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Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner Questions & Answers

The average hot tub or spa filter should be cleaned once per month using ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner. Heavily-used hot tubs may require more frequent filter cleanings.

It’s also recommended to rinse off the filter weekly with clean water to remove debris.

Visible filth is only part of the issue that filter cleaning solves. Certain residues like those from minerals, body oils, sunscreen, and more may be hard to see when they’re embedded within the filter.

These unwanted contaminants will clog up the filter and decrease performance, whether you can see them or not. So it’s always best to stick with a monthly cleaning schedule, even if it doesn’t look like the filter needs it.

Replacement hot tub filters can cost up to $100 a piece depending on the model your spa uses. Regularly cleaning your filters can help extend their lifespan so it can definitely save you money over time.

Our hot tub & spa filter cleaner is compatible with any removable filters. So as long as you have a cartridge-style filter that can be taken out of your pool or hot tub, you can clean it with ACTIVE.

If your hot tub or spa does not have a removable filter then you’ll need to use one of our other spa cleaning products. ACTIVE Hot Tub & Spa Filter Cleaner is only designed to be used to clean removable filters that can be soaked outside of the tub.

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