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Foaming Hand Soap Tablets Questions & Answers

ACTIVE Foaming Hand Soap Tablets are simple to use!

Just pour 8oz of warm water into your empty foam soap dispenser. Add 1 foaming soap tablet and let it dissolve for 30 minutes before using the soap.

If your soap dispenser is larger than 8oz, no problem. Simply measure the amount of liquid needed to fill the dispenser and use 1 tablet per 8oz of water you add.

ACTIVE Foaming Hand Soap Tablets are formulated to work with any foaming hand soap dispenser.

These tablets will not work in traditional gel soap dispensers – only foaming soap dispensers.

These foaming hand soap tablets are formulated with all natural ingredients that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

The foaming hand soap tablets usually dissolve after 30 minutes in warm water but occasionally you’ll see some tablet material still present. But don’t worry – the soap is still ready to use and the rest of the tablet will dissolve shortly.

The mix ratio for ACTIVE Foaming Hand Soap Tablets is 1 tablet per 8oz of water.

The easiest method we’ve found for odd-size dispensers is to mix the soap and water in a separate container, then pour it into your soap dispenser. You can save the leftover soap mix in a bottle for later.

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