elastane for their sports bras, leggings, bottoms, swimsuits, etc.

How Do You Wash Justice Leggings?

There are a couple of different ways to clean your Justice leggings and we’ll be going over them in detail below.

how to wash justice leggings

Method 1: Using the Washing Machine

The most straightforward way to wash your leggings is to use the washing machine. You can even put them in the same load as your other clothes granted that the colors are sorted. Anyway, first things first, before you actually put them in the washer, make sure to turn them inside out—that’s always a good idea with bottoms as it protects the outside layer from wearing out. As an added bonus, it’ll also expose the inner layer to the water and detergent.

While you can put the leggings in the washer by themselves, I highly recommend that you use a laundry bag. Basically, they’re mesh-like bags that will protect your items from friction, etc, during the wash cycle. Once you’ve put the item inside, seal it, and put it in the machine.

The next step is to add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent (you can add more or less depending on how many things you’re washing). Once you’ve done that, set it to a delicate cold water cycle. Generally speaking, hot water is not recommended as it can damage the material. Skip the bleach and fabric softeners as well—you don’t want to use them with any leggings, for that matter.

Start the cycle and wait for it to finish before taking out your Justice leggings. The final step is to line them dry on a clothesline or drying rack. Whatever you do, do not expose them to high heat by putting them in the clothes dryer.

Method 2: Washing Them By Hand

The hand washing method is by far, much gentler than putting your leggings in the washer. Start by preparing the sink (or container). Add a scoop of ACTIVE detergent and dissolve it with water—you should end up with a sink filled with soapy solution. Dunk your leggings into the mixture and pat them down with your hands so that they sink to the bottom. It’s important that they’re fully saturated with the detergent water.

Let them soak for at least 20 minutes. During that time, the detergent will work its way into the fabric to remove any body oils, sweat, etc. Once that’s done, rinse your leggings clean. You do not want there to be any soap leftover so make sure to rinse them until the water comes out clear. This can take a couple of minutes depending on the exact amount of detergent that you added.

Pat your leggings with a clean towel to extract the excess water. Line dry afterward. Alternatively, you can spread them out on a drying rack. Like we said earlier, these leggings should never be put in the clothes dryer.

Easy Way to Wash Justice Sports Bras

As a general rule, you always want to wash your sports bra after a workout. Here are a couple of easy ways to get them clean again:

washing justice sports bras

Method 1: Using the Washer

Their sports bras are similar to their leggings in that they’re also machine washable. After all, they’re made from the same fabrics! Anyway, the first thing that you want to do is secure any loose ends. This includes things like hook-and-eye closures and velcro straps. Once that’s done, put your sports bra in the mesh bag.

While it’s optional for leggings, you should always use them for bras. Not only will it protect the elastic from wearing out but it’ll also prevent the colors from fading due to friction. Like we said earlier, it’s perfectly fine to mix them with other clothes as long as you’ve sorted everything out by color.

Seal the mesh bag and put it in the washing machine. The next step is to add your soap—one scoop of ACTIVE detergent should do unless you’re washing a particularly large load. Once again, do not use hot water. Instead, use a delicate cold water cycle. If you need to soften the bras, use white vinegar. Fabric softeners should be avoided as they can affect the fabric’s finishing.

Let the washer run fully. Remove your sports bra afterward and line it dry. Don’t use the dryer; exposing your bra to direct heat can ruin the item.

Method 2: Washing Them In the Sink

Justice sports bras can also be washed by hand. While it might be more hands-on, it’s also better for the item as it’s more gentle. Generally speaking, the best way to do it is by filling a sink with water and detergent. However, you can also use a container or tub. Dissolve one scoop of ACTIVE detergent and wait for it to dissolve before dunking your sports bra in.

Ensure that it’s fully immersed by patting it down with your hand. The next thing you want to do is to let it soak for around 20-25 minutes—that gives the soap time to remove the gunk that’s on item. Afterward, swish the sports bras a couple of times with your hands and proceed to wash it off with the detergent. The water should come out clear once all the soap is gone.

Line dry the item afterward. If necessary, you can soak up some of the extra water by using a towel. Do not put it in the dryer or under direct sunlight.

Best Laundry Detergent for Justice Leggings and Activewear

Unfortunately, regular detergent won’t cut it when it comes to their activewear—that’s because they’re not designed to wash synthetic fabrics. What should you use instead? ACTIVE detergent. As its name implies, it’s specifically formulated for activewear.

active detergent for activewear 1

If you look at the ingredient list, you’ll notice that it contains three types of enzymes. Put it simply, they’re proteins that are able to break things down. In our case, they’ll help to break down dirt, sweat, etc. That’s not all, the formula is all-natural. That is, it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Given all that, why wouldn’t you want to use it for your workout clothes?

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